It’s about time Paul Martin grew a spine!
CBC is reporting:

CBC-OTTAWA – Prime Minister Paul Martin expelled renegade Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish from the party’s caucus on Thursday, citing her “unacceptable” behaviour.

Martin told reporters that while he has defended the controversial MP’s right to speak in the past, he “cannot, as leader of our party and the government caucus, tolerate behaviour that demeans and disrespects others.”

Parrish was the one who called American’s ‘Bastards’ some time ago. I said at the time we should be boycotting Canada. Indeed, I’ve not been back inside Canada since the 9/11 attacks because of the reactions of Canada.

If they’re not supporting us, I will not be supporting them, particularly when I have the choice about where my money goes.

Now, I recognize that many Canadians do not feel the way Parrish does.

Let’s hear from them. Once I have evidence the tide has turned the other way, I may, as well. Not until. Parrish being gone is a start. But it’s not the whole deal. Not by a longshot.

Dean Esmay seems to agree with my thinking on this one.