davidl on August 24th, 2010

The dumbest presidential administration in my life time, Harry  S  Truman and on, has deemed it necessary to orchestrate a media push that somehow, the President who plays golf every Sunday, was born a Muslim and slept through twenty years of Jeremiah Wright’s sermon is some how supposed to believed to a Christian.   White […]

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davidl on June 13th, 2010

Harry S. Truman: “The buck stops here.” Barack Hussien Obama: “The buck passes here.” Roger Simon, Politico: President Barack Obama said Friday that some members of Congress are being hypocritical when it comes to blaming the White House for its handling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In an interview with POLITICO, […]

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davidl on April 10th, 2010

Liz’s radical idea, Elizabeth Cheney at SPLC, via Andy McCarthy, National Review and Jennifer Rubin, Commentary: In the era of Obama, American allies have their loyalty met with humiliation, arrogance and incompetence. The shabby reception Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu received in Washington a few weeks ago — being treated as an uninvited guest at the […]

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davidl on April 9th, 2010

Dumbo is as dumb about debate as he is about nukes: (Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Thursday made clear he was not going to take advice from Republican Sarah Palin when it comes to decisions about the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Barack Obama Palin, the former vice presidential candidate, has not been shy about criticizing […]

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davidl on July 22nd, 2009

My first  president was Harry S.  Truman, not that I actually remember Harry as President.   However what I  like and admire about  Harry is that he  knew the difference between Harry the haberdasher from Missouri and the 33rd President of the United States. Alas poor Barry is no Harry.   Unlike Truman, Obama the Narcissistis is unable to […]

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davidl on May 10th, 2009

This one has long baffled me, George W. Bush is claimed to be war criminal because he had three, count em, terrorists interrogated.   Winston Churchill was supposed to be a war criminal because he ordered the fire bombing of Dresden.    Harry S. Truman was a war criminal for the atomic raids on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. […]

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