Hey, Billy Beck::

“For all my life, I have been inviolably dedicated to principled non-voting.

However, I would sign up and vote for George W. Bush with all the frequency of a Cook County dead man, if it would crash your Common Dreams, you rat-fuck commies.

So, DO it already, would ya please?

At some point, Billy, you have to balance what you consider the immorality of voting for an arguably corrupt system, (which I think has quite a number of good people within it) vs not voting, and allowing the likes of the inarguably corrupt John Kerry near the reins of power.  At some point the morality of the situation is overbalanced by a larger moral imperative.

It still comes down, as it always has, to survival, and who you think will facilitate that survival better. There seems no doubt in your mind, on that point. I submit thatonce that level is reached, action is the only path…. and my choice in the matter is made; the only proper action is defeating the worst of the two.

That means, the defeat of John Kerry, and those who support him.