CBS has come to symbolize all that is bad with the so-called Mainstream Media in our country today. I wonder if they even begin to understand just how deep a hole they’ve dug themselves. Thing is, they continue to dig.

The forged document thing has gotten that bad. Everyone on the planet knows the documents CBS tried to push were forged. CBS, apparently, is on location, someplace other than planet earth, and hasn’t heard. Even the ‘experts’ that CBS mis-quoted, are not backing the CBS claims.

The question becomes now, the source of these documents. CBS claims it’s source for these is unimpeachable. On what basis do they make this claim? Is it because this source shares their political viewpoints? Who could this source be? CBS itself? Someone high up in the DNC? Someone high up in the Kerry Campaign?  The implications are too grave here to ignore. CBS needs to cough up it’s source on these documents.

One major reason they might not want the source revealed is criminal proceedings against the source. I pointed out why, yesterday…. Forging federal documents is a felony. The other reason clearly is fear of throwing the election totally towards George W. Bush. This would certainly be an issue if the source is, as I’ve mentioned, someone in the DNC or Kamp Kerry.

And frankly, given the timing of the DNC/Kamp Kerry response to the documents, (most notably the tagteam liars Algore and Tom Harkin) which gave the look and feel of a long- coordinated attack, the DNC and Kamp Kerry now seems the most likely source.

Granted, gang, this is guesswork… (unlike CBS, I’ll admit that when I partake in it)… and I’ll take Dean Esmay’s comments under advisement; At the moment, I will make no direct accusations here.

I will, however, make the point in my strongest possible terms, that the American people are coming to their own conclusions about the source with or without the help of Bloggers, CBS or anyone else, for that matter. And that’s a problem for CBS, and the Democrats.

The most common conclusion, here, even among Democrats… and certainly it is the most logical, is that someone connected directly or indirectly with Kamp Kerry, the DNC or their more radical 527’s is involved. I get E-mail daily to this effect, at the rate of 3 per day. (Given I’m pulling at best 200-250 HPD, this makes for a fairly substantial margin of my readership!) The majority of these consider that CBS was directly involved in this ruse, or at the very least is guilty of falling down on the job given that a five minute examination of the documents would have shown them for what they are…. fakes. The general feel I get here is that most people think CBS was directly involved, based on their history of leaning left.

If the source is not in the list of possible sources above, and is in fact someone with some degree of credibility, CBS could do a lot to salvage the situation for themselves, and the remainder of the mainstream media, to say nothing of removing a huge stain from the Kerry Campaign, by revealing the source for these documents.

If, on the other hand, the source IS on this list, that information would kill off the Kerry campaign, and the DNC, and would likely kill off CBS news as well.  They know this would be the outcome of revealing their source. I suspect this is the reason we’re being stonewalled here.

Either way, CBS needs to have some real courage… And tell us the truth.

If they do not stop the stonewalling tactics, Americans will respond by simply assuming the latter… that the source was in the DNC, Kamp Kerry or one of the far-left 527’s, and they will vote accordingly.