FALLUJAH, Iraq — US forces dropped a pair of 2,000-pound bombs early yesterday morning on a bunker complex believed to be an insurgent training facility on the southern edge of this city, where the most dedicated and best trained rebel fighters are making a last stand.

The bombs shook the ground of the former insurgent stronghold and set off secondary explosions that went on for 45 minutes but could not be seen above ground, persuading officers of the Army’s First Infantry Division that there were large stockpiles of weapons underground.”

Gee, ya think?

A larger oddity is how the press except fot this report I’ve linked, has been utterly silent on the matter. Our people are quite successful at doing their jobs, and this is one big indication. Clearly the intel we’re getting is good and the bombing accurate, and this is a major hit against the insurgents. Yet… silenceo from the press. They who have ears to hear….

Link via Aldaynet