Eric Florack on March 6th, 2004

My Way News gives us classic John Kerry: “The first definition of patriotism is keeping faith with those who have worn the uniform of the country,’ said Kerry, who argued in the Democrats’ weekly radio address that Bush has not given the troops sufficient logistical support.” You oughta know, Idiot… You’re the one who voted […]

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Eric Florack on March 6th, 2004 is reporting something the US papers won’t TOUCH, apparently…: “US diva Barbra Streisand is allegedly refusing to pay the $US220,000 ($293,940) legal bill run up by a man she unsuccessfully sued for invasion of privacy. Amateur photographer Kenneth Adelman claims in court papers filed in Los Angeles that Streisand has not coughed up after […]

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Eric Florack on March 6th, 2004

Dean Esmay makes it clear the recent troubes he’s been through have not dulled his mind..: “Democrats have become a party of bitter, mean, angry people who stand for nothing except ‘Bush sucks’ and ‘Republicans are evil.’ It’s really quite revolting to watch. Ideas? Principles? What matter those, when the more important task of tearing […]

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We’ve all seen the ad: “Announcer: Times are tough. So you work overtime to make ends meet. Then you find out George Bush wants to eliminate overtime pay for 8 million workers. Two million jobs lost. Jobs going overseas. And now, no overtime pay. When it comes to choosing between corporate values and family values, […]

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Eric Florack on March 6th, 2004

A tip of the hat to Right Moment for adding Bit’sBlog to the Blogroll.

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Eric Florack on March 6th, 2004

D.C. Handling Of Lead Issue Blasted on Hill ( Says the POST: “Federal officials yesterday described the levels of lead contamination in the District’s drinking water as the worst seen by regulators and threatened to step in if local officials do not take immediate steps to protect the public. “ Hmmm. So let’s see if […]

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Eric Florack on March 6th, 2004

A few folks have written to ask why I’ve not done anything with the Martha Stewart story, particularly given the verdict of yesterday. The answer is simple; I started this site to make comment on things that interest ME, and Martha Stewart doesn’t qualify. But since you asked; Do I think she’s guilty? Probably. Do […]

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