davidl on March 24th, 2011

Dumbo’s Disaster, Victor Davis Hanson on what it wrong with Barack Obama’s war of choice on  Libya, from National Review: 4) Aims and Objectives: Fact: We are now and then bombing Libyan ground targets in order to enhance the chances of rebel success in removing or killing Qaddafi. Fiction: We are not offering ground support […]

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davidl on January 2nd, 2011

Mario IV, some states just never learn.  Mario Cuomo sworn in for fourth term as governor, from Nick Reisman, Politics on the Hudson: But Gov. Andrew Cuomo did take some time to enjoy being back in an old family house. “This was a whole great, explore the mansion thing,” Cuomo said. “You know, it’s amazing, […]

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davidl on February 28th, 2009

Street scene snippet: Me: Its a ducky day. Other guy:   Gonna turn sunny    I just did a Navajo rain  dance. Or words to that effect. Mother Nature is  sexist, WESH: According to a recently released study, alcohol consumption may increase the risk of cancer for women, but some local women said that the findings will […]

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