Diana Griego Erwin in the SacBee (Hardly a bastion of right-wing thought) says there’s a lot going on in Iraq that’s good, and hte Iraqi people think well of us. Actually, the peple she interviewed said that.

“You (Americans) see (television images of) a lot of violence’ in Iraq, and there is violence, she said. ‘But a lot of good things are happening to us. … Un der Saddam, we had no rights, especially women. Women could not speak openly, even to their children, not even in their own homes.’
Al-Fadhal is part of a group from Iraq touring the United States to tell Americans about the democratic ‘transformation,’ albeit slow, in their country. Their opportunity to give voice to the Iraqi experience comes at the invitation of the Iraq-American Freedom Alliance, a project of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. Founded two days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, FDD is a conservative nonprofit providing research and education on the war on terrorism.
Al-Fadhal, a real Iraqi woman speaking to the situation in her homeland, says most Iraqis are overwhelmingly grateful to the United States for freeing their country from tyranny.”

A report you will not see in See BS, the NYT, etc.