Welcome dear reader, to the most intense nightly read on the ‘sphere… BitsBlog’s Nightly Ramble. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know, Colin Powell. All the rage over the weekend. I don’t think there’s much argument against the idea that there’s a decided attempt on the part of some to keep General Powell in the headlines. Liberals, […]

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davidl on October 17th, 2008

Here is the Toledo Blade story to which Bit refered: Mr. Wurzelbacher was playing football in his front yard with his son, Joey, on Sunday afternoon when Mr. Obama made an unscheduled stop to go door to door greeting voters and asking for their support. In his conversation with Mr. Wurzelbacher, Mr. Obama tried to […]

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Eric Florack on October 17th, 2008

David’s quote of Ed Morressy seems to me quite on the money. Consider the operative phrase of Ed’s very first line: “Stench of Desperation”. And what is driving this desperation, you may ask? Wasn’t Obama ahead? What explains this? Well, he used to be ahead, yes. As for what explains it, note with me, the […]

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davidl on October 13th, 2008

Jim Geraghtry, National Review: All Barack Obama statements come with an expiration date. All of them. In January, Mrs. Clinton proposed a mortatorium on mortage foreclosures.   As surely as natural fertilizer is aromatic, BO denounced Mrs. Clinton’s proposal. In San Antonio on Tuesday, Obama said that Clinton’s foreclosure freeze was potentially “disastrous,” rewarding “people who […]

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