Eric Florack on April 6th, 2009

The business in North Korea was remarkable, over the weekend, in that the missle test was an abject failure, (Unless they reall planned on delivering the missle to the sea of Japan) and yet was a resounding success for Kim Jong Ill.  Nork is claiming that they’ve launched a comms satellite… one that apparently uses […]

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Joyner this morning, sounds rather incredulous, as well he might, when he relates to us the claim of Baitullah Mehsud: The diminutive Mehsud is considered the prime suspect in the murder of Benazir Bhutto and he’s taken seriously.  But most are skeptical. of this latest claim. U.S. officials were not immediately available for comment about […]

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Having  successfully spent the last six months talking down the economy, President Barack Obama now wants to do the same thing to Afghanistan, New York Times: WASHINGTON – President Obama declared in an interview that the United States was not winning the war in Afghanistan and opened the door to a reconciliation process in which […]

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davidl on February 8th, 2009

Sorry about that Dan George W Bush, 2002 State of the Union: This is a regime that has something to hide from the civilized world. States like these, and their terrorist allies, constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world. By seeking weapons of mass destruction, these regimes pose a […]

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Welcome, dear reader, to the most intense nightly read in the ‘sphere… The Nightly Ramble…. A new week. A new Monday. And a few surprises over the weekend. Let’s get to it. Sam Youngman at The Hill reports that Sarah Palin gives more to chairty than Joe Biden. Well, heck, Sam, I could have told […]

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Eric Florack on July 15th, 2008

James at OTB: Michael Yon says that we’ve won the war in Iraq and all that remains is clean-up. I tell James: Do not be fooled. There are a number of people who have been leaning toward this false hope of “declare victory and get out” for some time, now. And now that they can […]

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