davidl on May 15th, 2010

For whom the bill tolls, Megan McArdle,  Atlantic: The Health Care Reform Already Costs More Than We Thought It Would There’s been a spate of bad news recently about the health care bill. Henry Waxman canceled his War on Accounting, not because there was a sudden breakout of common sense on Capitol Hill, but because […]

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davidl on April 5th, 2010

Jennifer Rubin on the Dim Won’s fading power of oratory, Commentary: [Barack Obama’s] rhetoric (which to the amazement of many conservatives – who noticed he was largely talking New Age gibberish during the campaign – transfixed a great number of people for a very long time) is now seen for what it is — a […]

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davidl on April 1st, 2010

Henry Waxman is the new Ken Lay.  It has  been said the an honest man has nothing to fear.  The demorats are sweating bullets.   The Obami fear, honest accounting, from the Washington Examiner Dems fear honest Obamacare accounting Remember the Enron scandal in 2001, which drove a bipartisan majority in Congress to demand far-reaching reforms […]

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davidl on March 31st, 2010

And I’ve watched congressional hearings.  There’s no chance that four CEO’s are going to explain the accounting code to the fine folks in Congress; explaining how to boil water would challenge the format. Megan McArdle, via Don Boudreaux, Cafe Hayek. Explaining elementary principles of accounting to a congresscritter as dumb as Henry Waxman is simply […]

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davidl on March 31st, 2010

So who is the Tea Bagger? I won tries to muddle the message, from USA Today: President Obama said many Tea Party followers have “mainstream legitimate concerns,” but their movement is built around a “core group” of opponents who call him a socialist and question his citizenship. Is the Dim One calling the Reverend Al […]

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davidl on June 5th, 2009

NASA study links climate change to Solar activity, and human activity,  DailyTeach: Some researchers believe that the solar cycle influences global climate changes. They attribute recent warming trends to cyclic variation. Skeptics, though, argue that there’s little hard evidence of a solar hand in recent climate changes. Now, a new research report from a surprising […]

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Eric Florack on January 15th, 2009

Welcome, one and all to the Flash Frozen edition of the most intense nightly read on the ‘Sphere: Bitsblog’s Nightly Ramble The brass monkeys are circling the door with signs in their hands, protesting us, and screaming in their now high pitched voices.  Gotta type to keep from freezing.  It’s about 12 in Hotlanta, tonight […]

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Welcome one and all to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the ‘sphere… Bitblog’s Nightly Ramble. Friday, and lots of fresh snow up the ground in Bitsville, today. A lot of it coming from the Obama people, and congressional Democrats. The forecast is for a cold winter, on both fronts. We have a lot […]

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davidl on November 15th, 2008

Where there is smoke, there is fire.  Obama and Odinga, at a campaign appearence The issue of where BO was born has been around many months .   It need not have been.  Barack Obama can easily prove he he natural born United States citizen by merely producing a copy of his birth certificate.  Yet dispite ample opportunity, BO […]

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davidl on July 6th, 2008

The Ottawa Citizen reports that former Ambassador Joe Wilson lied: A Canadian company has purchased more than 500 tonnes of yellowcake uranium, once controlled by the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. The Saskatoon-based Cameco Corp., negotiated the purchase from the Iraqi government over the last few months, according to a report from The Associated Press. […]

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Eric Florack on February 16th, 2008

The Smoking Gun, today: FEBRUARY 15–When radio talk show host Bernie Ward was arrested last year on child pornography charges, his lawyers downplayed the federal rap, saying that his client was merely doing research for a book when he accessed and distributed illicit images. But police reports indicate that Ward, a 56-year-old former Catholic priest, […]

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davidl on February 16th, 2008

Chinese Junk: LAKELAND, Fla. (AP) – The importer of a Valentine’s Day lollipop said it was voluntarily recalling the treats after metal fragments were found in at least two lollipops sold at central Florida stores I don’t see a vast Chinese conspiracy.  I do see a general lack of consumer safety standards. Chinese Trade Offer: […]

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