The Weekly Standard gopes into some detail in the background of David Ben-Veniste, currently infesting the 9/11 commission, in an article called Lawyer, Heal Thyself:

“Ben-Veniste and his client thus find themselves at the red-hot center–the point where the Whitewater investigation of independent counsel Kenneth Starr and the unfolding Democratic fund-raising scandal are converging.
Ben-Veniste’s causes from Watergate onward have been overwhelmingly liberal and Democratic. Indeed, he folded his own private practice to join Weil, Gotshal in 1990 because he was frustrated that the small size of his operation had kept him from taking on a client he really wanted to represent: Jim Wright, the Texas Democrat whose pocket-lining corruption in office cost him his House speakership and political career.”

You’ll begin to understand why I think the man the scum of the earth, and you’ll come away with the same idea, yourself.
I ask again, why is this man on the cmmission, instead of behind bars?

Hat tip: Power Line