You’ll recall I suggested that evdience of McVeigh getting help at the Murrah Builidng was sat on by the Clinton misadministation…. Jaime Gorelick, et al… Well, Clayton Cramer’s Blog today shows some of the evidence coming out of the Nichols trial, that sugegsts there’s additional remains they cannot identify… and what we know of it all so far suggests that the added body was helping take out the building.

Q. Based on your review of the forensic medical evidence in this case which you have reviewed, have you drawn a conclusion concerning P71?

A. I have.

Q. And what is that conclusion?

A. The conclusion is that this is an extra left leg.

Q. Which the ultimate result of that is what?

A. The — until shown otherwise, this must be an extra victim.

Q. 169th victim?

A. 169th victim.

Q. Do you have an opinion concerning the proximity of the 169th victim to the bomb truck?

A. It falls into the category of finding a portion of the body and nothing else that is identifiable.

Q. What is the significance of that to you?

A. To be disintegrated so completely, you have to be near the bomb.