Eric Florack on October 9th, 2018

I’ll be interested in seeing the reason for Nikki Haley’s departure from the UN Ambassador slot, but I doubt it’s a substantial policy difference that caused it.

This is being written prior to the press conference on the matter. As you might expect, the running consensus right now is some sort of policy disagreements. Then again, the press has forever been trying to represent divisions within the White House where there isn’t any. Their consistency in that area has become cliche.

The chatter I’m hearing at this point is she said before she took the job she only wanted to keep it for 2 years.

As to her Replacement? Seems to me the hands-down choice here would be John Bolton.

davidl on October 9th, 2018

The the last Senate hearing on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, brough me back to my high school days. So should it for everybody.  Well few things are more synonymous with high school than Mad Magazine.  No reference to Alfred E. Newman, but rather a shout out to Spy v. Spy.  However rather than two bumbling male spies, we now have the Blonde versus Blonde, courtesy of my favorite North of the Border blogger, web mistress of Small Dead Animals.


Note, Professor Dr. Janice Fiamengo is two years older than Professor Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  You might not have noticed.

davidl on October 8th, 2018

Silly Gilly, b/k/a Senator Kristen Gillibrand, in positioning herself for a presidential waddle in ‘Twenty.  Silly Gilly calls herself a women’s champion, but in reality only hates men (to include her two sons?).   Now Gilly is campaigning with one Linda Sarsour, a leading apologist for militant Islam, which hates their own women even more than it hates men, from Daily Wire:

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has been openly courting progressives, likely as part of a plan to position herself as the chosen candidate of the far left ahead of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. But on Thursday, Gillibrand may have taken her furthest left turn yet; she was introduced at a “#CancelKavanaugh” rally by none other than Women’s March organizer (and noted anti-Semite), Linda Sarsour.


Sarsour called Gillibrand, “another champion, another one of our people who works for us on the inside,” as Gillibrand came bounding up the stairs and onto the stage, trailed closely by comedian Amy Schumer.

Golly, both Silly Gilly and Amy Schumer bouncing up the steps.  Somebody going to need a new staircase.

As the Reagan Battalion points out on Twitter, Sarsour is associated with anti-Semitism, and the vile, anti-Jewish, misogynistic leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan. Sarsour is a conspiracy theorist, an apparent supporter of female genital mutilation, and anti-Israel activist. Associating with her should be political poison.

As to Silly Gilly and Sarsour’s girls parts, or potential lack thereof, have the girls pledged fidelity to the cause of radial Islam by donating their girl parts, and if not why not.  I wonder if the world’s most famous amateur gynecologist Mr. B.J Clinton could check them out and report back? 

davidl on October 7th, 2018

Preface, Conservative Tribune:

“Over in real life, a place Sharpton hasn’t visited in a long time.”



During a Friday appearance on NBC’s “Dateline,” the well-known race hustler declared that Trump supporters are people who “go to the lynching after clothing themselves in morality.”

“I think that we’re dealing with a bully,” Sharpton said, talking about Trump. “Let’s not forget these people would go to church and then go to the lynching after clothing themselves in morality. And that’s what we’re seeing today.”

Maybe the Reverend Sharpton is self-medicating himself on too much medical marijuana? Who knows. While the definition and measure of lynching is ambiguous, the most recent murder I could find which could fit the definition was the murder of James Byrd in 1998.   The most respected  compiler of lynching murders issued its last report in 1959.  If Reverend Al’s church goes are looking for an after worship lynching, they must be awfully disappointed.

In any case, the Reverend Al Sharpton is not in position to be preaching on the morality of lynching. Sharpton as blood on his hands for inciting the 1991 mob murder of Yankel Rosenbaum, from the Lid:

“Then we had a famous man, Al Sharpton, who came down, and he said Tuesday night, kill the Jews, two times. I heard him, and he started to lead a charge across the street to Utica.”

Stifle yourself Reverend!

Eric Florack on October 7th, 2018

For the last 40 years every GOP judicial candidate has gone through a certain amount of democrat crazy, the level of which has been going up steadily over those years.

I have been saying for well over a year now that the Democrats and their reaction to Trump have precisely zero to do with Trump himself, but rather a protest against the roadblock to Democrat politics.

Similarly, this last month or so had nothing to do with Brett Kavanaugh, per se’ …Rather, it was about an originalist ascending to the highest court in the country thereby blocking Democrat political goals.

On the basis of those observations I submit that if you want to see something even crazier, wait until the next u.s. Supreme Court nomination comes along from this President, as it will within the next year.

davidl on October 6th, 2018

Consider this an on line keg party in honor of Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

It has been alleged that the Swedes have no sense of humor.   Don’t know about that.  However, the nation’s advertising ombudsman certainly lacks one, from DW:

The Swedish internet service provider Bahnhof has been reprimanded by the nation’s advertising ombudsman for a sexist advertisement using a viral stock photo showing a man checking out the backside of a passing woman.

The photo, known as the “distracted boyfriend meme,” shows a man walking alongside a woman, presumably his girlfriend, but turning to look approvingly at a passing woman, who appears oblivious to his gaze, while the girlfriend regards her boyfriend in disgusted disbelief.


Sweden’s advertising watchdog said Bahnhof’s post was “gender discriminatory” and that it “objectified women.”

“The depiction … imparts a stereotypical image of men looking at women as being interchangeable like a workplace, which is degrading,” the watchdog’s statement said.

It added that, “the objectification is reinforced by the fact that women are designated as workplace representatives while the man, as the recipient of the advertisement, is being produced as an individual.” Ad reviewers also noted that Bahnhof’s use of the image could turn off female job applicants.

Kudos if your discerning eyes don’t think the couple and the distraction look particularly Swedish. Bahnhof ad was a photo-shopped version of a stock photograph taken in Spain in 2015. If you are so in inclined do a web search for ‘Distracted boyfriend meme.’ I was.

In order for joke to be funny, it must be rooted in truth. The stock photo went viral in 2017. Somebody, outside of fifteen prudes in Sweden, must think the picture is funny. Do you?

Eric Florack on October 6th, 2018

Glenn Reynolds;

But that was the reason to pick him (Kavanaugh). Trump knew he’d been vetted enough that there would be no real skeletons, and he no doubt expected that the Democrats would be so desperate they’d invent some. They would have done that with anyone he put up — but, precisely because Kavanaugh was a milquetoasty DC Establishment type, seeing the Democrats go into full bat$#!+ assault mode on him galvanized the other milquetoasty DC Establishment types. You could see the lightbulbs go off in their heads: The Democrats don’t hate Trump because he’s Trump. They hate all Republicans and want to ruin them. Even me! And they always will.

The result is that the Kavanaugh affair has welded the Trump and NeverTrump forces (except for a few sad outliers who don’t matter) into a solid force. And it’s simultaneously galvanized GOP voters around the country, closing the “enthusiasm gap,” as the normals become more militant.Plus, it seems that minority voters aren’t as excited about empowering neurotic upper-class white feminists as you might — well, actually, I guess they’re just about exactly as excited about empowering neurotic upper-class white feminists as you might expect, but it seems Dems didn’t give that much thought. So Kavanaugh was, in fact, the perfect pick to trigger this reaction.

I’ll give Glenn serious creds, here. This explanation would certainly cover why Trump apparently took such a hands-off approach to this nomination process. He knew how the Democrats were going to react. He saw as clearly as I did… And for that matter most of the country… that the Democrats have a decades-long history of pulling this kind of garbage. Once the choice was made all he had to do was sit back and watch the Nickelodeon.

All this brings us back to the question that I asked earlier today…

I wonder if the Democrats even begin to understand the level of damage they caused themselves with their tactics. I tend to doubt it. At least, I doubt they’d ever admit it.

You know, I’m watching the polling for the upcoming midterm elections, and I have to tell you…. I haven’t seen the Republican rank-and-file this fired up in decades. I have also not seen Independents as angry as I am seeing them this last month or so. Motivated.

Just about everybody on one blog or another has commented on the amount of Fire coming out of people who have heretofore been nearly silent on the Republican side. Grassley, McConnell, Graham, and so on. These are people who you would normally expect to keep their silence, or at the least trying to placate the Democrats by playing along with them. No longer. I have attributed a lot of what we’re seeing out of these people to a lack of a John McCain. But I begin to wonder if a lot of it isn’t finally a bit of light seeping through the heads of the establishment hierarchy….The understanding that the rank-and-file are truly motivated and members of The Establishment had better start swimming if they want to survive the oncoming wave.

I can’t help but think that absent the outrageous unethical and illegal tactics being employed against Brett Kavanaugh, the midterms would have been in the Democrats pocket because there would have been nothing to motivate the conservative voter to vote for the GOP. Indeed, there has been a fair amount of activity by the GOP establishment who until just recently has been trying to work against Donald Trump on all fronts.

Certainly Trump has been outperforming the expectation of conservatives, (myself included) and if he was actually on the ballot, the conservative base wouldn’t need the additional motivation.

As it is… Well, let me explain it to you this way….

In the very first post I ever wrote for this blog, I quoted Fleet Admiral Yamamoto:

It is recorded in our history books that when he looked down at the ship full of smiling, victorious faces… faces of his flyers, just having returned from Pearl Harbor, Japanese fleet Admiral Yamamoto was quiet, pensive, even apprehensive. He later wrote in his private diary,

“I fear all I have done is awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

I wonder if the Democrats even begin to understand how much damage they’ve caused themselves with independent voters. I wonder too if they recognize that the anti-democrat tsunami that they themselves started will be their undoing regardless of how the vote on Saturday turns out.

I wonder also if they see that they’re turning off their own voters.

Consider Slate:

In fact, however, the Kavanaugh spectacle seems to have evaporated the Democrats’ enthusiasm edge, according to a poll conducted Monday by NPR, PBS NewsHour, and Marist. In July Democrats were likelier, by 10 percentage points, to say the November elections were “very important.” That gap has now narrowed to a statistical tie. “The result of the hearings, at least in the short run, is the Republican base was awakened,” Marist head Lee Miringoff told NPR.

If they do see it, they’ll never admit it.

Eric Florack on October 5th, 2018

The scheme to Railroad Brett Kavanaugh continues to unravel.

The Wall Street Journal article… (which, interestingly, is written by three women…) Opens this way:

A friend of Christine Blasey Ford told FBI investigators that she felt pressured by Dr. Ford’s allies to revisit her initial statement that she knew nothing about an alleged sexual assault by a teenage Brett Kavanaugh, which she later updated to say that she believed but couldn’t corroborate Dr. Ford’s account, according to people familiar with the matter.

Leland Keyser, who Dr. Ford has said was present at the gathering where she was allegedly assaulted in the 1980s, told investigators that Monica McLean, a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and a friend of Dr. Ford’s, had urged her to clarify her statement, the people said.

The statement to the FBI offers a glimpse into how Dr. Ford’s allies were working behind the scenes to lobby old classmates to bolster their versions of the alleged incident, as were Judge Kavanaugh’s.

As a friend of mine wryly notes,

“I think that’s called suborning perjury.”

It tells us among other things is that the people perpetrating this scheme new it wasn’t going anywhere unless they could find at least one person to support the claim. They haven’t.

And it does “offer us a glimpse” of how far the Democrats will go to maintain their power. I doubt they’ve reached their limit.

Watch very carefully for Democrat desperation as it explodes around the country when the man is sworn in.

davidl on October 5th, 2018

Brother can you spare a dime?  The alleged comedian Amy Schumer was arrested, or detained, while protesting the pending confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, from People:

New video shows Amy Schumer telling a police officer she wants to be arrested while protesting Brett Kavanaugh‘s confirmation in Washington, D.C.

The 37-year-old comedian was detained, reports MSBNC, as she was led by a police officer toward a large group of protestors that were also being held while at the Hart Senate Office Building on Thursday.


“Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski in the senate office building for #Kavanaugh protests,” Joel Williams wrote.

Ratajkowski tweeted shortly after, saying she was “arrested” for protesting. “Men who hurt women can no longer be placed in positions of power,” she tweeted.

There is no collaborated evidence that Brett Kavanaugh ever hurt woman, or for that matter that Schumer is funny.  Then I would have preferred that Amy’s uncle got arrested instead.

Rachel Mitchell is a career sex crimes prosecutors.  Cory “I am Spartacus” is clown who poses as a senator.  The difference between a criminal prosecutor and a senator is that the senator plays for sound bytes on news, whereas a prosecutor plays for evidence for her closing argument.  In addition Mitchell was burdened by the need not to furnish the ‘rats with sound bytes, from Sally Zelikovsky, American Thinker:

I admit, at times, like most of you, I just wanted her to go for the jugular, but Mitchell’s cooler head wisely prevailed.

What she did and did beautifully despite the ridiculousness of the five-minute ping-ponging was (1) lay a foundation; (2) elicit admissions from Dr. Ford; (3) tack back and forth in time and subject matter; and (4) display a calm demeanor, which was nothing less than I would expect from a seasoned sex crimes trial attorney

Mitchell did her job brilliantly.  She torpedoed Dr. Ford’s story, fear of flying, the second front door, counseling about how t take a lie detector test, what she heard from the bathroom, etc.  All without creating a negative sound byte.  Well played my lady.

Eric Florack on October 4th, 2018

Ann Althouse is seeing a trend:

.The linked article doesn’t come out and make this argument, but it caused me to see it: Kavanaugh should be rejected because the confirmation experienced has ruined his mind. He’s damaged now and can no longer think in the properly judicial way that was once within his capacity..

I have to say I’ve started seeing some of this nonsense too, and I think it should be noted right off the bat that this is a tacit admission that the mission of the Democrats to kill off Kavanaugh’s chances for the Supreme Court has failed.

If I thought for a Split Second that rather perverse argument was on the level, I might expect the results to be that Democrats won’t put originalists through this ringer every time. But the history of the last 30-plus years speaks for itself. You know we’re going to go through this again, as soon as Ruth Bader Ginsburg kicks… It’s the only game they’ve got. It’s who they are.

Eric Florack on October 4th, 2018

Over on Facebook, Petty Hackenschmidt writes:

Great! They just showed Flake commenting that Kavanaugh doesn’t need to be on the court after his anger in the last meeting. Has this guy become a dem? Just what type of a deal did he make with the dems?


I’m pretty sure what we’re dealing with here is the last gasp of the Rockefeller- McCain wing of the party. I’m telling you, these people can’t get gone fast enough.

So, here it is; The only collusion was between the FBI and the Democrats. Which is precisely what we’ve been saying all along.

“This is a bombshell that unequivocally shows the real collusion was between the FBI and Donald Trump’s opposition — the DNC, Hillary and a Trump-hating British intel officer — to hijack the election, rather than some conspiracy between Putin and Trump,” a knowledgeable source told me.

If you’ve been reading here for any like this time, you’re nowhere near surprised about this.

Eric Florack on October 3rd, 2018

There’s a reason I haven’t been amongst those calling for an end to this charade, surrounding the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court…. It’s simply this;

I have been confident that situation with blow up in the Democrats faces. Everyday this continues makes them look like the evil they are. I am fully confident that trend will continue, for as long as the Democrats continue to fight his being Seated on the court.

Look, you and I both know that the FBI investigation that we were forced into is not going to reveal Thing 1. Does that mean the Democrats will vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh? You know better than that. they’re doing everything they can to keep him off the court permanently. This is not about fairness, this is not about investigations, this is the politics of personal destruction. It’s never been anything else.

Consider the idea that if we are to take at face value what the Democrats are saying, Brad Kavanagh is only sexually attracted to Democrat women who were connected with George Soros. Consider also the idea that if the guy managed to drink as much as the Democrats are claiming while still managing to be top of his class both in high school and in college… Well frankly I feel to see the problem here.

I also have very little doubt at this point that Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the US Supreme Court. Thing is, even if he isn’t, this whole thing has served very well to expose the Democrats to public view…. which in the end is doing them absolutely no favors whatsoever.

The distortions half-truths, outright lies, the some of them under oath are more than enough to convince any reasonable person that this is simply more dirty tricks being brought into play by the Democrats who are desperate to keep an originalist off the court. Someone who will actually apply to Constitution as written.

Add to that that every single “eyewitness” that has come forward has no idea what the hell Ford is talking about….Including Leyland Kaiser… Her supposed best friend and confidant. Interestingly enough, you may know her as the former Mrs. Bob Beckel.

And you know, this would be a lot easier to explain away, if the Democrats haven’t had a decades-long record of pulling exactly this. The name Clarence Thomas comes to mind. Robert Bork. How long was a long line of originalist judges appointed to circuit courts and so on that were blocked by the Democrats by what most people would consider to be unscrupulous and dishonest means.

It would also be a lot easier to dismiss all this, if the person on the committee at the center of it all, Dianne Feinstein, hadn’t had a Chinese spy driving her around for 20 years… And if her office hadn’t paid dr. Ford legal retainer and polygraphy fee after Christine Ford’s letter got leaked. Also of note Feinstein’s husband is a prominent investor and manipulator inside China. Both David and I have pointed out that the problem is not Russia, but China. Given the Tariff situation with China right now, what possible motivation would China have to get involved in this little debacle? Why to get rid of the cause of those tariffs of course.

It would be a lot easier to dismiss the idea that the Democrats set this whole thing up, one of the Democrats on the committee hadnt lied about being in Vietnam. Yes we’re talking about Blumenthal. his comment after Ford’s testimony? Predictably cookie cutter. He called her credible and said her story has Vivid details. Which of course is sort of like the Vivid details he gave up his combat Duty in Vietnam in the paint of returning home.  (no, he was never in Vietnam and is most dangerous assignment was running Toys for Tots in the DC area. ) It’s hard to imagine why we as Americans allow such people to be in judgement of someone else’s integrity.

Their concern about sexual attack would be a lot easier to deal with if we didn’t understand clearly that Cory Booker had group two female friend back in college and wrote a column at the time bragging about it.

It would be a lot easier to ignore the idea that there are some underhanded dealings going on on the Democrat Party side, when Christine Ford’s lawyer was forced to resign from his practice, because the partners of objected to his even being involved with it.

It would be a lot easier to dismiss the idea that this was less than honest on the part of the Democrats when Christine Ford’s grandfather was a well-known CIA agent for decades. That her father ran three CIA front companies named Redcoats Incorporated, Datawatch and Admiral Security Systems. And her brother it turns out worked for Baker Hostetler which was behind the creation of Fusion GPS and subsequently the dossier used to start the Russian collusion investigation.

Gee, no connection there huh?

It would be a lot easier to explain all this away if we hadn’t learned that Christine Ford Stanford bio was altered just 10 days before her testimony, around the same point in time that her social media accounts were scrubbed.

It would be a lot easier to explain all this away if Christine Ford hadn’t come forward with a list of Demands about how she was to be interviewed. That’s how suspects Act, that’s not how a victim Acts.

It would be a lot easier to explain all of this away if after telling everybody that she had nothing to gain by going through all this, Christine Ford’s multiple GoFundMe accounts, one of which was set up in Europe didn’t gathered in excess of a million dollars.

It would also be a lot easier to explain all this away if the Democrats who were swearing up and down how Brett Kavanaugh isn’t fit for the US Supreme Court werent the same ones that just a short while ago were defending Harvey Weinstein and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Listen, the next time somebody coughs up the misbegotten notion that women Never Lie, simply produce a picture of Hillary Clinton and Isis text the argument will end right there.

Let me be clear….

I could say Democrats are the most ignorant vile, evil, destructive , unamerican slimeballs ever to pollute the earth by their very existence, but that doesn’t even begin to cover the grotesque reality of it.

I’m going to tell you this in all honesty. There’s no doubt in my mind that Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and I make the suggestion that when that happens he should have Clarence Thomas swear him in and use Robert Bork’s Bible to swear that oath on. it’s the best thumb in the eye that Brett Kavanaugh could ever deliver to his tormentors, and a well-deserved one at that.

And what is to become of Christine Ford? My suspicion is there’s a special place under the bus for her once Judge Kavanaugh takes the oath. And there is historical precedent for this too. Tell me, do you know anybody that remembers off the top of their head the names of Herman Cain’s accusers ? No? Likely it’s because like any other tool, they were dropped as soon as their usefulness was through. So it will be with Christine Ford.