Sometime today, likely around 4pm, this blog will have passed 22,000 total Blog visits since April… With around 42,000 pages read.

The last few days have been amazing, with the traffic, clearing over 650 page hits yesterday alone.

I never intended for this Blog to be purely an elections blog, but it did, by way of that subject… The defeat of John Kerry and the election of George W. Bush… being very important to me, personally.

Look, I need you to understand my purpose with this blog clearly. With all love and respect to my readers, I take a slightly different tack than do some bloggers. I don’t write things into this blog, based on what others will find of interest. Rather, I’m writing for ME of what is important to ME, and allowing you to look over my shoulder, and to comment on it and discuss.  It’s a cold fact that most people, even professionals, do not write well about things they don’t care about, and I’m one of them. At least if I’m writing of something that’s of interest to me, it’ll be fairly well written and thereby at least have a shot at interesting YOU.

Apparently, that thinking is working.
Thanks for being here.