Little Green Footballs is running at article I found of interest.

“EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Tens of thousands of euro of EU funds may have been diverted to people linked with Palestinian terrorism, according to a report from the European Parliament, obtained by the EUobserver.
The report cites documentary evidence seen by a Parliamentary working group- set up last year after allegations that EU funds to the Palestinian Authority (PA) had been misused – that between 21,500-39,000 US dollars of EU funds may have been transferred to terrorists.
It is the first time that the EU has judged its own funds to Palestine may not been used for their intended purpose.
The allegations relate to funds given by the EU directly to the Palestinian Authority account from June 2001 until December 2002.”

To my understanding and memory this is the first time they’ve admitted what we’ve been saying all along.

Now do you suppose they’ll ever do the same as regards Iraq?