I suggest going to Cox and Forkum for more on this. It’s a great site, worth the visit.

By the way, I should make mention that he’s also wrong on this; Fallujah is currently surrounded by U.S. Marines, and officials there are working to persuade the insurgents to turn over their weapons.


Boortz adds his voice against this outrage this morning:

“Now this is a man who truly hates America.  He believes that there is some definite amount of blood that must be shed on the battlefield by Americans before we can be forgiven for what has happened in Iraq; before America can be forgiven for shutting down Saddam’s rape rooms, his torture chambers and his political prisons.  More American blood has to flow before Iraqis will forgive America for ridding them of Saddam Hussein and working to create a democratically elected government that will guarantee basic rights and economic liberty for all.  He talks of the Iraqi insurgents, the Saddam loyalists, the terrorists who traveled to Iraq to kill Americans, the Islamic fanatics who want to remove any vestige of freedom and liberty from the Iraqi lifestyle … he talks about these Islamic terrorist monsters as if they are comparable to the American Minutemen, and says that they will win.  In fact, Michael Moore wants them to win.  This is a man who celebrates every attack on American positions in Iraq.  This is a man who celebrates the deaths of American soldiers.  And … this is a man who campaigns with John Kerry.”

Will Kerry denounce Moore? You know he won’t.
Because he agrees with them.