You’ll notice I’ve added the “Theat Advisory” graphic again to this blog. I’ll add it to the rest of the suite when I post the new Bit tommrow, as well. Reason: Updating it wa such a pain in the drain… and I felt that without it being updated by the government issuing said warnings, it mattered little, and in the end did more harm, than good.

I wailed at the time I took the old one down that a good idea would be to make a link publicly available that would update everyone’s link when the government did. A simple matter to post as one file name, what they’re going to post, and change the graphic itself… that way when the situation changes, they simply drop in the new graphic under the same name, thereby updating anyone and everyone linked to it.

Never did hear back from them, which I rather expected… they’ve got some other important matters to attend to. But in my travels today, I managed to find a grapic that appears to be updated under the same file name, and I’ve put it in my template. Looks to me like this should update when the government does. We’ll see.