Eric Florack on March 19th, 2004

Blogs for Bush reports and links to stories saying: “John Kerry’s campaign has backed off their earlier denials that Kerry was not present for the VVAW meeting in Kansas City, November 1971, where the ‘Phoenix Project’ was brought to debate and a vote” The historian Gerald Nicosia, who happens to be a Kerry supporter, released […]

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The Miami Herald is running a story that struck my funny bone: “The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday overruled its staff and declared that an expletive uttered by rock star Bono on NBC last year was both indecent and profane. The agency made it clear that virtually any use of the F-word was inappropriate for […]

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Eric Florack on March 19th, 2004

The Command Post – A Newsblog Collective is celebrating their birthday… one year, this weekend. Drop by and see if they give you any cake.

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Eric Florack on March 19th, 2004

Larry Kudlow says in NRO today what I’ve been saying for months: With rising home prices, family net worth has surpassed the record reached in early 2000. The same holds for the market value of all U.S. mutual funds. This is an impressive set of prosperity achievements. Meanwhile, the American economy is flourishing, even while […]

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I have to wonder about this. I’m thinking about the oil for food story i posted just now… (below) Let’s logic this out, because I’m seriously troubled by a thought that’s just occurred to me. If, as is being suggested in the stories we’re getting about the UN and the oil for food program, the […]

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Jen at The Greatest Jeneration is running a story this morning that says in part: “In its testimony, the GAO said the United States has had mixed results in recovering Saddam’s hidden assets. The United States has seized about $926 million of the assets of Saddam’s regime in Iraq and other countries have frozen about […]

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Eric Florack on March 19th, 2004

Doesn’t this just say it all? Even Dr Seuss knew this point back in the 40’s. You’d think the Spanish would know it now. Guess not. By the way, this is part of a larger collection of such work from Dr. Seuss, available here

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Eric Florack on March 19th, 2004

Did you even know that the President was at Ft. Campbell KY, yesterday, giving a speech thanking the 101st? No?  Must be that right wing media again. Anyway, here’s the text of that speech. Money line from this speech for John Kerry: “Our military has had strong supporters in the House and the Senate. I […]

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Eric Florack on March 19th, 2004

The new York Sun reports that: “The Secret Service has quietly ordered a dramatic increase in the security it provides to presidential candidates, largely because of concerns about terrorism. Journalists traveling with Senator Kerry of Massachusetts, the apparent Democratic nominee, report that every crowd Mr. Kerry speaks to must pass through metal detectors. “ Nice […]