Leonard Pitts asks an inportant question:

“The silence is getting loud.
It’s been nearly four months since the scandal broke. Four months since Jack Kelley, star foreign correspondent for USA Today, was found to have lied his way through his professional life for the last 13 years. He lied about where he had been, what he had seen, whom he had talked to, what they had said. He lied so much I’m only half convinced ‘Jack Kelley’ is his real name.

Yet you, my colleagues, have not asked the most important question:
What does this mean for the future of white journalism?”

It means what I said months ago it means, when the Blair thing hit full volume… this isn’t about race, it’s about liberal ideology. Which Blair represented so well. He did so because when anyone objected to his non-content, it could be claimed the objection to it was becauise the author was black.

With Kelly, they can’t do that.