I’m starting to understand why people have a tendency not to speak out. There’s always some yahoo who will try to shout you down. So it is in life, so it is on the web. Take a strong stand for anything but the far left, and there will always be some of very few brain cells who will try to shut you down by any means at their disposal. 

So it is with this site, I’m afraid. Of late there have been several unsuccessful attempts at hacking this site. I’m happy to report that so far, they’re unsuccessful, mostly because the collective brainpower of the people involved won’t get out of the single digits on an IQ chart.

I should explain that I’m not whining, here, I’m simply explaining in advance, anything you might see out of the ordinary here until these morons get bored with trying to silence this site… on the slim chance they’re able to put something together. I doubt it, but I have to be fair to my readers and tell them what’s what.

Meantime, I will continue as I have been; telling the truth and taking no prisoners.
I have no doubt that as the election draws near, these idiots will become more desperate; cornered animal syndrome.
So be it, then.