Eric Florack on September 20th, 2018

Interesting note from Liz Sheild, today:

Missouri’s embattled Democrat senator broke the news last night that she’s not voting for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Yes, she’s a Democrat — but she’s running in a state that voted for Trump over Hillary by 18 points.

This political move is remarkable, but McCaskill’s reasoning proved even more remarkable. You see, this embattled Democrat senator swears — she swears, mind you — that this decision has nothing — nothing — to do with the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. Uh huh.

Well, in this case it probably doesn’t have anything to do with those allegations because they aren’t going to pan out. As I suggested yesterday, the reason that Feinstein sat on those allegations for so long is she didn’t buy them, either. She and the remainder of the Democrats only went with them because they didn’t have anything else to throw at Kavenaugh.

But of course that begs the question….

If it’s not about the assault allegations, what is it about? Try not to laugh: dark money.

Yeah, no kidding.

There are large amounts of money coming from people like Soros, in a desperate attempt to keep the US Supreme Court from leaning towards an originalist perspective. This has nothing to do with Trump per se. If it did we wouldn’t have been seeing these tactics being used the last few decades at least. The fact is, we have been seeing them all along.

Consider closely, the cases of Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, and now Brett Kavanaugh. The more originalist the nominee, the louder the Democrats get. It’s to the point now we’re even Justice Ginsburg has expressed dismay at the Democrats and their tactics.

Apparently, it only sexual harassment when there is an R in front the accused named.   Senator Oldsmobile kill a woman, and was deemed the “Lion of the Senate.”   B.J. Clinton raped a woman while Arkansas attorney general.   Yet Senator Mazie Hirono condemns all men for not believing a thirty-six year old sexual assault allegation with no physical evidence and no collaborating witnesses.   Can you say McMartin Preschool?  From Useless Toady:

WASHINGTON – Sen. Mazie Hirono did not hold back Tuesday in her condemnation of the handling of professor Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation of a decades-old sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, telling men to “shut up and step up.”

The Hawaii Democrat slammed the Senate Judiciary Committee’s move to hold a hearing on the allegation on Monday and said the men on the committee should join the call for an FBI investigation ahead of any testimony from Kavanaugh or Ford. Hirono is a member of the committee.

Hirono said she expected “the enlightened men in our country” to “rise up to say, ‘We cannot continue the victimization and the smearing of someone like Dr. Ford.'”

Stifle yourself Edith, err Mazie. Women should only speak up when spoken to. I note, Senator Hirono is quick to condemn Judge Kavanaugh, but remains mute on Keith Ellison. So Senator Hirono, what say your with respect to Ellison. Man up and step up.

davidl on September 19th, 2018

And imagine, B.J. Clinton used to refer his missus as the “Smartest Woman in the World.”  From NBC News:

Hillary Clinton predicted Tuesday that President Donald Trump will “wholesale fire people” in the White House and become increasingly unaccountable if Democrats don’t check his power by winning a majority of seats in the House or Senate in the November midterm elections.


Clinton, who ran the State Department during part of the Obama administration, said an anonymous opinion piece in The New York Times was “horrifying” and raised the likelihood that Trump might try to purge his staff of those he suspects of working against him.

So from what constitution is Mrs. Clinton reading when she so boldly asserts that Congress has any oversight power in how the President chooses to staff the White House.    Personally the more of the Deep State the President fires the better.   More over does Mrs. Clinton has any memories left intact from the Clinton White House, from Wikipedia:

The White House travel office controversy, sometimes referred to as Travelgate,[1][2] was the first major ethics controversy of the Clinton administration. It began in May 1993, when seven employees of the White House Travel Office were fired. This action was unusual because although staff employees serve at the pleasure of the President and could be dismissed without cause, in practice, such employees usually remain in their posts for many years.


Hillary Clinton gradually came under scrutiny for allegedly having played a central role in the firings and making false statements about her involvement therein. In 2000, Independent Counsel Robert Ray issued his final report on Travelgate. He sought no charges against her, saying that while some of Clinton’s statements were factually false, there was insufficient evidence that these statements were either knowingly false or that she understood that her statements led to the firings.

Get this, the special counsel reported that Mrs. Clinton did not understand that her statements led to the firing of the Travel Office staff.  Did Billy Dale feel better knowing he fired by a drunk? Now nobody has ever accused President Donny of firing anybody by accident.  It appears to one of the advantages of governing while sober.

It’s amazing what you can find when you look for it.

Eric Florack on September 19th, 2018

Blue Wave?

Mmmmm… I don’t think so.

It it would appear that this Beto O’Rourke character is sucking up all the resources…. And that’s something the Democrats can’t afford… They were broke going into these midterms, and it’s even worse now.

Uh huh.
The other shoe just dropped.

Senator Dianne Feinstein of California conceded Tuesday that she can’t attest to the veracity of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school.

“[Ford] is a woman that has been, I think, profoundly impacted. On this . . . I can’t say that everything is truthful. I don’t know,” Feinstein told reporters on Capitol Hill when asked if she believed the allegation.

it’s very difficult indeed not to conclude that the reason Feinstein sat on that story for months was because she didn’t buy it either. Ultimately though she went with it because the Democrats are desperate and she didn’t have anything else in the quiver.

davidl on September 19th, 2018

Can any person who honestly believe is Anthropogenic Global Warming own or fly in a private jet?  I say no.  Governor Moonbeam, b/k/a California Governor Jerry Brown apparently says yes, from William Teach, Pirate’s Cove:

San Francisco International Airport’s corporate jet traffic rose roughly 30 percent during an international climate change conference in California, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown hosted the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco from Wednesday to Friday. Brown traveled to the conference by car with his security detail, but the governor is known for his lavish travel on other occasions, such as a 2016 trip to Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine with real-estate tycoon and Democrat Party donor George Marcus.

More than 4,000 elected officials, executives and environmentalists converged in San Francisco for the climate conference where participants discussed the threat of climate change and looked for solutions.


What, you expected all those government big-wigs and rich climate change leaders to fly commercial? How gauche. They have to have their champagne, caviar, and fly in utter comfort. They’ll drop a few bucks on (supposedly) planting a tree somewhere to offset their Bad Climate Behavior.

In the spirit of the Instant Professor, tell your grandchildren to start believing in Global Warming after the jokers who promote the cockamamie theory begin acting like their theory is true.

Eric Florack on September 18th, 2018

Richard Epstein (as reported by Powerline ) looks at what’s been going on with the Supreme Court nominee, and says it well:

.The Democratic resistance to the Kavanaugh nomination has been an all-out assault on his judicial philosophy and personal integrity from the moment that it was announced. I have no doubt that any senator has the full and complete right to vote whatever way he or she thinks fit on the nomination. And I have no doubt that if the Democrats held a majority of the seats in the Senate, they could have stonedwalled this nomination, just as the Republicans did with Merrick Garland. It is well-established constitutional law that the Senate need not call a hearing, let alone schedule a vote. In retrospect, the decision not to hold any hearings on Garland should be regarded as a wise and humane political decision, because it spared Garland and the nation a similar disgraceful exhibition of intolerance that some conservative opponents of Garland may well have launched to tarnish his confirmation chances.

But this last-ditch decision to sabotage Kavanaugh at the 11th hour is a disgusting piece of political propaganda. Christine Blasey Ford behaved wholly improperly when she decided to write a letter only to “a senior Democratic lawmaker,” in which she made the most serious allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh. At the very least, she ought to have handled matters wholly differently. If she wanted to keep matters confidential, she should have sent that letter to President Trump and to Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the chairman of the judiciary committee. She also should have sent it to the FBI for investigation. And she should have done all of these things at the earliest possible moment, in time for a principled and neutral examination to take place before the Senate hearings took place. Then, she should have sat for a cross-examination.

Putting the information exclusively in the hands of key Democrats thus invited the wholly corrupt strategy that has now unfolded. First, the Democrats would try to discredit Kavanaugh by engaging in a set of procedural antics and obnoxious substantive questions during the hearing, without mentioning this letter. When that strategy abjectly failed, they knew they had to go to Plan B, which was to release the letter and the allegation days before the confirmation vote. A perfect sandbag, for the Democrats knew full well that there was no time to respond to them, without causing an enormous delay in the confirmation hearings. Their hope was, and is, to create a huge media circus that would take weeks if not months to sort out. Shipwreck this nomination. Make it impossible for the current Senate to pass on any subsequent nominee before January. Then take control of the Senate and create a stalemate that could run on until the next presidential election.

And for what? Ford, Kavanaugh’s accuser, maintained a stony silence on these allegations for more than 35 years. At no point did she raise them in connection with the Senate confirmation hearings before Kavanaugh was confirmed in 2006. Kavanaugh has categorically denied the allegations. Late last week, Mark Judge, his alleged accomplice, denounced the allegations as “absolutely nuts.” No other woman has ever made any allegation of this sort against Kavanaugh. and 65 women have written an explicit letter in his defense. Kavanaugh is right not to respond beyond his categorical denial, knowing full well that further comment would only draw him further into a vortex on which credibility determinations would be unending. And the Senate is right to continue with the confirmation vote. The institutional damage to the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the nation has already been enormous. What is left now is only the sorry task of damage containment. What sane judge would like to be the next Supreme Court nominee?

Well, first of all this kind of abuse only gets applied to Republican nominees, particularly, originalists… Those who would use the Constitution as originally written to block the wildest wet dreams of the left.

This has become a hackneyed play of the left when they can’t figure out any other way to stop a nominee they don’t like …which is just about anybody to the right of Fidel Castro. The only thing missing here is the Coke can and the pubic hair.

The tactics being employed by the Democrats in all these cases, are not just an attempt to disqualify any applicant for a position that they don’t like. Rather, it is designed to eliminate originalism as a Judicial concept. And if they can’t do that they’ll teardown the entire institution of the Supreme Court. Ironic, since the court has been there tool for the last hundred years or so. But now the pendulum has swung the other way and we are actually getting judges who think originalism is the way to go in the nomination process and the Democrats in their desperation are doing everything they possibly can no matter how down and dirty to keep such ideas and Concepts out of the Supreme Court and ultimately out of American jurisprudence.

Much has been said about the veracity of the accuser, and the timing of it, and I doubt I need to add anything here, but I can’t resist looking at the large hole in the background data on this woman. She has spent the last weekend scrubbing all of her social media accounts. Why? To eliminate any possibility of being called out on her pro Democrat activities.

Now the reports are that we’re supposed to be seeing a hearing we’re both the woman and Cavanaugh are supposed to testify. the only outstanding question at this point is whether or not Cory Brooker will actually cry. He came so close in the initial hearing, is that the Safe Money seems to be on him shedding a theatrical tear or 20.

Frankly, I can’t think of any reason for us to trust anything the Democrats are saying about any of this. For that matter with the display they put on in this hearing and in the Clarence Thomas hearing, and in the Robert Bork hearing, I’m down to the point now where I think Chuck Grassley, at the next USSC opening, ought to think seriously about putting a nominee forward without a hearing on two or three days notice, since there is nothing in the Constitution, (you remember …the Constitution? ) that demands anything more than that.

As a bonus let’s talk about Keith Ellison. Where is the hearing about the attacks he’s been charged with, which are much more provable and much more egregious? If this doesn’t constitute a double standard I don’t know what does. The Democrats in their concern for charges of sexual attack would seem conveniently one-sided.

This is my shocked face.

In any event, the display being put on here by the Democrats should put an end to the illusion of Comity in government. The truth of the matter is that the biggest threat to America is the Democrats.

See also

The rule is that when you attempt to assassinate the king, you must succeed.  Well the deep state attempted to kill the presidential aspiration of one Donald J. Trump.  They bet on being pardoned by a thankful President Mrs. B.J. Clinton. Little did they realize that Clinton’s do not express gratitude. The FBI used one Carter Page as a portal to spy on the entire Trump campaign. To do so, the FBI swore to a federal court that Page was a Russian spy, did for for an entire year, from Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump ordered the immediate declassification of several documents relating to the 2016 FBI investigation of his campaign, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Monday evening.

“The President has directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to provide for the immediate declassification of the following materials: 1. pages 10–12 and 17–34 of the June 2017 application to the FISA court in the matter of Carter W. Page; 2. all FBI reports of interviews with Bruce G. Ohr prepared in connection with the Russia investigation; and 3. all FBI reports of interviews prepared in connection with all Carter Page FISA applications,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

Let us see what evidence the FBI used to convince a federal judge that Page was a spy.  This should prove amusing.

from Washington Examiner:

Democrats have decried the GOP efforts, characterizing them as a means to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. In his statement Monday, Schiff accused Trump of deciding to “intervene in a pending law enforcement investigation by ordering the selective release of materials he believes are helpful to his defense team and thinks will advance a false narrative.”

The democrats allege that the President is attempting to discredit the investigation led by one Robert Mueller a/k/a Fearless Leader.  I will argue that it is impossible to further discredit Fearless Leader’s sham investigation than Fearless Leader already has done.  Remember that investigation was started to investigation Page as a Russian agent.  Yet after of year of court authorized federal spying on Page, Fearless Leader has never charged Page or any American with spying.  So Mr. Mueller where is your spy?

davidl on September 14th, 2018

B.J. Clinton, among other misdeeds, raped a woman while an elected official in Arkansas, sexually molested woman, used hie position to gain sexual favors, and lied about it under oath.  Yet Senator Diane Feinstein is on record as asserting that none of these crimes and misconduct impaired B.J. Clinton’s ability to serve as President.

On her other paw, Feinstein claims some secret evident that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in high school, Feinstein will not, or can not say, just what, that disqualifies Kavanaugh from serving on the Supreme Court, from American Thinker:

Yesterday, Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein claimed that an anonymous woman may have accused Brett Kavanaugh of doing something in high school.

While the fake news media are having a field day, the truth is that only two Democrats have seen the letter, the person who wrote the letter is refusing to come forward, and we haven’t been told what the letter claims, but we have been told that it dates back to when Kavanaugh was in high school.


Actually, I’m even older than that.  I remember when Feinstein told us Clinton’s lying under oath in order to avoid losing a #MeToo lawsuit had nothing to do with his fitness to be president.  She did say Clinton’s actions were “immoral, deplorable, and indefensible” and merited “strong condemnation and censure.”  Given that she voted to acquit Clinton, it would seem that Feinstein believes that being guilty of immoral, deplorable, and indefensible things has no bearing on a person’s suitability to be president.

But, apparently, anonymous sources claiming undefined things are enough to cause Feinstein to be even more upset at Kavanaugh

Feinstein is not saying what Kavanaugh either did or was imagined to have done.  Yet the alleged incident was so trivial that it did not affect Kavanaugh high school graduation, acceptance and graduation for both college and law school, or register on at least three FBI background checks.

Moreover, Feinstein never revealed the allegation to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and never used, or allowed her democrat colleagues to use, the information in questioning of Kavanaugh. For example, Kamala Harris bore in on Kavanaugh for some alleged meeting with some alleged lawyer for which Harris no record

In short, this was not merely a Hail Mary, it a fart into a gale.

Eric Florack on September 14th, 2018

You may recall that I’ve repeatedly suggested China might be behind the Russia collusion story and other attempts to remove Trump from office, because they weren’t getting the degree of cooperation out of the Trump Administration that they used to out of Obama and the Clintons and other Democrats.

So now this falls this morning.

China’s government propaganda outlets are actively promoting the anti-President Trump book released this week by Washington Post writer Bob Woodward, called “Fear.”

Two days after excerpts of the book were published, major Chinese state-run propaganda outlets, including China Central Television (CCTV), ran extensive reports on the book on Sept. 6.


I take this as confirmation of my earlier comments on China.

I’ll go one step further here… I am convinced the Democrat Party is linked directly to the Chinese Communist Party and has been since the 80s at least.

Usually when you’re trying to figure out who is responsible for something happening, one of the considerations is who’s going to gain by it. So, who is going to gain by claiming that Russia meddled in our elections and the president that China doesn’t like gained office buy it? Why, China of course. They have the motivation, and they certainly have the means. They have the Democrat Party.

Remember how quickly that Chinese funding the Clinton’s campaign story got quashed a few years ago?

Remember Dianne Feinstein and her Chinese spy driver for over 20 years?

Tip of the iceberg, folks.

davidl on September 13th, 2018

First the ground rules. One the one study rule. It is a known fact that one study proves everything. Two, the Arthur Kellerman Rule, correlation is the same a causation, from Red State:

One of the most celebrated groups in the mainstream media is transgendered people or people who suffer from gender dysphoria.

This lead to transgenderism becoming a fad that had many people claiming to be transgendered, especially among the young. However, data now shows that those young people who do embrace a life of transgenderism seem to have abnormally high suicide rates.

The study comes from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which reveals that half of those who say they are transgendered attempt suicide at a rate of near or at 50 percent[.]

Remember if it only saves but one life. Trannyism kills. Embrace your god given heterosexuality, and live.

The New York Times has a history of fabricating these things. Here’s a refresher course for you…

A few years back they were caught red-handed deceiving their readers in such a way.

In a lengthy anti-fracking article they claimed that senior industry experts and insiders believed the industry to be little more than a “Ponzi scheme” … “set up for failure”.

They even had the emails from a series of senior insiders where these doubts were expressed.

According to the New York Times, one “energy analyst” wrote, “Am I just totally crazy, or does it seem like everyone and their mothers are endorsing shale gas without getting a really good understanding of the economics at the business level?”

Another “federal analyst” said in an industry email, “It seems that science is pointing in one direction and industry PR is pointing in another.”

Well unfortunately for the New York Times, the emails were from the Energy Information Agency – a government organization – so this meant Senate investigators were able to find the original emails and work out the identity of all these different senior experts. It turns out the federal analyst, the energy analyst and the officer turned out to be the same person who was actually an intern when he wrote the first email and in an entry level position when he wrote the other comments. Yes, that’s right, the “Paper of Record” misrepresented an intern/junior employee as a senior official to push an agenda.


We have all seen in recent days just how low the the left will go, for example in Brett Kavanaugh hearings.  They’ve been caught in lie after lie after lie.

And remember that the paper of record itself is the paper of Walter Duranty… Who would have been proud at this latest effort to push the leftist agenda.

Eric Florack on September 12th, 2018

So now we see the worst president in American history hitting the campaign Trail again.

he was out in California the other day saying he wanted people to vote and to bring back some sanity to American politics. Of course, he wants to have everyone vote Democrat.. which of course is the opposite of Sanity, particularly in California, the poster child for voting anything but Democrat.

But what is the real motivation here? What is it that is bringing Obama out to break long-standing tradition where American Presidents once they’re in office don’t tend to come out to campaign events?

I dare to submit to you the idea that the reason Obama is doing this is desperation. Self-protection. the Obama spy Scandal, where Obama and his Justice Department’s and his FBI were spying on any opponent of Hillary Clinton particularly Donald Trump is in the process of being laid bare. Obama knows he’s going to be in serious trouble if this investigation continues in the only way to stop that is to get Democrats in office insufficient number to make sweeping those events under the rug possible.

Eric Florack on September 11th, 2018

Reposted from 9/13/01

Fleet Admiral Yamamoto

Fleet Admiral Yamamoto

It is recorded in our history books that when he looked down at the ship full of smiling, victorious faces… faces of his flyers, just having returned from Pearl Harbor, Japanese fleet Admiral Yamamoto was quiet, pensive, even apprehensive. He later wrote in his private diary,

“I fear all I have done is awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

As this column is written, it is the second night after the dastardly attacks on the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan, and the Pentagon. In that amount of time, I have heard, on the news channels, and on the internet, a phase batted about several times, in various refinements, when discussing these attacks: “Like Pearl Harbor”.

Something in that phrase struck a deeper chord with me. It was, at the same time, unsettling, and reassuring. And about 20 minutes ago, my memory finally coughed up that quote from Yamamoto, and with it, my entire thought process about these events crystallized. In that revelation, it occurred to me I’d already written about what I was feeling.

In that column, I wrote of my worry that our influence on the world stage had suffered seriously, under the weight of Bill Clinton’s international bumbling. Well, Bumbling isn’t the right word. Bullying, is perhaps more accurate, yet still not spot-on.

I said, then:

“From Oslo to Camp David, Clinton has pushed Israel to the bargaining table, and pressured her to give up vital strategic and cultural assets she has no business giving away, if survival is at all on her agenda. Ehud Barak, by his giving into Bill Clinton (who, along with his staff including Jim Carville, did much to put Barak into office), has done little more than demonstrate just how empty the Palestinians’ peace talk really is, and how desperate Clinton was to be seen as a good President, his crimes against his oaths not withstanding. Consider….

At Clinton’s insistence, Barak offered Arafat the keys to the kingdom; just about all of the West Bank and Gaza, plus East Jerusalem and even Palestinian sovereignty over the Temple Mount. How do the peace loving Palestinians respond? Yasser Arafat turned it all down, and gave us another few nights of headlines, filled with kids in the street throwing stones, and being shot, occasionally. He also sent his armed forces, (You recall, they’re supposed to be policemen?) to fire at the Israelis, apparently hoping for an excuse to tell the rest of the world how Israel is a war-mongering nation.

Of course that should have been a signal to about anyone with a brain that he didn’t give a damn about peace. All he and his followers are interested in is the destruction of Israel. It should have also been a signal that Clinton’s attempt at a legacy backfired, big time, and more, that it didn’t have a chance to start with…. something that Clinton should have known, did he have any understanding of the
situation at all. You will recall, perhaps that back in 1992 , Clinton more or less bragged he had no understanding of matters of foreign policy. This was never quite so clear as during this monstrosity Mr. Clinton unleashed on the world.

For Israel’s part, all of this has been laid at the feet of Ehud Barak, perhaps unfairly. No, I don’t think he was the man for the job, and clearly was only in the PM’s position because Clinton’s people worked so hard to get him there, apparently hoping to set up Clinton’s brokering a of peace deal. Easy to do when you have the PM of Israel owing you his election. But Barak apparently was under pressures he had no control of, having nothing to do with politics at home, or the Palestinians… both of which were quite out of his control to begin with, in any event.. He was concerned with Israel continuing to get support from the US. In this concern, he saw Israel as being on the controlled end of the puppet’s string… and knowing that if he did not capitulate to Clinton’s demands, that vital US support would wither as quickly as Benjamin Netenyau’s prime ministership did, when it became clear he wasn’t going to buckle to Clinton’s concession demands.

And Barak wasn’t alone, nor was the left in Israel, in this perception of US control versus Israel’s survival. Yitzhak Rabin, hardly a liberal even by American standards and certainly not under Bill Clinton’s extortion based control to the extent that Barak was, saw the same problems. His longtime friends, according reports I’ve seen,
tell us he was deeply troubled over the prospect of losing US support… and therefore bought into the ‘land for peace’ deals being brokered by the liberals in the US. This was something I predicted he wouldn’t have done.

Israeli voters, seeing this happening, and clearly annoyed with the US control over Israel’s dealings with the Palestinians, trounced Barak in the polls. Unless one considers this anger, the election of Ariel Sharon, his replacement, is hard to fathom, since he has never been overly popular, as best I can tell. But perhaps the people of Israel are finally figuring out what the real story is.. that in truth, there is no dealing with the Palestinians, and Arifat.

One hopes that they’ve not been too late in coming to this conclusion. If they are, world war seems fairly certain to me… possibly nuclear in nature.”

When I re-read that, I knew I’d found what I’d been feeling, and why the Yamamoto quote had been nagging at me. I was feeling a deep anger. Justifiable, deep and abiding anger. Anger not only at the terrorists who arranged and executed the events of September 11th, but anger at the policies which here at home led us to this pass.

I said, back in February:

“Others learned the lessons, painful as they tended to be. Chaimberlin’s England, for example,along with the remainder of the free world, learned about appeasement of a mortal enemy the hard way. The American left, apparently not having leaned the lesson taught by the infamous socialist, Hitler, was taught the lesson again, by another band of socialists, as Soviet tanks rolled into Afghanistan 40 or so years later. “

What’s this leading up to?

Well, dear reader; the conclusion that we are now paying the price for Clinton’s presidency. One can only hope we have paid the full price…. But I doubt it.

A rash statement, say you? I think not. Consider the timing of this attack on the US.

Clinton, far from being firm with the Arabs, was giving them just what they wanted, following the World Trade Canter bombing in 1993; legitimacy, to use as a tool against us. Ironic; he’s supposed to be representing US. And to boot, we were ripping Israel apart for them.

I have stated several times, that Clinton’s sole purpose here was to save his legacy. But how to achieve his goal? By bowing to Arab terrorists, and bullying Israel into giving in. So, while that’s going on, everything is sweetness and light. America decides to elect George W Bush, who will (rightly) support Israel and the Arabs aren’t too happy.

And since Clinton also decimated our military, you ability to mount a credible defense is so laughable as to encourage attack…

And, splat.

Likely 20 thousand people dead, and as many injured, all in one afternoon, along with the likelihood of many more to follow.

Oh, I hear you squirming already… particularly those on the left… those who have always defended Clinton before, regardless of any fact. I hear you saying:

“Shouldn’t we be concerned with catching, and dealing with the people who ordered and financed all this? And as Americans, shouldn’t we be sticking together?”

Oh, certainly. String them up. Cut off all relations with the Palestinians, and do it now. No question. And Military action isn’t out of the question, either.

And yes, I think we all as Americans should stand together in times like these. And, no, I’m not trying to gain political points, here… this problem affects every one of us.

Logic dictates that actually solving a problem, necessarily includes that both the problem, and the causes of that problem which can be controlled, be identified, so that action can be taken to ensure that such problems cease to exist.

Now, like it or not, we can’t do much about extremist causes. But we CAN control them to the point where they don’t cause us nearly the concern, by not acceding to their demands, as Chamberlain did, and as Clinton did. We can support our longtime friends in the world. Clinton ran fast and loose with that requirement, in an effort to be remembered for something better than the long list of shady dealings and downright criminal acts, and what happened to be running down his leg at any given moment.

Trouble was, and remains, that Clinton was dealing with Yassir Arifat. Arifat’s comments, following the attack, as compared to the reactions of his people, (dancing in the streets at our losses) show him to be a liar of the first order, or that the Palestinian people are not under his control, or both. As a result, Arifat’s commitments were useless to us, and yet useful to the Arabs who wish and work for the destruction of America,her citizens and her friends.

Would it not have been simpler, would it have not cost less life, I ask, to elect a president who can keep his pants on, rather than get us into international trouble because of half-baked efforts at obscuring his own history? Something we should consider at the next election. As I said in February; Our future, assuming we have one, depends on it.

In any event;

My heart and my prayers go out for the persons lost, the persons yet trapped, and their families and loved ones.

My great respects go out to those rescue workers, paid and otherwise, who carry on the fight that all will not be lost. Your wounds from this, I fear, will be greater than the wounds on those you struggle to save, because it is a cold fact that you will not succeed in saving all of them, and you know it going in. To you falls the task from which no sane person could walk away unaffected… and yet you go in, willingly. And that is a wonder to all Americans, and most people in the rest of the world.

My respects also go out to the many law enforcement and military officials who are working to gather information toward the capture of those who ordered and executed this attack… at times risking THEIR lives.

We each, all of us, need to take out own kind of action in times of crisis. We feel we have the need to accomplish something to help to solve the issue. The people I mention above are doing that, certainly.

But my personal resolve is to work hard toward making sure we have Presidents who actually respect and want a strong Israel. As a start, that means making sure we never again have a president of the lowly in-the-gutter presence of a Bill Clinton.

Yours should be as well.

I only hope it’s not too late.

Editor’s note: That was written in one of the very first posts on this blog. It was that event which caused me to start this blog, in fact, and so today marks the start of Bit’sBlogs’ 8th year of operation as such. The older post I refer to was one of a weekly series I did at one of my old websites, and that text was echoed at the time on Usenet, though I doubt many of us have access to that anymore. Still, that old post still reflects my hope that we are not too late to prevent such slime from entering the White House again. But in looking at the statements and the track history of Barack Ovama, I am again reminded that the chances are always high that we’ll fall under the spell of such people again.

That can only happen, however, when we forget the lessons of that terrible day. Which is why Obama and his supporters invest so much time and effort into separating that day from the people who gave it to us, and their at best misguided, pacifist policies.

I can only urge us to Never Forget, knowing that all too many have. Well, here’s a reminder.