Eric Florack on April 24th, 2009

Dave Schuler at OTB: Germany is concerned about the Taliban fighters nearing Pakistan’s Islamabad capital: BERLIN, April 24 (Reuters) – Germany expressed concern on Friday at the advance of Taliban fighters towards Pakistan’s capital and urged the government in Islamabad to take decisive action to ensure the security situation did not deteriorate. Taliban militants have […]

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Joyner this morning, sounds rather incredulous, as well he might, when he relates to us the claim of Baitullah Mehsud: The diminutive Mehsud is considered the prime suspect in the murder of Benazir Bhutto and he’s taken seriously.  But most are skeptical. of this latest claim. U.S. officials were not immediately available for comment about […]

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Eric Florack on March 16th, 2009

Welcome one and all to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the sphere… BitsBlog’s Nightly Ramble. This is the Motel edition. The Religion Of Peace: Soeren Kern reports that guy who beheaded a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus in Canada was found ‘not criminally responsible’? I have been far less than impressed with what […]

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Eric Florack on February 25th, 2009

OK, I know that by now a lot of you either saw or read though this speech of Obama’s, and so it’s old news. But I’ve seen nobody rip through this thing point by point. I can understand why… with my work and family schedule it took me most of a day to get this […]

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Eric Florack on January 22nd, 2009

James at OTB: Having initially been highly skeptical of Hillary Clinton’s appointment as Secretary of State, partly on the basis that she had neither diplomatic experience nor a diplomatic temperament, I feel obliged to pass on this observation from Joe Klein (via Andrew Sullivan): Clinton, who can be spiky, has re-emerged as a natural diplomat. […]

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Eric Florack on November 30th, 2008

The London Daily Mail’s Ian Gallagher: The only terrorist captured alive after the Mumbai massacre has given police the first full account of the extraordinary events that led to it – revealing he was ordered to ‘kill until the last breath’. Azam Amir Kasab, 21, from Pakistan, said the attacks were meticulously planned six months […]

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Eric Florack on November 28th, 2008

Welcome dear reader to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the sphere… the Nightly Ramble This is the time of year when I spend time reconsidering actually WRITING my cookbook, called “365 Uses for a Used Thanksgiving Turkey”. I’ve never gotten around to writing it. Not that I don’t have a fair amount of […]

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davidl on November 20th, 2008

A.J Strata, Strata-Sphere, compares Barack Obama(BO) to a rock,  and makes the rock seem smart.  At least a rock is not stupid enough to believe in anthropogenic global warming.   The sane can not be said of BO: What kind of President will Obama be? We only have vague and conflicting impressions because his statements to […]

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davidl on October 8th, 2008

I am fustrated.   The media has set the bar so low that even Barack Obama can clear it.    Take the debate’s first quesation, on the state of the economy, via CNN: I think everybody knows now we are in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. And a lot of you I think are […]

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Welcome, dear reader, to the most intense nightly read in the ‘sphere… The Nightly Ramble…. A new week. A new Monday. And a few surprises over the weekend. Let’s get to it. Sam Youngman at The Hill reports that Sarah Palin gives more to chairty than Joe Biden. Well, heck, Sam, I could have told […]

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davidl on August 15th, 2008

If there is one thing that Barack Obama has demonstrated it is that he can not handle “distractions.”    Well as Jim Gerhaghty, National Review, demonsrates, the real world is full of distractions: We may be on the verge of winning in Iraq, but Afghanistan is getting tougher. Pakistan is still an unstable cauldron of extremism […]

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Eric Florack on August 12th, 2008

(Fox News)– Senior Al Qaeda commander Abu Saeed al-Masri has been killed in recent clashes with Pakistani forces in a Pakistani region near the Afghan border, a security official told Reuters on Tuesday. “He was believed to be among the top leadership of Al Qaeda,” the senior security official told the news agency on condition […]

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Eric Florack on July 15th, 2008

James at OTB: Michael Yon says that we’ve won the war in Iraq and all that remains is clean-up. I tell James: Do not be fooled. There are a number of people who have been leaning toward this false hope of “declare victory and get out” for some time, now. And now that they can […]

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Eric Florack on April 9th, 2008

Fox is reporting: A U.S. official confirmed to FOX News Wednesday that Al Qaeda operative and bomb expert Abu Ubaida al-Masri is dead. Al-Masri was one of the top 10 Al Qaeda leaders and was responsible for the organization’s external operations, meaning he plotted attacks outside the tribal areas of Pakistan. The unidentified official said […]

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Eric Florack on April 7th, 2008

I note Dave Schuler over at OTB this monring, talking about  the price of rice going up. When I read this post by one of the associate bloggers at Joe Gandelman’s The Moderate Voice, it piqued my interest. The post quotes briefly from this New York Times article about possible unrest from the sharp rise […]

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