DUBLIN (AFP) – Retired pop singer Sinead O’Connor (news) made an emotional plea to be left alone, in a full page advertisement in the Irish Examiner newspaper. The 2,500-word appeal followed media coverage of her call for a campaign to rid the country’s children of head lice. One newspaper described it as her latest “wacky crusade”.

Well, head lice clearly is a problem… and perhaps her interest in this problem can be best explained by examination of a recent picture of hers.

Says O’Connor:

“As a full-time mother with three children she said, “I just want to be a little old lady now, and not be all controversial and not be bashed and called crazy and laughed at when I open my mouth to sing or speak.” Acknowledging she was “unconventional,” she asked the media to “please stop hurting me and maybe I could start being more bloody useful. ….. Ye know if I were really as crazy as ye make out I am, I would deserve compassion, not bashing.”

Look, Sinead, I’m sorry you feel so put upon. But perhaps the public understands that you’re not really crazy…They apparently hold you to a higher standard than you yourself do.

Like, for example, you actually thought you could sing. Apparently the public knew better than you in that instance, as well.

Another unusual bird, Cindy Lauper, got away with the “She’s so unusual” act because she never mixed her act with anger, and most certainly, never directed her anger at those buying her music. It’s a lesson for whatever reason, you never learned… possibly because she unlike you, undertood it WAS an act. You were actually stupid enough to think people were taking your tripe seriously.

It should be said too, that she also had another advantage… she could actually come close to singing… her attempts at it were generally done without leaving people wretching in agony.

Same lesson the Dixie Chumps got: Want to stop being controversial?
Fine. Great.

Step one:
Shut up.
Step two: Repeat step one.