Eric Florack on March 26th, 2009

Welcome, one and all, to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the sphere; The BitsBlog Nightly Ramble This is the Roadside Cafe edition The magical disappearing tax cut: One of the things that did come out of that presser that nobody… well, hardly anyone, anyway… watched was that Obama will sign off on a […]

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Eric Florack on February 26th, 2009

Good evening. I’m Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana. Tonight, we witnessed a great moment in the history of our republic. In the very chamber where Congress once voted to abolish slavery, our first African American president stepped forward to address the state of our union. With his speech tonight, the president completed a redemptive journey […]

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Eric Florack on February 23rd, 2009

Welcome, one and all to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the ‘sphere; Bitsblog’s Nightly Ramble It’s the Corner Store edition. Just a few quick items. In, and out. Obama to be upstatged: As you likely already know, Barack Obama will adress Congress for the first time as Presidient, Tuesday night.  The Republicans already […]

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Bruce at Q&O dives into the swamp known as Gustav in relation to the RNC. It’s a worthy article, but one point of disagreement: Frankly, keeping Bush out of the convention limelight is a positive. How to do that without Gustav is all but impossible. Gustav provides a perfect excuse and, interestingly, Bush himself grabbed […]

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Eric Florack on March 17th, 2008

Interesting note from Baton Rouge by way of NOLA.COM BATON ROUGE — The state Legislature on Friday wrapped up its second special session during the 2-month-old administration of Gov. Bobby Jindal by completing a full sweep of the governor’s proposed package of business tax cuts and $1.1 billion in surplus spending priorities.Jindal and his legislative […]

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Quite the shouting match going on over at Q&O, over that bit that Billy referenced earlier this morning. The subject? Well, I’m convinced about half of those involved don’t know and another 49% don’t understand it. For the first time in bloddy years, I find myself in some degree of agreement with Henke when he […]

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Eric Florack on October 22nd, 2007

Captain Ed, yesterday: Twenty-two months have passed since Canadians gave Liberals the heave-ho after Adscam, and apparently, Conservative government suits them well. Before the Sponsorship Programme corruption scandal brought down Paul Martin and his administration, the Liberals painted Stephen Harper as a radical with hidden agendas that would shock Canadians. Now, however, almost two-thirds of […]

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Eric Florack on October 21st, 2007

Captain Ed says:  Louisiana elected its governor on the first ballot for the first time in recent memory, and the voters sent a message to the corrupt Democratic machine at the same time. Bobby Jindal, who narrowly lost a runoff four years ago, becomes the first Indian-American governor of a state after prevailing against a […]

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