Eric Florack on August 8th, 2018

Look, I’m no fan of Infowars.

But this is yet another exercise and watching the left operate on feelings instead of on principle.

Enough said.

US workers received biggest pay increases in nearly a decade over the 12 months through June (+2.8%), a sign the strong labor market is boosting wages as employers compete for scarcer workers.

Eric Florack on August 7th, 2018

There are a number of indications from China lately that there are big doings over there, none of which are making the Press here in the states.

One of which is this story from of all places The Sun..

DISNEY’S Winnie the Pooh film has been banned in China after the nation’s leader was compared to the dopey bear.

Attempts to search for the much loved character on Weibo, generates the message, “content is illegal”.

Now, granted, that of itself that might seem small potatoes.

But, listen to the report from Gordon Chang, in a recent appearance on John Chancellor’s show as regards some of the other things going on, and one gets the at the side of the impression that something is about to blow in China.

What Chang reports is nothing short of a rebellion against the communist regime, and the reports from The Sun is directly in line with that.

davidl on August 7th, 2018

Will, should, Senator Dianne Feinstein(D – CA) wrestle the coveted title of Senator Depends from Patrick Leahy(D – VT), from Daily Caller:

All the details of a former, longtime Sen. Dianne Feinstein staffer who’s accused of relaying information to Chinese intelligence services while working for the California Democrat point to Russell Lowe, a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation has determined.

Lowe worked for 20 years in Feinstein’s San Francisco office, where he was a staff liaison to the Asian-American community before leaving approximately five years ago. All those details match up with the descriptions of the Chinese spy Feinstein reportedly employed.

About the only secret Senator Depends can’t keep is her IQ.  Senator Depends hires leakers, works with leakers and leaks like a sieve herself.  Time for DiFi to go.

davidl on August 6th, 2018

One wonders where this judge went to law school, from Washington Times:

[Judge John D. Bates] said the government needs to prove that it has considered the benefits to society of having immigrants who entered the country illegally here and working, versus the government’s interest in enforcing the laws as written. He said Homeland Security failed to do that in its original revocation last September, and even after he gave it a chance to update its reasoning, it still failed to convince him.

“The court sees no reason to change its earlier determination that DACA’s rescission was arbitrary and capricious,” he ruled.

The judge posits a new theory of law. The nitwit holds that the Executive Department has the power, indeed duty, to simply ignore laws which its does not agree. Why didn’t Bates simply declare Congress superfluous and therefore unconstitutional, because the Executive and Judiciary can on their own enact all the laws the country needs.

I am aware of no legal authority, law, which allowed the Reds to murder Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, and his entire family. That said, I also know of no law allowing the duly elected President of the United State, Donald Trump, from sending federal marshals Bobby Mueller’s thugs to arrest and detain Bates until he both rescinds his unconstitutional order and resigns from office. After all it for the President, and not the judiciary, to exercise Executive Power. Remember it was Judge Bates who said, “I don’t need no stinking laws!”

Eric Florack on August 5th, 2018

From Laz A. Mataz:

It’s been a fascinating ten years.

From 2009 to 2017, I was instructed that a President is unrestrained by the Constitution, and that they are all-powerful and can enact laws unilaterally, via Executive Order, and that they can ignore the Constitution as they see fit.

But NOW we learn that Presidents are completely powerless and cannot rescind any Executive Order, set any Administration Policy, or hew to the written law, about any topic, for any reason. That is because to do so would violate unwritten parts of the Constitution.

Let us review the actions that the News Misleadia and the Obama Administration championed, in their quest to inform us that a President is omnipotent:

  • Obama appointed thirty-five Federal Czars without Senate advice and consent, which is required for appointees of this magnitude.
  • After admitting twenty-two times that he had no Constitutional authority to enact the DREAM Act or DACA, he promptly enacted the DREAM Act / DACA.
  • Despite the fact that the Executive Branch MAY NOT ALTER any legislation, but only interpret it, Obama unilaterally altered “Affordable” Care Act twenty-four times. Below are just a few of the examples:
    • Obama altered ACA law – Delaying the upholding of the Employer Mandate Law (“Affordable” Care Act) until 2015 – Individual Mandate will be enforced. A President does not have that authority.
    • Obama altered ACA law – “Affordable” Care Act Medicare cuts were delayed until 2015.
    • Obama altered ACA law – Enforcement of eligibility requirements for “Affordable” Care Act were delayed until 2015.
    • Obama waived “Affordable” Care Act Income Verification.
    • Obama altered ACA law – Delayed “Affordable” Care Act caps on out of pocket expenses until 2015. (When that date arrived, premiums did skyrocket)
    • Obama shelved part of the “Affordable” Care Act Law for Insurers, extending the life of non-qualifying (according to “Affordable” Care Act) plans until Jan. 1, 2015.
    • Obama waived “Affordable” Care Act individual mandate for those that lost their insurance.
    • Obama alters “Affordable” Care Act law and exempts companies employing between 50-100 full-time workers from business mandate until 2016.
  • Obama issued a Directive instructing ICE to NOT enforce immigration laws in certain cases. This is in clear opposition to the mandate in the Constitution that the President “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”.

There are dozens, more, of examples of how a President is the ultimate lawgiver — the pinnacle-politician, the final arbitrator of absolute law — unshackled by any other power, person, or institution.

Yet suddenly (and I admit complete surprise) we are instructed that Presidents have no powers whatsoever, and may not even invoke privileges detailed in the Constitution and in Legislation. Coincidentally, this new era of enlightenment occurred within seven days of President Trump ascending to this (unexpectedly diluted) position. To wit:

So, we learn first that a President is all-powerful and unrestrained. Then, we learn that a President is utterly powerless and cannot exercise clearly legal and lawfully-delineated actions.

Imagine my surprise. I suppose it all depends on who the President is.

Eric Florack on August 3rd, 2018

Andrew Klavan as regards the comments from Jim Acosta:

But, like virtually everything Acosta reports, this is just a reflection of his small-minded biases. The fact is, having a group of people scream at you and denigrate you is exactly what it feels like to be in America — if you don’t happen to be a coastal elite. It has felt this way for the last twenty years at least. Every television show you watch, every movie, every woman’s magazine, every comedian, and, yes, every news program tells you you suck. Your country sucks. Your culture sucks. Your religion and your morals suck. And you personally are one of those dumb-ass racists who clings to his Bible and talks funny.

If you believe your country should vet its immigrants, you’re racist. If you voted for Donald Trump, you’re racist. If you make a joke about Barack Obama on Facebook, you’re racist twice. If you think motherhood is a woman’s highest calling, you’re sexist. If you take it ill when Islamists blow you up in the name of their nasty little god, you’re Islamophobic. If you know that a man is a man even if he says he’s a woman, you’re transphobic. If you think it’s fair to debate whether homosexual actions are moral or not, you’re homophobic.

Every day. From every outlet. All the time. And now people are kangry. Wonder why.

The situation Klavan describes has been going on for many years now and frankly if there’s anything that surprises me about all of this is that it took this long for the press to be called to account for it.

I will include this as well, because it’s too important to point to ignore:

New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger says he told Trump his anti-press rhetoric could lead to violence. But the media’s anti-Trump rhetoric already has led to violence: public officials rat-packed and bullied, Trump supporters harassed, White House spokes-lady Sarah Sanders having to live under guard. And yet when Sanders pointed this out to Look-At-Me-I’m-Jim Acosta, Acosta stormed out of the room. Hell, if he doesn’t want to hear the truth, he could just stay home and watch CNN.

Clearly the signal being sent here is that Jim Acosta doesn’t mind violence, and anger, doesn’t mind hatred, so long as it isn’t directed against leftists.

And I’ve already addressed Pinch Sulzburger in these spaces, just yesterday…. But if you’d like a more recent example of the New York Times and its actions against the American people, here you go.

And look, ask yourself what the purpose of a free press is. The founders thought that a free press was supposed to be reinforcing the culture and thereby the Republic.

Jim Acosta, on the other hand, along with all too many of our Fifth Estate seems to feel that it is specifically designed so as to produce progressivism. Statism.

I’ll tell you something else. Acosta is being less than honest about his objection to Donald Trump per se.

Look I have made no bones about the fact that I have certain problems with Donald Trump. But, let’s be clear, here… this is not about Donald Trump and never has been. I’ve been saying all along that the fanaticism we see coming from the left these days has been there a long time before Donald Trump even thought about running for president…. And that anybody from the left that was not Hillary Clinton, would be receiving the same treatment as Donald Trump and his supporters are now. The fact is, this is not about Donald Trump, this is about the American people and their rejection of progressive statism.

Acosta, far from defending the freedom of the press as he claims, is in reality defending himself and his organization which has done nothing but promote progressive statism and deride the people that they claim to be “serving”.

And maybe, just maybe he and the rest of the Liberals occupying our press these days should think seriously that his being attacked at the Trump rally the other night was a reaction to his attacks and those of his buddies, over a period of decades. The low ratings that CNN has been getting these last several years, should have been his first clue… He and his are the cause of what he caught a taste of the other night.

I suggest ti you that the left and the Press have been playing the part of the bully against the American people for long enough now that they shouldn’t be surprised when the bully, in other words themselves, gets their comeuppance.

davidl on August 3rd, 2018

You remember the late Yassar Arafat, he of the permanent three day bread.  Arafat was all in favor of parents turning their children in to martyrs. suicide bombers.  Fast forward to the anti-Trump resistance.  CNN Jim Acosta fancies himself as member of the resistance.  Yet Acosta, the informed journalist that he is, doesn’t remember that is the pioneers who take the arrows.  Acosta wants to lead, but he doesn’t want to take any arrows, from NRA TV, video:

Thus we present Jim Acosta, winner of the Yassar Arafat Award.  Well done Jim.

Eric Florack on August 2nd, 2018

Buried, as you might expect, in this in this hit piece, is this gem:

In a separate motion, prosecutors also asked the judge to prevent Manafort from raising the issue of an Internal Revenue Service audit, saying any potential civil action was irrelevant to the criminal charges and could confuse or mislead the jury.

A tip of the hat to Jerry Saperstein who says;

There’s been scanty reporting on the history, but apparently the IRS investigated these allegations years ago, may have issued a criminal referral, but DOJ declined to prosecute.

The implications are obvious: if the DOJ found nothing to prosecute more than a decade ago, what is Fascist coup meister Mueller chasing now? What changed – other than the political situation?

Assuming a potentially reasonable, intelligent jury, the appearance of this being a political prosecution (which this clearly is) might be all that is required to scuttle the chances for a conviction.

Exactly so. And let’s examine this from another angle. If we were really all that worried about Manafort and his taxes and so on, why is it that Al Sharpton who owes the IRS millions of dollars it’s still walking around free?

And by the way should we be asking how Mueller manage to amass 18 million dollars of net worth on a prosecutors salary?

davidl on August 2nd, 2018

The Obama regime tried to ban the export of 3-D printable gun parts designs. The Trump administration conceded that plans for legal guns are not illegal. In response, the hoplophobes found their nearest libtard judge to ban the internet publication of legal plans for legal guns. Why?. From Bearing Arms:

3D printed guns have been a thing pretty much since 3D printing first popped up, but they’re not going to be the risk people think unless materials science takes a massive leap forward. The plastic used in printing isn’t remotely strong enough to serve as a firing pin, much less as a durable barrel. The all plastic guns of today aren’t really a threat.

Not that it’ll change the impression in the minds of the anti-gunners. Reality rarely does.

Hoplophobes don’t have independent minds. They do as told by their handlers.

Eric Florack on August 1st, 2018

* Interesting that the majority of the people that are screaming about Russian influence in our elections are the same ones who think it’s okay to bring millions of illegal aliens in and allow them to vote.

* Speaking of Russian collusion and the farce surrounding the charges thereof, Interesting that many people who are calling for the end of the obvious Witch Hunt set up by the Democrats as regards Russian collusion, has its purposes. So far the only thing they’ve come up with is collusion on the part of the FBI the CIA and the Democrats. Shutting down the investigation now would prevent those findings from being prosecuted. Maybe we should keep this thing going, and let the Democrats bury themselves.

* Interesting that those that are so worried about the 3D printed gun, haven’t realized that if you can make a gun you can make an even larger threat… A Bendy straw.

* Interesting how the lame stream media hasn’t touched the story of the Union’s getting their backsides handed them in the courts.

Anderson Cooper seems to think he is somehow in the government, the senior senator from what West Dakota or something.  Cooper can not get over the fact that President Trump did not take Cooper into his confidence and bare his soul about everything he told Russian Premier Valdamir Putin, from Kate, Small Dead Animals, video:

Maybe Donny was afraid that diplomacy was over Cooper’s head?  Or more likely PDT knew that Cooper was not interested in the gist of the summit but just looking for a damning pull quote.  On the other foot, Steven Cohen seemed to have developed a understanding of what Trump and Putin discussed.  Are Cooper and Max Boot too stupid to figure out the outline of the discussion, and just pouting because Donny did not grovel for their personal approval?  Film at Eleven

Eric Florack on July 30th, 2018

davidl on July 30th, 2018

The nice thing about Classic Economics is that it timeless.  The bad thing about some politicians is that they are clueless.  The late great economist Milton Friedman lived in San Francisco, evidently without imparting any wisdom to the City Fathers, from Investor’s Business Daily:

Economics: Free-market economist Milton Friedman once famously observed that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Now San Francisco’s uber-liberal government might just make free lunches illegal.

Friedman, who lived in San Francisco until his death at 94, was explaining the fact that nothing is cost-free — especially government regulations, mandates, benefits, economic interventions. They all come with side effects, even if they aren’t obvious.


Which is why many restaurants have shut their doors. Yelp found far more closing than opening in San Francisco over the second half of last year — after the minimum climbed to $14 an hour.

So, what is San Francisco doing in response to help the city’s struggling restaurant business?

Two members of its board of supervisors introduced legislation that would try to force workers to eat out for lunch. How? By banning any more companies from offering free lunches to workers — existing free lunch providers like Google, Twitter, et al., would be exempt — and outlawing in-house cafeterias in new office buildings.

Yes, going out of a modern glass enclosed fortress to carefully tread over the human feces and discarded needles sounds like a winning plan to me.  What say you?

Eric Florack on July 30th, 2018

If you’re tired of being labeled an enemy of the people, maybe it’s time you stopped acting like an enemy of the people.

The New York Times and the Washington Post have a long history of pursuing a far leftist agenda, an agenda that has been rejected by the American people. Walter Duranty would probably be proud of what you’ve accomplished, but very few Americans would. the thing is, there are far too many people in the show called news industry who consider the New York Times to be the gold standard and are pursuing the same political agenda… Ultimately, an anti-American agenda.

The American people have not been, as your self- promoting ads claim, living in a political bubble, you and your fifth columnists have.

Donald Trump has this one right. I have always had serious problems with the man, but this isn’t one of them. He’s got you and your organization pegged exactly correctly.

I have on my bookshelf at home a Barnhart dictionary. Date of publication is 1956. In it, there are two words that describe the problem with the New York Times.

The first is “newsman”. The dictionary defines that word as someone who reports the news.

The second is “journalist”, what’s the dictionary defines as someone who writes what he thinks.

Ponder the differences, Pinch, your job was reporting the news not writing what you think. Your organization has been doing that since long before Walter duranty was walking your halls. And, long after.

Ponder the idea that you might not be in the predicament that you’re in right now with failing sales, reduced income and an absolutely destroyed reputation, if you had stayed with the original mandate which was to be News men, not journalists.

It’s time for that dinosaur of yours to die a much-deserved death. The faster that happens the better off America, and with it the rest of the world, is going to be.

Addendum: Eric

Armstrong Williams at his place this morning says it well…

The New York Times editor tells President Donald J. Trump that his characterizations of the press could lead to violence. How about The Times stand up for those who choose to work in government, yet get kicked out of restaurants and badgered by extremists? Same side of the coin, eh editor?

This is a prime example of the blatant hyprocrisy and double standards that exist in today’s media. This is why so many Americans on both ends of the political spectrum distrust and dislike the media as much as they do because what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.

Will The Times report on these heinous acts and condemn from its editorial pages? Will they state the obvious issues that exist on both sides or will they point the finger at everyone else while hiding behind their own issues?

If the media is to ever regain the trust of the American people, it needs to conduct a deep dive into its own problems and correct them before it can be honest in its criticisms of others. #AW NYT Politics

Yeah well, don’t hold your breath Armstrong. The fact of the matter is they’ve never owned up to the whole Walter Duranty thing. The chances of them actually owning up to something more recent seem at best miniscule, absent a threat to the survival of the New York Times larger than Salzburger himself.