When even a place like CNN admits it you know you’ve got ’em running:

Bush led Kerry, the presumptive Democratic nominee, 51 percent to 46 percent in the survey of likely voters, which was conducted Friday through Sunday. The survey interviewed 1,003 adults, including a subsample of 767 respondents deemed most likely to vote in November.

When consumer activist Ralph Nader’s independent candidacy was factored in, the survey’s results were 50 percent for Bush, 44 percent for Kerry and 4 percent for Nader among likely voters.

For all the spin about how the Bush folks spent all that meny and had nothing to show for it…. and the press willingly coughing up that line in every election story for a week.. suddenly the left isn’t laughing now.

It’s all backfiring on them, folks. To this point, Boortz speaks up:

“This isn’t exactly being received as good news by the New York and D.C. press corps.  They’ve hammered Bush for 2 weeks over Iraq and the 9/11 Commission hearings and his numbers went up!  What do they have to do?  It’s just sooooo frustrating.

Even worse for the sKerry crowd are these numbers: by 2 to 1, voters say only Bush, not Kerry, would do a good job handling terrorism.  By 40% to 26%, they say only Bush would do a good job handling the situation in Iraq.  But just hold on a minute here.  Haven’t our media friends been spending weeks now telling us that Iraq is a quagmire?  Weren’t people supposed to be losing confidence over Bush’s handling of the Iraq situation? What about the casualties?  Hasn’t mattered.  And the icing on the cake? Bush’s approval rating on handling terrorism is a very big 60%.

But back to Iraq for a second.  Apparently all the news coverage about Iraq (biased though it may be,) is actually helping Bush.  Right now, according to this poll, here is how voters ranked the most important issues: 39% say the economy (which is improving,) 28% terrorism and 22% Iraq.  Glorioski!  Where’s health care?  It ain’t there folks. Also, the poll mentions that the public blames the Clinton administration more for 9/11 than they do Bush.”

Rightly so.

But here’s the kicker… this is one of several polls this week, ALL of which show basicly the same result… 

says Boortz:

“Kerry, the liberals in the media and the Democrats in Congress have run their best game and it still isn’t working.”