For all of John Kerry’s wialing about Predident BUsh’s comments about the outsourcing of jobs being a good thing, guess what? The Predient is correct. A new sudy out tells us exactly this, and it’s not good news for the Kerry camp who had banked so heavily on the emotional impact of some job displacements to gain votes.

The study by the economic research firm Global Insight for the Information Technology Association of America, a high-tech trade group, came amid a searing political debate on outsourcing and the sluggish US labor market.

“While global IT software and service outsourcing displaces some IT workers, total employment in the United States increases as the benefits ripple through the economy,” the report said.

While 104,000 jobs in the sector were moved offshore last year, the study found that “the incremental economic activity that follows offshore IT outsourcing created over 90,000 net new jobs in 2003 and is expected to create 317,000 net new jobs in the US in 2008.

Hat tip: Dodd Harris