Jeff, over at A Little More To The Right makes mention of a report that’s causing some talk over at the Coffee shop…

“Caffeine withdrawal is a genuine “mental disorder,” according to the study, which was funded in part by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. “

Oh, please. Next we’ll see Juan Valdez get his ass hauled into court as a pusher, along with his ummm… ass.

Seriously, I expect to see this brought into court someplace before too long.  We’ll see “coffee addicts” leveling multi-million dollar lawsuits. Hey the leftist wackos in Seattle couldn’t get Starbucks to quit any other way, why not sue the snot out of ’em?

Think I’m kidding, do you? Think; Isn’t that what we’ve been trying to do with restaurants of all stripes… (yes, including burger places) doughnut shops, candy makers, tobacco companies, computer makers (carpal-Tunnel, back troubles, eye problems, etc)….. And of course then we’ll get the “make recreational drugs legal” crowd trying to draw parallels between coffee and heroin….

I mean, at what point does this garbage quit?

Perhaps when we follow Will Shakespeare’s advice about what we should do with the Lawyers?
And yes, that’s where this is really starting, guys. Someone smells money to be made off of someone’s suffering. Thing is, they need to invent the problem first.  This is invention. Mark this well; we’ll see the first lawsuit leveled on this crap (and I’m sorry, I have no kinder word for it) in two years or less.