The WaTi this morning has an article all about DemoPundit and all-around snake James Carville, who, among other things, had this to say:

” ‘The underlying problem here is, there is no call to arms that the Democratic Party is making to the country,’ “

Well, as usual, Carville only has it half right. What he’s not saying here is that the Democrats and what they stand for, WERE the call to arms… for the Republicans. 

As an example of how the Democrats still don’t get it; Carville himself offers up Hillary Clinton as the choice for 2008. And, in another example, Howard Dean, it appears, is making noises about wanting the DNC chair,a nd it appears he’s gathering support from the power brokers.

Actually, Dean would serve the country well as the DNC chair. Democrats wouldn’t be able to get a seat on the town council with him running things.

And to top that off, we hear this morning that Kerry is thinkng about a 2008 run.

2008 is a long way off, yet, I know… but the Democrats appear to be making no moves whatever, away from ‘more of the same’. And so, will lose in larger numbers in 2008. And should we mention that they have 2006 to lose even more congressional seats, as well while they try to figure out just what it is they stand for?