Eric Florack on May 20th, 2009

It is seldom indeed a bank fails on it’s own, and even more rare that an economy fails without overnmental help. Yet, we’ve seen many banks, and an entire economy fail… all of it as a direct result of trying to buy minority votes with bank loans.  So, the question, then… if the problem is the meddling in the business of the banks that causes the failures, does it stand to reason that the solution to that problem should be increasing the meddling in the banks so as to restrict their size?

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Billy passes along a list of articles from Investor’s Busienss Daily, thirty in all inclduing a couple I’ve linked previously. It’s a must read, if you really want the unspun facts. Bruce talks here about the Politics of Drilling. It’s nothing I’ve not said here several times, but he says it very well. Kudos. Meanwhile, […]

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