I’ve been getting an incredible amount of mail of late. Sorry for not responding to you all but I just can’t handle it. Trust me when I say I do read it, and it’s appreciated. Even the ones calling me a jackass.

One of e-mail of note comes from Florida..(Where I seem to be getting quite a bit from of late) This Vet we’ll call Ben. Though he doesn’t say so, a records check reveales Ben to be a Purple heart recipiant. He writes and says:

“I was on PBR132- River section 533 based at My Tho and was on patrol in the Delta the day this phoney shot a half dead or dead V.C. His swift boat stopped by our base for the night. We had a beer party with thier crew and they said their J.G. (Kerry) was sent there to get medals.  I served with Boatswain’s Mate 1st Class James Elliott Williams (who was) a real hero.

This man (Kerry) has no honor , is a traitor, and every time he talkes about his Vietnam ‘service’ he pisses on the wall of honor for the men who died doing their duty.

Ben goes on to make a number of very kind remarks about Bithead’s Place.

Thanks for reading, and for taking the time to write, Ben. I’m sure your time serving on the River with Wille was memorable.  I’ve heard other men who served with him both in his military roles and in his role with the Federal Marshall’ office, later on, speak of him; I’d like to have met the man myself; I get the impression I’ve missed something special.

Then again, please don’t negate your own service. I certainly will not. I am quite sure I speak for my readers as well as myself and my family, when I say to you thank you for your service.