davidl on June 25th, 2015

obamaheaddownOnly the Lord knows what Dim Won’s, President Barack Obama, native language is   Whatever it is, is not English, from ABC News:

President Obama had a heckler tossed from a White House reception in celebration of LGBT pride month after the woman refused to stop interrupting the president.

“Listen, you’re in my house,” Obama said, to the applause of the crowd, within the first couple of minutes of the event.

The heckler, Jennicet Gutiérrez, who is transgender and undocumented, had been shouting claims about bad detention conditions for LGBTQ immigrants in the United States.

“No, no, it’s not respectful when you get invited to somebody’s,” Obama said, again being interrupted by the heckler before he could finish his sentence. “You’re not going to get a good response by interrupting me like this.”

Two points.

First, the White House is the house in which Dim Won resides. It is his home, not his house. The White House belongs to the People of the United States. It is a non-trivial distinction.\

Second, while the White House is property of the American People, it is not Jennicet Gutiérrez’s property. If Jennicet Gutiérrez does not like the way he is treated in our country, I suggest that he go back to his country, and stay there.

Further, if Dim Won would have the Department of Homeland Security actually do its job, he might not have to put with pesty visitors in his home. It was nice of Dim Won to have the Secret Service show Jennicet Gutiérrez out the door of White House. The shame is that Dim Won did not show Jennicet Gutiérrez out of our country.

davidl on June 23rd, 2015

Dim Won may have wanted to start a national dialog about race.   I am not so sure that he will get the type of debate he wanted, at least not from me.   As far as I know, Dim Won, a/k/a President Barack  Obama, went where no intelligent president has gone before, from Alexis Simendinger, Real Clear Politics:

From ruminations in a garage about racial progress to an upcoming Charleston, S.C., eulogy, President Obama is eager to speak and laboring to be heard.

America’s first black president used a word so freighted and forbidden during an hour-long conversation with a podcast comedian last week that news media worked overtime Monday to dissect his meaning. Why did he use the word “nigger,” and did his language enlarge his audience or did it muddle his meaning?

Dim Won talks as if racism were purely a social ailment, to be fixed, eradicated or removed. As racism, as in rational racism, is a necessary survival skill. The world is racist, and being color-blind is simply dangerous. You can ban all the words or battle flags you care to, it will not eliminate people with working brains observing the world in which we live as it actually is, as opposed the imaginary one which resides in Dim Won’s imagination.

The problem isn’t so much white folks calling black folks niggers, as it is some black folks embracing the concept of being a nigger. The black population can never be free and equal until they shuck themselves of the chains of the democrat liberal plantations. As long as blacks are content to exist off the leavings of their liberal plantation masters, that is all they will ever get.

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davidl on June 20th, 2015

Whenever the Clintons sense an opportunity to seize more political power the first thing they attack is individual freedom.   The dust had not yet settled to the ground in Oklahoma City when B.J. Clinton blamed the attack on talk radio.    Likewise Mrs. Clinton is using the mass murder in Charleston to advance her hatred of the Second Amendment, from CNN:

“The stakes are too high, the costs are too dear, and I am not and will not be afraid to keep fighting for common sense reforms and along with you, achieve those on behalf of all who have been lost because of this senseless gun violence in this country,” she [Mrs. Clinton] said.

The individual citizen need not fear a weapon in the hand a fellow citizen as he does arms in the hands of a ruthless government, especially, has history tells us, in the a Clinton government.


Seventy-nine innocent men, women and children died at the hands of the Butcher of Waco, one Janet Reno. Tell Mrs. Clinton keep her hand off the Peoples’ guns, and keep Mrs. Clinton’s hand off our nation’s guns

davidl on June 20th, 2015

Donald Trump is a useful idiot.  I will use him, from ABC News:

During his announcement speech Tuesday, Trump said “the U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems” and said people who immigrate here from other countries, like Mexico, are not the “right people.”

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us,” Trump said. “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

The southern border is uncontrolled and the Obama regime is dumping illegal criminal immigrants back on the street to commit yet more crimes. Mrs. Clinton’s response:

In her interview with Ralston in Nevada, Clinton said such comments from everyone need to stop.

“I think he is emblematic,” Clinton said in reference to Trump. “So I want people to understand, it’s not just him, it’s everybody.”

Trumps only rapes the creditors dumb enough to lend him money. Mrs. Clinton’s only response to an illegal immigrant crime wave is blame the messenger. Mrs. Clinton refuses to acknowledge a problem she has no intention of fixing. Pox on her.

Further evidence of Mrs. Clinton’s brain damage.   Nut case murders nine American citizens in a church.  Mrs. Clinton blames their murders on disparaging comments about illegal aliens.

davidl on June 19th, 2015

The Snark of the Day:


Hat tip: Ace of Spades

Hat tip:  Ace

davidl on June 19th, 2015

I will leave Eric to comment on the Charleston’s Emanuel AME mass murder.   I will comment on Dim Won’s, a/k/a President Barack Obama, cheap opportunist attempt to advance a pet issue, citizen disarmament, while the victim’s bodies were still warm.   B.J. Clinton would be proud, video:

Reaction, Ed Morrissey, Hot Air:

With that said, if I had to give one piece of advice to any politician, it would be that any argument starting off with “We don’t have all the facts” is one that should probably remain unspoken. Another piece of advice would be that gathering the relevant facts before speaking will avoid embarrassments like this portion of Barack Obama’s speech, which comes after a whole raft of examples to the contrary (via Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard):

In the world in which we live, as opposed the imaginary world which only exists in Dim Won’s fervid imagination, the greatest threat to citizens in not other citizens with or without guns, but rather their own governments.    The greatest murderer of all time is Obama regime hero Mao Zedong, and his weapon of choice mass famine.

In a nation with open borders and impotent home land security, there are no shortage of fanatics will to commit mass murder to advance their personal jihad.  Yet not all attempts at mass murder are successful, from Washington Post, Lindsey Bever May 4:

On Sunday, [Pamela Geller] was in the news again for sponsoring a “Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” in Garland, Tex., some 20 miles from Dallas, after which two suspects opened fire on a security guard before being shot and killed by police. Authorities did not immediately link the exhibit and the shootings, but Geller did, with vehemence.

It was armed citizens which prevented a slaughter in Garland, Texas. Yet all Geller inspired was the wrath of the lame streamers. In Charleston is obvious that none of the intended victims shot back. Are there deaths the results of the lack of gun control, or the philosophy of victim disarmament?

The cynic in me notes that the political meme that Black Lives Matter only applies when the shooter is either white or police officer.   According to DNAinfo, there have been 192 murders this year and 22 this month in the People’s Republic of Chicago.  There only legal guns in Chicago belong the police or to Mayor’s campaign supporters.   Where is Dim Won’s anger?   Where is the media outcry?

Addendum:   Confirmed, the African Methodist Episcopal Church was another gun-free zone, from John Lott, Fox News:

The horrible tragedy last night that left nine people dead at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., probably could have been avoided. Like so many other attacks, the massacre took place in a gun-free zone, a place where the general public was banned from having guns. The gun-free zone obviously didn’t stop the killer from bringing a gun into the church.

Free citizens are free to choose to arm themselves or not.   Just remember, going gun-free is not a risk free option.

davidl on June 18th, 2015

Glenn Reynolds, on Senator Kristen Gillibrand, from Instapundit:

She’s an execrable woman who has no business in the U.S. Senate.

Gillibrand is still firmly in the Emma Sulkowitz camp.    Gillibrand imagines every allegation of sexual assault, no matter trivial or even imaginary, to be crime for which men should be punished sans due process if necessary.

If campus rape is the problem Gillibrand both imagines and proclaims it to be. why advocating not using the legal system?

davidl on June 16th, 2015

The man who claims to have nine billion dollars, but evidently can not afford a hair piece worthy of Howard Cossell wants do to the taxpayers what he did to his creditors four time, bankrupt them.

If our nation survives to January 20,  2017 it will have been disspite the effort of witless fool with a massive over-sized ego.   The last thing we need to replace one fool with an over-inflated ego, is another fool with an even bigger ego, and a bad hair piece, from Kevin D. Williamson, National Review:

Donald Trump may be the man America needs. Having been through four bankruptcies, the ridiculous buffoon with the worst taste since Caligula is uniquely positioned to lead the most indebted organization in the history of the human race.


Of course, when Trump sings “How Great Thou Art,” he sings it in a mirror. The problem with messiah complexes is that there’s no way to know whether you are going to rise on the third day unless somebody crucifies you. Trump has announced, and I say we get started on that.

Donald go back home to the Democrat Party.   The grown folks don’t need you.


davidl on June 16th, 2015

 _CPAC_by_Gage_Skidmore1The lame stream media holds that will Mrs. Clinton’s surname is an advantage, Jeb Bush’s is a disadvantage. I don’t so much disagree with latter as I do the former.

The Bush clam are team players. Ask Barbara to show for Jeb’s announcement, she does. Ask Duyba to stay in Texas, he does. On the other paw, B.J. Clinton is a loose cannon. Mrs. Clinton has never figured out, or maybe even attempted, how to keep B.J.from unzipping his pants in the presence of other women, from Breitbart:

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager would not commit to releasing her health records during the 2016 campaign.

Face the Nation host John Dickerson pointed out that “Hillary Clinton had a big health scare when she was secretary of state” and asked campaign manager Robby Mook, “will she release her medial records as part of this campaign?”

“I will let Hillary decide that,” Mook answered. “But I can tell you she has been hitting the campaign trail hard.”

Question, if Mrs. Clinton is hitting the campaign trail hard, is it with her feet or her face?

The democrats have a history of running dying candidate for president, FDR in ’44 and JFK in ’60. I say to Mrs. Clinton, show us your medical records, or step aside.

Exit question:  can you find a sock puppet in Jeb’s crowd, or a reporter in Mrs. Clinton’s?

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Eric Florack on June 15th, 2015

Those of you who have been watching my facebook page will recognize that I’m not in my own truck today, because the clutch failed on mine over the weekend. Not a big deal, you kind of expect these things after 400,000 miles. I’ll have mine back by the end of this week they tell me. I’m looking forward to that. Meantime onward we go. Welcome to my world.


So, we find one of the most outspoken leaders of the end of the lease CP has been outed as being white. In the wake of the scandal she’s now resigning.

This is particularly entertaining, after observing the woman making rather racist and certainly despicable statements about white people in general.

What’s particularly entertaining to me though is watching the NAACP making excuses over all of this. The excuses are bizarre to say the least, but I think it isindicative of something that I’ve been saying for a couple of decades now. What are generally referred to as racial issues have nothing to do with race at all, but rather are centered on differences in culture.

Now, clearly there is some embarrassment in the upper echelon of the NAACP. Are they embarrassed that they actually had a white person on their staff in a leadership role? If so, so much for the racially neutral society that Dr. King always championed. With this episode, I submit that a lot of the cherished myths of the race baiting left have been disproven as is so much of leftist ideology anymore.

Witness, for example… we were told by the NAACP a short while ago that one cannot be a conservative, and be a real black. Now it turns out that the real fraud here is a white liberal.

Consider this also, it’s clear that the excuse making currently coming from the NAACP is because they sense a threat to their power and position.

Now, why would someone who was white want to self identify as being black? It’s an interesting question and it’s one that I think is very revealing about the state of progressivism today in general and the question of black/ white relations within that context as well.


  First of all we learn about the woman’s social life. Apparently she is estranged from both of her parents. Hasn’t talked to them in years. This of itself is not as revealing as how she reacts to that, trying to obliterate her own history her own genetic makeup and her own social standing, would seem to be. I suppose n MIT that once you peel away the outer layers of any progressive today, you will invariably find a mentally disturbed individual. Now, I know that’s not going to be very popular with some, but hear me out on this.

Why would such a person want to self-identify as black, if the popular conception is that blacks are disempowered in our society?

Even most casual observer that that the woman feels empowered by belonging to an organization

Question is, empowered to do what? I submit the answer is that it is to empower her to obtain her goals, which include tearing down the majority culture here in America.

Now, if we acknowledge that sense of empowerment, it would seem to me to call into serious question the notion that blacks in this country are disempowered at all. And that, it seems clear to me at least, is one of the many questions that progressives really didn’t want ask63rd…. Mostly because they didn’t want the answer to those questions.

This situation has resulted in if nothing else the left arguing with itself about the validity of the woman’s claim. Liberal logic has started to turn in on itself long ago, and it’s becoming more obvious what’s happening, by the day. I suppose that if Bruce Jenner could call himself a woman despite all evidence to the contrary… if Bill Clinton could call himself the first black president, in spite of all evidence to the contrary… why wouldn’t this woman call herself black? Why wouldn’t Elizabeth Warren claim she was Native American?


She’ll get away with it as easily as Steve Martin got away with telling us how hard it was having been raised a poor black child.

One gets the feeling that this episode isn’t over yet nor will it be for several months, despite her resignation.

And down the road I go. I’ll see you tomorrow.

davidl on June 15th, 2015

Great minds think alike, but I digress.

Hat tip, Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia.

Might I suggest, that Elizabeth over looked the obvious. Given Mrs. Clinton’s history of falls, is she now brain damaged. Listen to Mrs. Clinton, and listen to Marco Rubio. Only one sounds confident, and not the one is a pants suit.

davidl on June 15th, 2015

I know nobody will ever confuse MSNBC for Prager University, or consider Melissa Harris-Perry as smart as Maxine Waters, but this is amusing, from Darleen Click, Protein Wisdom, video:

Gibberish in, gibberish out.  Harris-Perry is attempting, but not succeeding, in trying to apply some consistent logic to liberal social gibberish.   Sex, male or female, is a well defined trait.  You are conceived as a male, or you are not.   Whereas, there is no  single factor which defines race.   The fact that Barack Obama with  a white mother and black father, is considered black is a social convention, and a racist one at that.

However, liberals find utility in muddling the differences between male and female.   At the same time, they don’t want to share their lucrative racial grievance business with any white crackers.   Who can blame Reverend Al Jackson?

File under transracialism


davidl on June 12th, 2015

Bruce Jenner was born male, but now considers himself to be a female.   Call Jenner a male, and the liberals will condemn you as bigot.

Likewise Rachel Dolezal was born Caucasian but considers herself to be a Negro. from Daily Mail(UK)

The parents of a white NAACP leader who claimed to be African American have claimed that she cut them out because she didn’t want them ruining her image.

Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal spoke from their home in Troy, Montana on Friday after they revealed that their daughter, Spokane’s NAACP Chapter President Rachel Dolezal, has been misleading people about her ethnicity for years.

Will Barack Obama laud her for her bravery?   Will ESPN call her a hero?

This much is sure, Dolezal closer to being a Negro than Jenner is to being a woman.   Unlike sex, there is no singular  trait that defines a race.  Have we not been told that the very concept of race is socially constructed.  from Neo-Neocon:

It’s true, for people who look physically as though they could be either white or black, that a racial identity really is to a certain extent a constructed identity, a matter of self-identification. In the biological sense, race is a cluster of traits (such as dark skin) which exist on a continuum within a race with no definite dividing line, and also exist across races—for example, there are Caucasians with far darker skin than many American blacks.

Elizabeth Warren was not available for an immediate comment.

davidl on June 12th, 2015

I attribute my long tenure on the Blog to among other things as not trying to put words in Eric’s mouth.   I will endeavor to so continue.  Eric noted below that President Obama, a/k/a Dim Won. does not have a strategy with respect to Iran.    Personally, I’d rather characterize Dim Won as fundamentally lacking in clue, rather than mere lacking a plan.

On a side note, the Supremes’ b/k/a Supreme Court of the United States, appears poised to throw Dim Won’s signature achievement  Obama Care, otherwise known as the [Un]Affordable Care Act, out the window and down the drain.    Dim Won’s only apparent plan is ask a the republican congress to repair the ACA, an act Obama passed with nary a republican vote.   Good luck, Mr. Phelps.

Back to Iran and to the presidential campaign.  in the Aught Eight campaign, Eric lead the Fred Thompson charge.   Alas, Fred lacked the necessary fire in the presidential belly.   It is become every increasing apparent is that the republican contender with fire in the belly is also the only one in a skirt.    I suggest that Carly Fiorina, is  a Fred Thompson but with fire in the belly, better hair (sorry bald gents) and a skirt.   Aside to Mrs. Clinton, Carly is the only announced or likely candidate in either party who dares to wear and looks good in a skirt.

Mrs. Fiorina appeared on Special Report and faced grilling from the host and an all-star panel, news professionals, not sock puppets.   Carly never flinched, never ducked and shined. video:

Hat tip and reax, Nice Deb:

She was a guest on Fox News’ Special Report where she expertly handled every question they threw at her. Fiorina isn’t just conversant on topics from ObamaCare to the Middle East policy – she’s fluent.

I note that Mrs. Fiorina cut her teeth in the board room. You can not filibusterer your board of directors.

Added bonus, if Mrs. Clinton were a dog,  this ad would have Carly arrested for animal  cruelty, video:

As to allegations of cruelty, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula could not be reached for immediate comment.

Eric Florack on June 12th, 2015

So, President Obama is now at last willing to admit publicly that he doesn’t have a strategy in Iraq, after months of saying he did have a strategy. That he didn’t have a strategy is not news. Frankly,  this has been the problem all along. Is that he is willing to admit it is, however, news.

Now, here at home, there’s only 19% of the American  who think that Obama actually has a strategy, despite his admission according to the polls I’ve seen. The rest of us know, and have apparently known for some time that he doesn’t have a working strategy. You have to wonder about the thought processes of those 19% Who still believe that Obama is going to pull this one out. That he has a strategy at all, much less a working one.

His admission that he doesn’t have a strategy, is only a partial admission, in fact. What’s really been going on here is that his previous strategy didn’t work.
It’s far more politically expedient to claim that you don’t have a plan then it is to admit the plan you were dealing with, didn’t work, and in fact made things worse.

Its previous strategy was based on this stupidly misguided notion that he could train up the Iraqi army and get them to do their own fighting.

There’s several problems with this. The message of the history of the last ten or twelve years in Iraq is clear. The Iraqis fight well when we are at their side. Or, at least they did. They’re not fighting well now, after having been abandoned by this president. It comes down to an issue of trust on the part of the Iraqis. When W sent our troops over not only to train but also to fight, the Iraqis saw that we had resolve in the matter. We were genuinely there to help them, and they responded accordingly.

President Obama meantime, has walked away from America’s responsibilities in the region at what even he described this political need, and essentially turned the whole problem over to Iraq. Or, more correctly, to Iran. This is a foreign policy blunder of the first order, and it is in fact emblematic of what we’ve come to expect from this administration.

When Obama abandoned Iraq, Iraqi leadership saw the only way that they were going to be able to get anything accomplished was to lean toward Iran. And thus began purging everyone from the military forces of Iraq that was unsympathetic to Tehran.

So as a result we now have the Sunnis on the outs with both the US and the Iraqi government, abandoned, and we expect them to fight? By walking away from our responsibilities at political need, Obama not only squandered the blood and fortune that we invested in Iraq’s future, he also squandered any hope of regaining the trust of the Iraqi people. He’s thrown away that trust so effectively, that one really must wonder if that’s what he had in mind in the first place. That’s a trust that is key in all of this.

Obama knows that the situation is broken, it was broken by him, and he doesn’t see a clear way of repairing the situation. That’s a correct assessment. As a result of his bungling there really is no way to solve this situation. And so now he admits he doesn’t have a plan after all. What he doesn’t say is the reason he doesn’t have a plan now is that the one he originally thought to go with, the one he abandoned the Bush Doctrine to follow, was proven to be faulty at least.

We were warned when we first went into Iraq years ago by the Bush administration and by our military that this was going to be a generation long event. That once we went in there we have to stick to the plan for there to be any hope of it working. With Obama that strategy was sacrificed on the altar of his political need to satisfy his pacifist base and his stated desire to bring America down to the level of the rest of the world.

I submit that those actions have not served the cause of peace but rather the cause of war. It is little noted that Obama and his pacifists have in fact caused more military conflict, more military deaths, and more mayhem around the world in the last six years than both Bushes and Reagan combined. And yet Obama gets the Nobel Prize for Peace. The mind boggles.

It appears to me now that the only way this situation is going to be salvaged is with an even greater effort on the part of ourselves and our military at even greater cost of money and blood, all because Obama didn’t want to stick to the plan.

One wonders, in looking at the amount of purge is going on in the military with Obama as commander in chief, whether or not our military actually has the kind of people necessary to see that commitment through. frankly, I have my doubts anymore.

What has to happen first, however, is a repudiation of Obama policy.