Eric Florack on April 11th, 2014

Kathleen Sebelius, the health and human services secretary, resigning, does make for some interesting thoughts.

First, as I said yesterday and have BEEN saying for years, now.., Obamacare was designed to fail, since the ultimate goal here is outright government control of healthcare at a single payer level, and removing all private insurance companies from the process. In short, taking the best healthcare system in the world, and placing it on a level of mediocrity matching any other third world nation. Welcome, dear Friends to “Hope and Change”

Second, let us postulate for a moment on her replacement. The position of HHS Secretary under Obama going…. (Leaning?)…. Forward, is rather like handing over the captaincy of the Titanic AFTER it has struck the iceberg. The person assuming command knows the whole thing is going under, and they’ll be taking at least part of the blame.   One must assume that only a true apparatchik would assume such a position. One imagines easily the kind of cold fish needed to take on such an assignment. No matter how many people get hurt or die, the political goal must be achieved, “for the greater good”.

The problem here, of course, is Obama policy. In fairness, no by could have done the job better than Sebilius did.  Does anyone think that the new appointee will be allowed any serious policy changes, any new goal, any hint of reversing the monster known as Obamacare? I think not.

In the end, this is all just theatre, because no real change away from this utter disaster will be forthcoming, before Obama’s eviction notice takes effect.

Well, now don’t take it TOO hard, there, Kathy.
It was a fight nobody figured you’d win… even your boss… who is now busy tossing you under the bus with the rest.

Interesting television… and I suspect unintentionally so.
Today on MSNBCs usually horrible ‘Morning Joe’… Bill Kristol asked the “Morning Joe” crew to name something, anything that Hillary has accomplished. The result was a confused silence.

This is the network that will be carrying the water for Mrs Clinton for the next couple years… and they got stumped by the undeniably flyweight, Billy Kristol?

davidl on April 10th, 2014

Deborah Hughes lives in Detroit, where she is a hero.   Were Hughes to live in say New York City, Chicago or Washington D.C. she would be a felon, from Deborah Hastings,New York Daily News:

Retired nurse Deborah Hughes grabs her gun, runs outside after seeing a seething Detroit crowd attack a truck driver. ‘He was a man. He wasn’t white, ‘’ says the African-American woman who threw herself over beaten Steve Utash, who had stopped after hitting a boy who ran into traffic.

She got her gun, she ran into the street, and she threw herself on top of a white man being beaten by a mob of black men.

“He was a man. He wasn’t white. He was a man. And I was ready to shoot anybody who hit that man again,” retired nurse Deborah Hughes told FOX2 News in Detroit.

The African-American woman was protecting Steve Utash, 54, a white man who accidently hit a 10-year-old boy with his truck last week and got out to see if the youngster was hurt.

An armed society is a polite society, and a safe one.

Eric Florack on April 10th, 2014


Here we have the remains of a billboard, in the Bronx.  All over the five boroughs, there are many more like it. Outdoor ad companies are about out of business, and many jobs have been lost.

The leftists running New York City apparently decided that these billboards were so aesthetically troublesome that they needed to be condemned and removed. As a guess, they must have figured the graffiti they covered up was much more pleasing to the eye.

After all, people making money and feeding their families is by far more vulgar than some teenage brats painting four letter words with spray cans, right?

Apparently, gang, Eric Holder is feeling the heat, after all.

A fed-up Attorney General Eric Holder is accusing congressional critics of launching “unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly and divisive” attacks on him and the Obama administration.

During a speech to the National Action Network in New York on Wednesday lauding the organization’s effort to advance racial equality, a heated Holder went a little off-script.

“Forget about me [specifically]. Look at the way the attorney general of the United States was treated yesterday by a House committee,” Holder told the crowd. “What attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? What president has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment?”

Apparently, Holder doesn’t remember Nixon,  and John Dean.

davidl on April 9th, 2014

It is discrimination to demand equality where none in fact exists. It is stupidity to see what is unequal and but to say it is equal. Then stupidity is one Sandra Fluke’s calling card, from Puffington Post:

A significant gender pay gap still persists, which is why we cannot be passive as we acknowledge Equal Pay Day. This year, Equal Pay Day is April 8th, which represents how far into 2014 women must work to earn what men did in 2013. While it often feels like our battle for gender equality has come so far, it’s startling to see that women still earn just 77 cents to the dollar that men earn. Women of color are hit especially hard: African-American and Hispanic women earn 70 percent and 61 percent, respectively, of what white men earn. Without any male income in their household, single women and lesbians may feel the pay gap effect all the more. This wage gap costs working women and their families more than $10,000 annually, and over a lifetime that cumulative effect of lower wages jeopardizes women’s retirement security.

From, Daily Beast:

What is wrong and embarrassing is the President of the United States reciting a massively discredited factoid. The 23-cent gender pay gap is simply the difference between the average earnings of all men and women working full-time. It does not account for differences in occupations, positions, education, job tenure, or hours worked per week. When all these relevant factors are taken into consideration, the wage gap narrows to about five cents.

Ms Fluke thinks see is smart enough to serve in the California legislature, but see is too stupid to see beyond a White House talking point.

davidl on April 9th, 2014

Letter from First Lieutenant Patrick Cook:

My letter to Congress, read today at Texas Senate committee on Constitutional Carry. It is now public record.

To my friends, fellow Texans, brothers in arms, members of the committee, and everyone within the sound of my voice, greetings.

My name is First Lieutenant Patrick Cook of the 49th Transportation Battalion, Fort Hood, Texas, and this past Wednesday I found myself trapped in an enclosed room with fourteen of my fellow Soldiers, one of whom was barricading the door against a madman with a .45 pistol when he was fatally shot. Through what I can only describe as a miracle, he somehow found enough strength to continue pushing against that door until the shooter gave up and went elsewhere, at which time he collapsed. Nearly a week later, I can still taste his blood in my mouth from when I and my comrades breathed into his lungs for 20 long minutes while we waited for a response from the authorities. This Soldier’s name was Sergeant First Class Daniel Ferguson, and his sacrifice loaned me the rest of my life to tell this story.

But I write to you today not to memorialize this brave Soldier, nor to tell a war story about how we made the best of a losing situation, but to express the part of that story that some in high positions of power clearly do not want told: I knew this was going to happen. I had been saying for five years that Fort Hood was a tinderbox of another massacre waiting to happen. It had to happen, because our betters failed to learn the obvious lesson of five years ago. Worse yet, I know it will happen again. More will die, more will be wounded, more families will be torn apart, needlessly. It happened again, and will happen again, because Fort Hood is a gun free zone.

When the first shots rang out, my hand reached to my belt for something that wasn’t there. Something that could have put a stop to the bloodshed, could have made it merely an “ugly incident” instead of the horrific massacre that I will surely remember as the darkest twenty minutes of my life. Stripped of my God-given Right to arm myself, the only defensive posture I had left was to lie prostrate on the ground, and wait to die. As the shooter kicked at the door, I remember telling myself, “oh well, this is it.” It is beneath human dignity to experience the utter helplessness I felt that day. I cannot abide the thought that anyone should ever feel that again.

At the point blank range at which this shooting occurred, anyone with an M9 and some basic instruction could have ended the mayhem as quickly as it began. An MP by trade and a CHL holder, I am convinced that concealed weapons would have stopped it, but openly carried side-arms, like the ones carried in a law enforcement capacity, could have prevented it entirely. Instead, many more died because of the fatally misguided restrictions on the carrying of arms, which obviously the madman did not respect.

I shall conclude by restating my warning. This will happen again, and again until we learn the lesson that suppressing the bearing of arms doesn’t prevent horrific crimes, it invites them. To those of you who hold elected office, if you hear nothing else I have told you, hear this: you have the power to stop the next massacre from happening. You have an opportunity to restore the sacred Right to bear arms, which has been either stripped entirely or unjustly relegated to the poor substitute of a probationary, government-issued privilege. For God’s sake, do the right thing.

Thank you for your attention, and good day.

Hat tip, Dan Cannon, Guns Save Lives

An American Fighting Man should not have to cower in fear like a trapped rat.

davidl on April 8th, 2014

There is an unconfirmed rumor that four out of five detainees at Guantanamo would rather be water boarded than be forced to eat a Michelle Obama school lunch.

Michelle Obama school lunches

Hat tip photo and more, Blaze:

Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why

In my nine years of eating school lunches, I was never served such a pathetic meal.

Back to Guantanamo, I suspect that serving such a meal to a POW would violate one of the Geneva Conventions.

Kudos to Mark Black and boo to Sandra Lyon.   Most, if not all, primary schools declare them to to both gun free and drug free.   So you would thing that a person, especially a teacher, who attempt to stop the open sale of  illegal drugs in school class room would be deemed a hero.   You would be wrong.  It appears the only reason that stopping  the open sale of illegal drugs is not a hanging offense is the lack of rope, video:

Hat tip and more, William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection.

So h0w long will it take Eric Holder’s Department of [In]Justice to instigate a civil rights complaint against Black?

From NJ.COM:

TRENTON — Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is dismissing Gov. Chris Christie as a non-factor in the presidential race because of the controversial closing of lanes to the George Washington Bridge. He named Jeb Bush as his favorite GOP contender.

“Not only can Chris Christie not win, I think he may have trouble finishing out his term,” Rendell said Tuesday at the Rebovich Institute at Rider University. He added later: “There’s absolutely no chance that he didn’t knochristie2w this was going on if he didn’t order it or OK it. So I think he’s not a factor.”

Well, he most certainly isn’t, so long as he runs under the GOP banner. But about a year ago, I came out in these spaces and predicted that we’d see Christie change parties and run for the White House as a Democrat. That’s aprediction I stand by insofar as it’s the only way he will surface as a candidate for the office. Rendell is correct that “Bridgegate”, however manufactured, is going to be too big an issue.

But watch… Let’s play a game of “What if”….

What happens when Christie Changes parties? Given his history of knowing how low to bow to the Democrats and when, the change of politics really isn’t all that much. But it does two other things. First, the mayor of Ft. Lee NJ, himself an aspiring Governor, suddenly gets forgetful, to the point of asking “What traffic jam?”

Such a move also pits him squarely against a very deeply flawed Hillary Clinton, and the specter of a third term for a deeply unpopular (even in his own party) Obama… and even absent the constitutional issues, it’s our assessment his political career is over when he leaves the office.  This is a situation which makes the White House attainable for Christie in ways it never would be if he stayed with the GOP, a party he has invariably come down to the left of, despite the party’s own left leaning.

I’m slightly more skeptical of my prediction, at the moment, but then again, the time between now and the next presidential cycle is two long (and for the Democrats, painful) years away. And as I say, it’s the only out for Christie, an obviously politically ambitious man.

Addendum:  DavidL:

If conservatives want to win national elections, we have to stop letting liberals pick our candidates, see John McCain.   Christie’s love affairs with Barack Obama and gun control leave him with some explaining to do.   Yet, Rendell’s anointed GOP favorite Jeb Bush is endorsed amnesty by declaring love trumps the rule of law is making himself radio active.  News flash, Clyde Barrow said it love a money, and not utter disregard for laws which caused him to rob banks.   Finally,  Rand Paul has a father problem.   Paul the Younger needed to put some distance between him and the Paul the Senior.   Junior is failing,


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Eric Florack on April 6th, 2014

finally had the time to sit and spend some time with the blind web site and its crossties to Facebok, Twitter, etc. I did manage to get them all working.  Added a terabyte of drive space to my desktop. (Thank you, Donna) That part is surprisingly un-full, even after swallowing most of my home network.

Eric Florack on April 6th, 2014

Anyone who has spent any degree of time reading these spaces recognizes the fact that we don’t consider the politico to be a bastion of right wing thought by any stretch of imagination.  That said, an interesting little report showed up today in which we read …

Problems getting judges confirmed by the Senate have been a constant complaint for this White House — but this week, President Barack Obama’s aides are celebrating a confirmation count that outpaces President George W. Bush’s.

I suppose the obvious , and here is that the longstanding complained of democrats that the republicans in Congress are holding up the nomination process so badly are now out the window, unless and until the democrats want to acknowledge  their part of holding up judicial nominations during the Bush years.  even there, the democrats, as usual  aome out on the losing end of the race for the truth.

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Oh we must tolerate, no embrace, Muslims, but we dare not let our culture offend them, from Detroit Free Press:

Some Muslim parents are concerned about public schools in Dearborn handing out flyers to all students advertising an Easter egg hunt, saying it violates the principle of church and state separation.

A flyer headlined “Eggstravaganza!” was given to students this week at three elementary schools in the Dearborn Public Schools district, which has a substantial number of Muslim students. The flyer described an April 12 event at Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church in Dearborn featuring an egg hunt, relay race, and egg toss. It asked students to RSVP “to secure your free spot” and included images of eggs and a bunny.

I offer two challenges. One attempt to find the concept of Separation of Church and State any where in the Constitution and two, find a connection to Christianity in an Easter egg hunts:

The practice of decorating eggshell is ancient, pre-dating Christian traditions.[6] Ostrich eggs with engraved decoration that are 60,000 years old have been found in Africa.[7] Decorated ostrich eggs, and representations of ostrich eggs in gold and silver, were commonly placed in graves of the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians as early as 5,000 years ago

Good luck Mr. Phelps.

Reax, Rick Moran:

I am calling BS on that parent. If his kid said that, my name is Mohammed. Besides, the flyer isn’t telling anyone to “go to church.” It’s inviting kids over to have some fun. And how can these secular symbols of Easter be defined as “religious”? Maybe the Muslims think that Christians worship bunny rabbits.

I note, that tolerance is a one way street.

davidl on April 4th, 2014

What is the difference between a “gun-free safety zone”  and a free fire zone?   The sign.   It seems, at least at Fort Hood, that a shooter kills until confronted by anybody with a gun.   Hence the more people given access to guns the sooner the shooter will meet armed resistance and the fewer people will die, from Richard Fernandez, Belmont Club:

The phrase “shelter in place” has been used at least twice in the last few hours. The first was in reference to a shooting at Fort Hood. “The incident began shortly after 5 p.m., when Ft. Hood tweeted and broadcast an alarm that all personnel should take shelter in place” The second was to do with Kent State. “Kent State campus puts shelter in place after gunfire.”

Shelter in place, or hide under a desk and politely wait your tern to die.


Gradually the word has morphed to mean to hide somewhere in case a roving shooter guns you down. Wikipedia notes: “The phrase has also erroneously been used, instead of the more accurate lockdown, to describe precautions to be taken by the public when violence has occurred or might occur (particularly in shootings) in the area and the perpetrator is believed to still be in the area but not apprehended. The public in the area is advised to carry out all the same tasks as a typical shelter-in-place but without the key step of sealing the shelter up to prevent outside air from circulating indoors, in this scenario people are simply urged to lockdown – stay indoors and “close, lock and stay away from external doors and windows.”

Soldiers have traditionally advanced towards the sound of gun fire. Shelter in place is an order act like a coward rather than a soldier.   Luckily good soldiers sometimes disobey bad orders, from Fox News:

Gripping accounts of heroism are emerging in the aftermath of Wednesday’s Fort Hood shooting massacre, including the story of one soldier who died trying to hold a door shut, preventing the gunman from killing dozens of military personnel packed inside the room.

Army Sgt. Danny Ferguson, who had just returned from deployment in Afghanistan, was killed while trying to keep the shooter from entering the room, Ferguson’s fiancee, Kristen Haley, told WTSP-TV.

Haley, also a soldier, told the station that Ferguson held the door shut “because it wouldn’t lock.”

Time to let our soldiers be soldiers again and let them defend themselved, every officer, commission or non-commission, should be armed. It will put a stop to having lone lunatics freely roam a free fire zone.