“And if, as Bob Woodward reports, it is true that gas supplies and prices in America are tied to the American election, then tied to a secret White House deal, that is outrageous and unacceptable to the American people.”

Oh, goody, says the left.. Kerry’s finally got that devil in the White House.
But wait: here comes Woodward, disavowing Kerry’s statement, on national TV… even on DNC freindly CNN:

“It’s two sentences, and I don’t say there is a secret deal or any collaboration on this.”

Oops. The guy Kerry claims to be quoting, says Kerry is misquoting him, the clear implication being that it’s an intentional misquote. So what does Kerry do when he’s caught in this lie? He sticks with the lie.

It’s called being a blatant liar.
Apparently it’s what passes for good campaigning in DNC circles these days.

Isn’t it time you stopped lying to the American people, Mr. Kerry?