Here ya go Many thanks to of all publications, the Village Voice. And a tip of the hat to the Colorado Conservative. (Link to the right)

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Eric Florack on March 3rd, 2004

LGF is running a link that if you’re watching Canada, you’ll be interested in…: “Listeners to The Current will be familiar with the name Ahmed Said Khadr. As a Canadian citizen, he and his family lived for a time in the east end of Toronto. He raised money there, supposedly for an orphanage in Pakistan. […]

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Eric Florack on March 3rd, 2004

Aldaynet is running a bit reporting that Ted Rall has been dropped form the New York Times. says Rall himself: “If you read my cartoons at the New York Times website, you may have noticed a hole on the comics page where my work used to appear. It seems that, under the dismally lame cover […]

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What kind of anti-American nonsense is THIS? “GRAND RAPIDS — A Michigan school district told a teacher activated for military duty that he must cover the cost of a substitute during part of his absence and give the district some of his military pay. At a school board meeting this week, angry teachers, students and […]

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