Eric Florack on January 28th, 2020

David beat me to the punch here with the presentation of Pam Bondi on the Senate floor. If you haven’t seen it yet, do so.

The case against the Democrats and their attempts to remove the president from office, is both solid and inarguable.

The thing is though, I think it goes deeper than just the question of whether or not Donald Trump should be impeached. I think Bondi’s argument exposes why the Democrats want him impeached.

The long list of links that she put forward leaves me thinking that there was a reason why the Obama Administration was pursuing energy starvation. For years, both David and I have addressed this as the “no drill policy”.

They claimed that it was to save the environment…. But I can’t help but wonder if the real plan was to force us to be dependent on foreign sources of oil and natural gas such as the Ukraine.

Why is that?

Simple… Given the well-known money laundering ability of Burisma, and its links with the Democrat Party here in the ‘States, it’s not hard to see how the Democrats have managed to dig themselves out of bankruptcy they found themselves in, less than 4 years ago. There was a serious gravy train to be had, and the establishment of both parties wanted in on it.

Yes, that’s right, I said both parties.

Not only is John Kerry’s kid involved, as well as of course Joe Biden’s kid, but Nancy Pelosi’s kid, and interestingly enough, Mitt Romney and John Bolton.

The inclusion of those last two should be an indication to you that this has not been just the Democrats, but the establishment of both parties. This has always been about the establishment versus the American people, precisely as Trump has portrayed it.

My sense is that the longer this goes on the more endangered the establishment of both parties are to having all of this revealed. We’re I a member of the establishment of either party, I would consider the move to force witnesses into the Senate hearing to be ill-advised at best.

As it is, however, it seems to me an appropriate venue to expose the corruption that caused what we’ve been dealing with for the last 3 years and longer.

davidl on January 28th, 2020

I think that Adam Schiff can bend over and kiss his impeachment case good bye, from Zero Hedge:

President Trump’s defense team cut straight to the heart of the impeachment on Monday, insisting that Democrats have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Bidens didn’t engage in textbook corruption in Ukraine – and that President Trump’s request to investigate it was out of line.


I find it amusing, the ‘rats and media found when dealing with President Donald Trump that a mere unsourced media report, likely leaked by bias source, was ample reason to investigate the President.  Yet when comes to the Biden’s, Joe and Hunter, multiple media and government reports are no reason to investigate the Hunters.

House impeachment manager Adam Schiff, argues that the President had no reason to investigate the Biden’s.  Therefore any attempt to investigate the Biden’s must be seen as an attempt to interfere with the 2020 election.

Well that maybe what Schiff says, maybe what he believes, however Pam Bondi just blew away Schiff’s yarn.

Eric Florack on January 27th, 2020

It seems to me that the death of Kobe Bryant is another case study in the cult of personality being the determining factor in the response to that death by the general populace.

Observe an article in the Daily Mail:

Felicia Sonmez, who covers national politics for the (Washington) Post, took to Twitter shortly after the world learned of Bryant’s death along with eight others aboard his private helicopter which crashed outside of Los Angeles.

She posted a link to an April 2016 story from the news site The Daily Beast which carried the headline: ‘Kobe Bryant’s Disturbing Rape Case: The DNA Evidence, the Accuser’s Story, and the Half-Confession.’

The paper immediately suspended the reporter, and she’s been catching some serious heat on Twitter as well1, I am told.

Would folks be this sensitive to bringing up someone’s imperfections….would we be saying this kind of reaction, this kind of vehement defense, over, let’s say, a homeless man with similar events (in this case, rape) in their past?

We both know the answer is no.

And look… before we go any further, let’s make it clear this is not an attack on Kobe Bryant per se. I am reliably informed and have no doubt that he has done some good things in his personal life as well as being a hell of a basketball player, along with the bad.

The point here is questioning the double standards applied to those with star power. This business is yet another example of exactly that… And this has been discussed before in these spaces. It seems to me more than a little bit dishonest.

We observed the same post-mortem double standard being applied at the passing of Michael Jackson a few years ago. I wrote about that rather extensively here, in an article that I took some serious heat for at the time.

In that case, as in this, it seems to me that there’s a good deal of starpower mixed into the reactions… And while a lot of people will point to the differences between the jobless homeless man and Jackson and Bryant… And credibly so I think… I have my doubts that that’s why this double standard is being applied. Rather, I think it is success which drives this difference, of which money is only a part.

As Americans, we tend to prize success more than do several other cultures. As such, we hold the successful to a somewhat different standard, despite giving rather loud lip service to something called equality, which at least in this context, seems ill-defined at best.

I make no suggestions for the cure of this rather disturbing dichotomy because I doubt that a cure can never be achieved.

I simply note it.

davidl on January 27th, 2020

On Fats Nadler in particular and ‘rats in general, don’t judge a politican by is words, but rather by his actions, Kurt Schlichter, Townhall:

Your hero, Jerry Nadler, while on parole from the chocolate factory,
told the Senate this about our elected president: “Only his will goes.
He is a dictator. This must not stand and that is another reason he must
be removed from office.”

A dictator? Hey, that’s bad, right? I
mean, unless the dictator is a leftist – wasn’t Castro dreamy? But since
this is a threat to our democracy, because Trump is a non-leftist
dictator, aren’t you guys morally obligated to take action and remove
him? It’s obvious that those treacherous treason-loving traitors of
treachery, the Republican senators, won’t toss the guy who did nothing
wrong out of office so you can start working on throwing Mike Pence out
of office, likely for the high crime and misdemeanor of trying to make
America into The Handmaid’s Tale?

Fats may proclaim that President Donald John Trump is a dictator. However President Trump is Fats biggest fear. In the real world, it not safe to call a dictator a dictator, lest he will string up or have lined up against a wall. While Fats might break the rope, he would offer a wide target whilst against the wall.

No Fats and the ‘Rats have bigger fear than Dictator Donny. The Constitution already contains a provision for dealing with dictators and is to the Second Amendment. The God Given rights of the Second already outed our last dictator, King George III.

Fats, doesn’t fear a dictator, no Nadler is afraid of population armed and willing to protect their own freedom.  Look at the millions Mini Mike Bloomberg poured into the State of Presidents to disarm Virginia.

Why is the New York Post forced into doing the job that the New York Times refuses to do?

The Obama administration was so concerned about Hunter Biden’s job on a Ukraine energy giant’s board of directors that it prepped Marie Yovanovitch about the issue before her 2016 Senate confirmation.

So, in short, not only was the Obama Administration aware of the corruption of Biden and his kid, they were covering for it.

This is boiling down to the key issue in this impeachment process. The idea that Joe Biden was running against Donald Trump is immaterial to the fact that Biden was corrupt and as President Trump had every right, and indeed a responsibility to pursue the matter.

Unless of course you’re going to tell me that we shouldn’t be investigating the corruption of anybody running for office, at which point the question becomes, why are we investigating Donald Trump?

Eric Florack on January 25th, 2020

I haven’t said much about the supposed impeachment of Donald Trump. Mostly because it’s not really drawing that much in the way of attention from the American people. In my estimation that’s because the American people are getting tired of being told that Adam Schiff has evidence that’s so secret he hasn’t made it up yet.

They’re tired of accusations of cover-up when the Democrats can’t seem to define what’s being covered up. Every time they come up with an answer to that question, that answer becomes disproved  quickly.

It’s to the point where the Democrats are so far over the edge that Donald Trump’s approval rating is rising…. Rising in dramatic fashion in fact.

It’s my sense that the American voter, now that the Democrats have completed their attempt at a coup, will now be paying strict attention to what’s going on at that hearing. It’s my sense that the viewer numbers for the trial which have been in the toilet since the beginning, will now see a dramatic rise over the next few days.

davidl on January 24th, 2020

When you call yourself a Socialist, are running for the highest office in the land, your paid stuff includes self described Bolsheviks, the staffing of your professional campaign staff become an item of legitimate national concern. So how does the man who wants to be our next President respond to such questions? In Bernie Sanders’, a/k/a Comrade Bernie, he responds by acting like a Bolshevik, from Daily Wire:

Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in South Carolina contacted law enforcement officials on Thursday after undercover journalists with James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas pressed the campaign to answer questions about violent remarks made by a paid Sanders campaign staffer.

The move by the Sanders campaign to call the police on reporters for asking them tough questions comes after Project Veritas released video earlier this week that allegedly showed Sanders field organizer Martin Weissgerber saying he wanted to kill wealthy people and throw Republicans into camps.

Comrade Bernie, by virtue of an either corrupt or seeming inexperienced democrat field, as risen to either near or to the top of the polls. The Bolshevik idea of a fair election is “One man, one vote, one time.” What assurances, if any, can the democrats and the media allies give us that a vote for Comrade Bernie on November Third will not be our last?

Eric Florack on January 22nd, 2020

Oh, boy…

Matt at PJM:

On Tuesday, Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) told quite the whopper by claiming Republicans have been spreading a “weird conspiracy theory” that Democrats wanted to impeach Donald Trump since he was inaugurated.

“What I found astounding was they’re still saying that we were out to get the president from day one, some sort of a weird conspiracy theory that I have to say, even [Supreme Court Justice Brett] Kavanaugh brought up,” Hirono said on MSNBC.

Andy Warhol once said that everyone has their 30 seconds of Fame. After watching the Democrats rewriting history like this, it becomes apparent that the reason that fame is limited to 30 seconds each is because that’s the attention span of the people that were surrounding Andy Warhol at the time.

That level of reality detachment is the only way they’d be getting by with spinning this one out now… Particularly given the history that Margolis details.

By the way, if you’re not reading Matt Margolis on a daily basis, you should be


There is of course far more in the way of pictures of the crowds down there, but these are probably never going to show up in the mainstream media, after all the worry about white supremacy dominating the scene down there. I don’t know about you but the way I read it, this was the worst white supremacy support in history. But as David often says, if it doesn’t fit the narrative, it never happened as far as the media is concerned.

I notice Governor Blackface decided to try and claim that he had diffused the situation… And that’s why there wasn’t any violence. However, the only way that he was going to be able to do that was to call off the antifa attack dogs. Of course he’ll never admit that even if he did it, which to me seems relatively likely.

The comparisons to Charlottesville fell flat as well.

The governor tried comparing this to Charlottesville, but he seems to forget that the protest in Charlottesville was peaceful until such time as Antifa and Black Lives Matter showed up. And so that claim by the governor falls flat on its face as well. He certainly not going to admit that regardless of whether he did it or not.

And remember friends, I was in the Charlottesville at the time. (One of these days I’m going to have to dig up the photographs I took of the rather bedraggled looking protesters staggering up US 29.)

Why did the governor’s misplaced comparison fall flat? Because clearly the violence was a setup from, once again, Antifa.

Oh… and here’s a message to the state house in Virginia. If you have to declare a state of emergency to protect your government from a number of law-abiding gun owners, it’s just possible that you’re a tyrant.

davidl on January 21st, 2020

I am quite curious what Kate and her band of merry trolls will have to say about this, from Rachel Elbaum, NBCNews:

LONDON — Prince Harry arrived in Canada on Monday evening to begin a new life away from the royal family after a tumultuous few weeks in London, where he and his wife, Meghan, announced their intent to step back from their roles.

The prince, a grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and sixth in line to the throne, was shown arriving on Vancouver Island by Sky News after he left the United Kingdom to join his wife and son. Meghan and the couple’s eight-month-old, Archie, have been staying on the island since she left the U.K. a week and a half ago.

I am also curious what a certain former Rochester Amerk has to say.

davidl on January 21st, 2020

Jerry Nadler appeared on “Face the Nation.”  He did not do his cause any good, from PJ Media:

“Well, I’m[Jerry Nadler] saying that Hunter Biden has no knowledge of the accusations against the president,” Nadler replied. “Did the president, as we said—as the evidence shows that he did—betray his country by conspiring with a foreign country to—to try to rig the election? Hunter Biden has nothing to say about that. Their—their asking for Hunter Biden is just more of a smear of Hunter Biden that the president’s trying to get the Ukraine to do.”

GWU Constitutional Law Professor Jonathan Turley believes that Nadler is suggesting that “if a trade is needed to secure House witnesses, the managers will not agree to any witnesses if Hunter Biden is part of the deal.”

“If true, is the House prepared to give up on proving its case to protect the Bidens from the ignoble moment of answering questions about the Ukraine contract? That is a considerable price to pay to protect Joe Biden,” Turley added.

What Turley is suggesting is that while Nadler feels the President is guilty of treason, and should be removed from office, he rather give up his case than call Hunter Biden as a witness.  So who has Nadler by his short hairs?

Eric Florack on January 21st, 2020

On this day in 2017, the American people were celebrating that Hillary Clinton was not inaugurated as president of the United States.

A year from today they will still be celebrating, as the festivities from the second inauguration of Donald Trump begin winding down.

So after all the back and forth on this, and all the efforts by the liberal gun grabbers, it turns out that the second amendment rally in Richmond was totally peaceful. Of course, a major reason is that Antifa didn’t bother showing up. Seems reasonable to assume that the reason they didn’t show up is most of the 2A supporters we’re armed. (Which strikes me as one of the best reasons to support the second amendment… Keeping evil at Bay)

The gun grabbers tried to turn this into another Charlottesville, including undercover efforts to incite violence and make the pro 2nd amendment crowd look like the bad guys.

It didn’t work.

John Hinderaker observes the situation and says:

Virginia’s Democrats are unabashedly in favor of gun confiscation. Why is it that when Democrats take control of a legislative body, they instinctively move to confiscate legally-owned firearms from law-abiding citizens, in violation of the Second Amendment? It would take a psychiatrist to answer that question. Certainly a student of crime statistics wouldn’t be able to explain it. Whatever the cause, the Democrats’ move against the citizens’ constitutional rights is manna from Heaven for Republicans, many of whom mingled with the demonstrators and endorsed their cause.

Look, that’s invariably the way these things fall out. Hasn’t anybody noticed that the biggest single problem the Democrats have with the American people is that they have too much freedom?

Eric Florack on January 21st, 2020

The Federalist:

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren struggled to understand Sunday how the American people could ever support a presidential candidate with a checkered history of telling the truth.

“How could the American people want someone who lies to them?” Warren passionately asked in response to a question on whether dishonesty was a disqualifying trait in a presidential candidate.

That’s the thing about writing a blog about politics, particularly when it comes to leftist candidates. The comedy tends to write itself.

Eric Florack on January 17th, 2020

Over at PJM, Ed Driscoll quotes mega-moron Joe Scarborough:

SCARBOROUGH: We don’t know how this ends in the Senate. These shameless Trumpsters will remain shameless Trumpsters. But we do know how the story ends. We do know how history writes this. We know that everyone who defends Donald Trump right now will be exposed. We know Mike Pence will be exposed for what he is. We know that Barr will be exposed for what he is. We know that all of these characters, Rudy Giuliani, will be exposed for what he is. History, it will be bleak. And their families, their children, their grandchildren—everyone who has their last name—will carry that around with them, if they decide to continue lying for a failed reality TV host who will show them no loyalty.

Ed responds:

“Among the most shocking of North Korea’s human rights abuses is the ‘three generations of punishment’ rule. If one person is found guilty of a crime and sent to a prison camp, so too will their entire family, and the subsequent two generations born at the camp must remain there for life.”

(Or former Trump supporters can simply renounce their “crimes,” make the rounds and shed a few tears on Oprah-style chat show, and declare themselves newly reborn “Progressive” true believers, and —whammo! — instant redemption by the DNC-MSM. Just ask the governor of Virginia and the prime minister of Canada.)

And here’s the thing, it’s precisely as I’ve been saying for over 2 years now…

For all the focusing on Trump, it’s not about Trump and never has been.

Postulate a Ted Cruz presidency. Does anybody truly believe that the reaction to Cruz would be any different than it has been with Donald Trump?

Here it is..Far from being about Donald Trump per se’, this reaction is about anything to the right of Fidel Castro. Anything without the Democrat name in front of it, and without socialist policy attached to it.

Re-read the last sentence on that again, them, go and re-read Ed’s reference to the Socialist Wonderland in North Korea and their three generation punishment scheme. Now, reread the Joe Scarborough quote.

All that accomplished, you will perhaps begin to understand that this has become the standard play for the far left that outright runs the Democrat Party today, and has serious controls on the GOP establishment, as well.

All of this about Trump?
It’s never been about Trump. It’s about any opposition to the socialist mantra, whence comes all of the power for the establishment of both parties.