John Kerry and his fellow Democrats are being forced further and further out of the realm of reality, as the reality of the Bush record of success becomes more apparent to the American people. Kerry’s band of wandering liars have come up with the following list for his ‘misery index’.

* Health premiums
(Apparently ignoring the concept that the vast majority of people have health benefits as a part of their employment)

* Median family income
(Odd they should use this instead of family wealth… Not everyone wants or needs to work, after all. Well, maybe their proven is that income is taxable, wealth isn’t. Taxes are what they’re really after here, huh?)

* Gasoline prices
(I’ve addressed this one. When it gets up to $2.40 in 2004 dollars, where it was in 1980 following the Peanut Farmer’s idiocy, let me know. And then there’s the little matter of Kerry’s proposals for a 50 additional cent tax on gas, that he’d like us to forget.)

* College tuition
(Most Americans don’t pay tuition. Those that do are among the ones the Democrats love to hate… The rich. Like, Kerry, for example.)

* Home ownership
( At the moment, it’s at the highest levels in our recorded history. How does this make Kerry’s case? It doesn’t.)

* Job growth

(Explain to me how this makes the slightest difference to people who are already working, which more are, now. Unemployment is down, after all and if you look, jobs are being created… as you read this.)

* Personal bankruptcies

(Most of these are as result of the bubble bursting…. see also, Bill Clinton. In any event, the numbers of these too, are dropping.)

Why did they pick these? Because they make a fellow Democrat look like a success… Jimmy Carter. They do that by ignoring the points that really do matter to everyone; inflation, (Under Carter, we had 22% inflation) and economic growth (Which was in negative numbers and in freefall by the end of Carter’s being inflicted on the American people)

Does this point give you a clue as to what Kerry plans to do, as far as economic policy goes? He plans to follow in Carter’s footsteps.  I was there. I lived through it. I would suggest we not let the Democrats do that to us again. It took a God-given miricle in the form of Ronald Reagan to save us last time.

Update: Greg Easterbook seems to ahve picked up on this point as well:

Kerry’s index can make you giggle because, in order to be manipulated such that George W. Bush has “the worst record of any president ever,” indicators must be chosen that give a great economic rating to Jimmy Carter. Check the Kerry campaign’s graph, halfway down the page. When were times best by this index? At the end of the Clinton administration, and in 1978. Can you find one single person in the United States who would want a time-machine ride to the economic conditions of 1978? That was the time of “stagflation,” combined inflation and lack of growth. Unemployment was worse in 1978 than today, too.

But then the Kerry middle-class misery index has been doctored to remove inflation and unemployment as leading concerns, and there’s a reason–both trends here are in a positive cycle.