Eric Florack on October 18th, 2009

Hey Martin: …and says to you, “One of my favorite political philosophers is Adolph Hitler.” You gag back your outrage or you say “are you insane?” Or you just excuse yourself and keep moving. O.K., suppose someone from the White House gets up in front of an assembly of students out at the local high […]

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Eric Florack on March 29th, 2009

Mike Allen and Josh Gerstien at The Politico: The Obama administration asked Rick Wagoner, the chairman and CEO of General Motors, to step down and he agreed, a White House official said. On Monday, President Barack Obama is to unveil his plans for the auto industry, including a response to a request for additional funds […]

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Welcome one and all to the most intense nightly read on the sphere.. Bitsblog’s Nightly Ramble Friday!!!  TGIF!  Last warm day of the year up here, most likely. We got to 65 or so today… that makes it nearly 5 days in a row. Not really all that odd, but as the number of warm […]

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Eric Florack on November 6th, 2008

Welcome one and all to the most intense nightly read on the ‘sphere.. BitsBlog’s Nightly Ramble Is this the shape of what’s to come, with Obama? Indianapolis – Lines were long and tempers flared Wednesday not to vote but to get paid for canvassing for Barack Obama. Several hundred people are still waiting to get […]

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