Eric Florack on August 9th, 2019

If this wasn’t so tragic, it would be laughable.

Actress’Rosanna Arquette said Thursday the FBI advised her to make her Twitter account private after online critics lambasted her on Wednesday for tweeting that she was ashamed of being “white and privileged.”

Look, this girl has never been The brightest bulb in the circuit to begin with. But she does know on some level that to get by in Hollywood, you have to know what the kiss and when.

What frightens me about this is the number of people who rush to take her social and political commentary seriously.

Eric Florack on August 8th, 2019

If Kurt Schlichter isn’t on your daily reading list, you should address that discrepancy immediately.

Remember, everything the mainstream media tells you at the behest of the liberal elite is a lie and a scam designed to increase their power and wealth by diminishing your power and wealth. Global warming? It’s such a crisis that they need to fly their private jets to fabulous resorts to discuss how you must trade in your Ford Expedition for a Schwinn and how millions of people like you who support their families in the petroleum industry better learn to code. And now the crisis of two left-friendly mutants out of 335 million people means you need to be disarmed. Oh, and you’re also racists so you should be disenfranchised too.

Weird how the liberal solution to every problem is always to make you less free.

One of their tactics is exhaustion – to exhaust the weak among us and get them to say, “Gosh, if we just give in we can put this unpleasantness behind us.” But you can’t put anything behind you with these people, because there is nothing to put behind you. It’s all a lie. You are not a racist. Your guns won’t hurt anyone but criminals and aspiring tyrants.

And here’s the thing…

… that’s precisely what they are, is aspiring tyrants.

All they need to do to remove the word “aspiring” from their title, is to disarm you.

That’s precisely what has happened every time it’s been tried. There has never been a government in history that has remained under the control of the people where the people have been disarmed.

The left will still hate you if you disarm. The difference will be that they will be able to act on that hate.

davidl on August 8th, 2019

Trump Derangement Syndrome, it has been said that no good deed goes unpunished, from Amanda Prestigiacomo, Daily Wire:

Trump Supporters Clean Up West Baltimore And The Liberal Media Are Irritated.
While the residents were thankful for the overhaul — well over 100 volunteers came together to remove 12 tons of trash, according to Presler — the liberal media were, uh, irritated. The media attacked the activist as an “extremist,” questioned his motives, and scolded him for “reinforc[ing] the tired image that the poor people in this city can’t take care of their own neighborhoods.”

It has also been said that it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.  It is obvious that the lame streamers are only interested in cursing.

I would say it is not a matter of inner city resident can’t pick up the trash in their neighborhood but rather they won’t. I say continue the clean up campaigns until it provokes the inevitable antifa attack.

Eric Florack on August 8th, 2019

Going absolutely nuts about Donald Trump on a knitting site?

Social Justice Knitters, SJKs as I call them, weighed in en masse in the comments section. “What did I just read? Respectfully, your words are bigoted. You don’t own the concept of diversity…How is this post doing anything other than protecting white fragility, tone policing, and white silence?” said Helen Kim, who has become a sort of self-appointed spokesperson and inquisitor-in-chief for the SJK community.

“Interesting how your voicing of the need for ‘positivity’ in these discussions reminds me a lot of the rhetoric used by white supremacists.”

I will say this again. This is not about Trump.

Ask yourself a question. Can you imagine the Looney left reacting any differently whatsoever to a president Ted Cruz?

Remember, every single Republican president since Eisenhower has suffered under an impeachment attempt by the Democrats. Every single one.

This kind of loony reaction is nothing new, just a bit louder these days because they understand that the American people have caught on to their shtick.

These are the Nazi tactics that Democrats employ. This is exactly who they are.

Eric Florack on August 7th, 2019

So Billy Beck posts a link to o a letter from the Dayton Ohio shooters ex-girlfriend. I will warn you that the letter contains descriptions of some really sick stuff going on, to the point where I won’t even quote it here.

Billy posted the link with any extensive commentary, but I respond this way:


So even she in her decreased mental capacity is able to identify red flags in this bozo.

I’m sure that will hear about how Reagan closed the mental health facilities. That bull’s been spread for the last 30 years anyway, by a group of people interested in creating a fascist state under the guise of ‘love and compassion”.

That being said, who could look at this situation that she describes and not understand that the both of them are a couple of cheese cubes short of a fondue pot?

I am uncomfortable with the government having that power, given that we’ve seen the Russians the Chinese the Germans and the Cubans all use the excuse of mental illness for jailing political dissidents… As uncomfortable as I expect most of you are.

The thing is, here’s another area where the left has been successful in tearing down social norms to the point where the argument is made even at the governmental level, “they’re not sick, they’re just different”.
Or, perhaps, “we have no proof that this mentality is a problem”.

So, given the left and it’s removal of the mechanism society used to use to deal with these issues, and the lack of trust in the government to be able to handle the situation without totally making it worse, what is there to be done?

Billy responds with a wonderfully succinct:

You’re asking how to light a candle once it’s been snuffed out.

His description is depressingly apt, but I have to believe there is a way to salvage this situation. Whatever that solution is, it’s going to take time, and it will involve we the people taking back our government from the left.

Eric Florack on August 7th, 2019

Take a look at what each and every one of the Democratic presidential candidates is proposing. Along with the Democrats in Congress of course.

The policies they are promoting infringe on the second amendment to the maximum degree that they can possibly arrange while at the same time telling people from around the world , Come and get your free stuff… Our taxpayers will cover you.”

Question at this point to my mind is, assuming those policies are put into force, what does American citizenship mean then?

It means slavery.

Without being armed, without our weapons, we have no recourse whatsoever against the government taking from us to support non-citizens. (Not that non-citizens wouldn’t have the vote given that the Democrats have been spoiling that as well.)

One cannot look at the arguments being made by the Democrats without coming to that conclusion, if we are honest about it. Which of course the Democrats seldom are. They know full well that if they are honest about their goals, they won’t get any votes at all from American citizens but, that’s the reality of it.

And the thing is, the Democrats are just fine with all of this provided that the ever-increasing power of government is in their hands.

. Where does all this lead us? Venezuela, and Hong Kong are two current examples.

davidl on August 6th, 2019

I had a bit of a scare. I thought that the fraud Neil deGrasse Tyson has said something that was rational, sane and scientific, Tyson tweeted sanity:

In the past 48hrs, the USA horrifically lost 34 people to mass shootings.

On average, across any 48hrs, we also lose…

500 to Medical errors
300 to the Flu
250 to Suicide
200 to Car Accidents
40 to Homicide via Handgun

Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data.

Tyson’s tweet set off a media firestorm.  But not to worry. After a brief bout of sanity, Tyson has since apologized for speaking as scientist.

So, along comes WaPo, with a story that will certainly be buried, simply because it doesn’t match the Democrats non-stop chant.

In other words, gun homicides have dropped substantially over the past 25 years — but most Americans believe the opposite to be true. Why? Perhaps in part because of the media focus on multiple-victim shooting incidents in recent years.

Now, the article notes that gun crime is actually down over the last two years.

What do you suppose has happened over the last couple of years that would have caused that drop, as compared to the 8 years before it?

Eric Florack on August 5th, 2019

Remember California banning plastic straws? They were all but ready to declare anybody with plastic straws a domestic terrorist.

CNN admits today:

McDonald’s has admitted that its new paper straws, rolled out last year to help “protect the environment,” can’t be recycled — unlike the plastic versions they replaced.

And this of course is aside from the issue of the cup that straw sits in…

davidl on August 5th, 2019

Now who said that Swedish females were all blond, and adorable.  In its never ending quest to impose socialism by promoting the fable of anthropogenic global warming, the lame stream media found their latest climate scare authority, a sixteen year old Swedish child named Greta Thunberg, from Jonathan S. Tobin, Federalist:

The heroine of the environmental movement is on her way. Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish celebrity protester, has finally figured out a way to bring her extremist message to the New World.

Thunberg, who has been the focus of adulatory coverage throughout Europe and in mainstream American outlets.


Children Can Do No WrongThunberg and her movement operate with some clear advantages. Since they are a children’s crusade, they are credited with the best possible motives and not asked to fully or coherently explain their goals or how they might be achieved without doing more harm than good. Their impatience with the business of democracy in which one must persuade people rather than merely issuing diktats is similarly depicted as evidence of their high ideals rather than ignorance or anti-democratic sentiments.

If the lame stream media wants to pawn off a sixteen year old child as some sort of climate expert, Bitsblog can present a fourteen year old as a political commentator (Warning not safe for work) video.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Soph is not quite in the league of the late R. Lee Ermey but give her a few years.

Sebastian Gorka nails this one:

First, the shooter expresses his disdain for both major parties; he decries the Democrats’ open-borders policies while also declaring that “the Republican Party is also terrible,” since the GOP, he says, is “pro-corporation,” and “pro-corporation = pro-immigration.”

The section of his manifesto entitled “Economic Reasons” is by far the most shocking part, in terms of directly contradicting the media spin that this shooter was somehow far-right.

He explicitly expresses his support for “a basic universal income,” which he says is the only thing that can “prevent widespread poverty and civil unrest.” He then goes on to support “ambitious social projects like universal healthcare.” Later, he claims that the American lifestyle “is destroying the environment of our country,” and that “the decimation of the environment is creating a massive burden for future generations.”

So clearly this killer supports some of the most openly socialist policies in American political discourse today, including universal income, socialized medicine, and a belief in “global warming.” Yet, according to the media, he is somehow just another “far-right” shooter who has been motivated by President Trump.

Gorka points out elsewhere that the Ohio shooter described himself as a Satanist who was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren.

It’s almost like there’s a trend to going on here.

…..and once again the trend continues that these mass shootings are occurring in supposed gun-free zones. In other words, places where people are unable to defend themselves.

The government has demonstrated many times that it is unable or unwilling to defend citizens. Yet, it is demanded of us that we disarm ourselves? That’s kind of like being castrated because our neighbor is having too many kids.

My friends, is a question that these events bring up is rather simple, direct, and it shocks me that it actually needs to be asked. At what point are we going to realize that making ourselves defenseless isn’t the answer to evil?

Addendum: Eric

Roger Simon agrees, saying in part:

Predictably, Beto O’Rourke fairly sprinted down to his hometown of El Paso to blame Donald Trump for the city’s mass murders in the hope of reigniting the Texan’s failing presidential campaign. But if you read the gunman’s manifesto, you would find the murderer as much in agreement, possibly more so, with Elizabeth Warren and O’Rourke himself than with Trump. The shooter wants universal healthcare and a guaranteed income. He also wants to kill Mexicans and to partition the country into equal race-based sections, a kind of identity politics taken to the nth power, not that any of this matters. The man is clearly insane, as was the now-deceased Dayton killer who was reportedly a Democrat and a Satanist, planning on voting for Warren, as well as, of course, being mentally ill. . . .

This is obviously not politics in any rational sense, although we are hearing endless political statements from pols anxious to exploit the tragedy. It’s about craziness. An epidemic is sweeping the country and has been for some time. Mass shootings are only one manifestation, although arguably the most horrible and extreme one.

Roger goes on to make valid points as regards mental health issues. But before we get into that, we really ought to discuss who it is that’s trying to make political hay out of this tragedy.


Let’s get that part nail down and then maybe we can have an honest discussion about the rest of it.

Eric Florack on August 4th, 2019

Eric Florack on August 3rd, 2019

The absolutely horrible conditions in and around the city of Baltimore and specifically inside the congressional district of one Elijah Cummings begs a few questions.

How is it, that gift as he claims he’s done immense amounts of good for his district, how is it that the conditions are as bad as they are?

Years ago, Wendy’s ran a series of commercials with an older woman named Clara, who when confronted with a microscopic burger inside of a bun approximately the size of Baltimore itself, demanded “where’s the beef?”

If what we currently see in Baltimore is a result of the efforts of one Elijah Cummings, and it seems logical to assert that’s the case, we are like Clara forced to raise the question: “where’s the beef?”

With all of these supposedly positive influences that Elijah Cummings has had on his district, why is it so bad there?

As an extension to that question then, comes the question of what precisely are the legislative accomplishments of Elijah Cummings?

I have been to Baltimore many times and I have to tell you that none of those experiences has been very positive. And I wasn’t even in the worst part of town, which is the area represented by Mr. Cummings, supposedly.

Between recent press reports, and my own personal and admittedly anecdotal experiences, I am left to wonder what it is precisely that Elijah Cummings has accomplished in his district, other than enriching himself.

I spent some time looking at a number of websites including that of Mr. Cummings himself, and all of them speak in laudatory terms about his accomplishments, but then none of them go on to list anything specific.

Not finding any answers there, I am forced into looking at it from the opposite side, what would Elijah Cummings do differently if he wanted to create one of the worst slums in the nation?

Which leads us to the people that keep electing him.

Joseph de Maistre advised us that we get the government that we deserve.

“Welcome to Baltimore’

(I will go on to say I strenuously object to the argument that de Maistre made with that discovery, but that’s another issue.)

The district of Elijah Cummings is if nothing else, a prime example of what happens when you depend on government to make a difference in your life instead of getting up off your cheeks and doing it yourself. In that sense, that district deserves the representation that it’s getting.

The only mystery in all of this is, how is it that Elijah Cummings manages to convince better than 50% of his district that he’s the best choice to do anything about the situation there.

I have to tell you, I have my problems with Donald Trump. But his commentary as regards Elijah Cummings isn’t one of them. He’s forcing the Democrats to defend this slug…. And he has shown a very large light on what’s been going on in Baltimore under Democrat leadership for some time.

The question will be whether or not this translates to a change in representation, not only for Baltimore but other districts so affected. Chicago. Los Angeles. San Diego. San Francisco and so on.

Eric Florack on July 31st, 2019

Kurt Schlichter is on fire:

The Democrats are in a quandary. They can’t live with Russiagate and they can’t live without it. This is what happens when you get stuck because the quicksand you’re currently trapped in is less quick and less sandy than the quicksand you’d be stepping into.

What the Blue Dork Dems would like to do is change the subject, but of course that would mean talking policy and popular policies are not the Democrats’ strong suit. There is just not a lot of enthusiasm out there in America for a bunch of schemes that generally involve Democrat-disfavored people like you and me paying our hard-earned money to subsidize Democrat-favored demographics like illegal aliens, shiftless bums, snooty academics and militant Maoist pottery majors.”

Add to that, Trump forcing the Democrats to defend slugs like Elijah Cummings, Al Sharpton, and the leadership in Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City Etc, and the idea that the Democrat Party still can’t get over the idea that Hillary Clinton lost the election, it wasn’t stolen from her…. The public weariness of the Democrats efforts to reverse the election…. and you have a Democrat party that has all the electoral attractiveness of an under- maintained porta- potty.

It’s interesting watching the reaction of the Democrat leadership as they begin to understand that’s the situation they’re in is of their own making…. and yet deciding that disavowing the policies that got them into this situation in the first place, is too high a price to pay for solving the problem.

Eric Florack on July 30th, 2019

BALTIMORE (WBFF) – A rat was seen running through a FOX45 reporter’s live shot during a story on President Trump’s tweet Baltimore is rat-infested.

Personally, I can’t wait to see the Democrats defending the rat population. (video at the link)