Here we go again. The Democrats just can’t help themselves.

“There’s nothing weak about kindness and compassion. There’s nothing weak about looking out for others.”

“There’s nothing weak about being honorable. You’re not a sucker to have integrity and to treat others with respect,” Obama continued causing most observers to view this as an implicit criticism of Trump.

Obama would apparently have us ignore the charitable acts that Trump is known for. As in, personal acts of charity, not governmental largesse.

Paul Wellstone was unavailable for comment.

Eric Florack on October 25th, 2019

I said, just a couple of months ago:

Consider the Brexit movement. Consider the recent elections in Germany. Consider the rather startling unpopularity of Macron in France. Consider Viktor Orban over in Hungary. The umbrella movement in Taiwan.
Everywhere you look around the globe, we are seeing long empowered establishment politics being removed or at least resisted, and for the most part the people taking this action have not been heretofore involved with politics all that much.

And now, surprisingly enough we see it happening in Canada;

Following the reelection of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister with a Liberal minority, #Wexit, or Western exit (a play on Brexit), immediately began trending on Twitter, with separatist accounts gaining thousands of new followers.

One of the most important takeaways from the election is the blue sweep throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. Both provinces have expressed growing indignation over the other provinces’ dependence on the oil industry, while simultaneously trying to stifle Alberta’s business prospects and economic growth by opposing pipelines.

Apparently Western Canadians like a goodly number of Americans, and as I suggested in the earlier article, people around the world, are tired of their government having its strings pulled from the offices of George Soros and company.

At the moment, I’d have to say that the likelihood of this actually happening, is rather small… But we shouldn’t discount the amount of anger outside of the domain of the Eastern leftist.

Remember the definition of a hero: someone who is just cold enough. Just tired enough, and just angry enough that he doesn’t care about the consequences anymore… And so does what needs doing.

Eric Florack on October 25th, 2019

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting:

Attorney General William Barr’s expanding review of the Russia probe has evolved into a criminal investigation, according to a person familiar with the matter, giving a federal prosecutor who is leading the inquiry the ability to subpoena witnesses and use a grand jury.

The ramping up of the review into an investigation that could bring criminal charges comes as Congress pursues an impeachment inquiry centered on President Trump’s efforts to persuade Ukraine to investigate his political rivals, including former Vice President Joe Biden and his son. Mr. Trump and his Republican allies have long urged the Justice Department to prove whether the president and his associates were unduly targeted for surveillance during the 2016 campaign by politically biased investigators.

So as it turns out, it’s precisely what we have suspected all along… And what I said just the other day… The entire purpose of the impeachment effort is to create confusion so as to protect Democrats.

“These reports, if true, raise profound new concerns that the Department of Justice under Attorney General William Barr has lost its independence and become a vehicle for President Trump’s political revenge,” said Reps. Jerry Nadler (D., N.Y.) and Adam Schiff (D., Calif.), chairmen of the Judiciary and Intelligence committees, respectively.


No, Butterball.


Crimes have been discovered and will be prosecuted.

Oh… and physicality aside, guess who’s going to be making one of the biggest targets?

Eric Florack on October 24th, 2019

The former Broward county sheriff…. Hmm…. well, actually that’s the headline. Scott Israel was removed by the Florida Senate, and is the former Broward county sheriff.

His stupidity, and his lack of courage got a lot of kids killed, and the only reason he lasted as long as he did is because he was well connected in Democrat Party circles as evidenced by the way the vote went down in the Florida Senate.

In a just world it wouldn’t have taken a vote to make this happen, and it blessedly sure wouldn’t have taken this long.

Ponder this for just a moment…

Scott Israel was a Democrat Party political power wannabe. The evidence of his cowardice of his poor leadership and his direct responsibility for the deaths involved at that school is incontrovertible. And yet the Democratic party power structure defended him and likely will continue to do so.

That he wasn’t even a major player in the party is important here. Think, now, how much more protection is going to be provided the major players in the Democrat Party as their corruption is called out?

Eric Florack on October 24th, 2019

Margolis and Cox pass along the following;

From The Hill:

“Hillary Clinton accused Tulsi Gabbard — a combat veteran, soldier and Major in the Army National Guard — of being ‘groomed’ to be a ‘Russian asset,’” reads a fundraising email sent by Gabbard’s campaign on Saturday.

“Tulsi fights back and demands Hillary join the race and face her directly,” it continues.

Gabbard in the email said Clinton “finally came out from behind the curtain yesterday, accusing me of being a Russian asset” while asking supporters to pitch in $25 to her campaign.

“If this a fight she wants to have, one that has implications for all of us and the future of our democracy, then I challenge her to come out from behind her proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media, and face me directly,” Gabbard added.

Look, I like a good cat fight as much as the next guy, but this back-and-forth is taking on a level of absurdity, which is extraordinary even in one of the most absurd Democrat primaries this country has ever seen.

Don’t misunderstand, to a large degree I will give Tulsi Gabbard serious credit for having nailed Hillary Clinton to the wall on her corruption. But the idea that she, Tulsi Gabbard is the answer to Hillary Clinton’s corruption is almost equally wack doodle to the idea that Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian plant.

In watching all of this the one thing that we can easily conclude is that the world will not be a better place if governmental power of any serious degree is ever again placed in the hands of either one of these two.

Welcome to today’s Democrat Party…

Eric Florack on October 24th, 2019

Here’s the irony of the day.

In the former home of Mahatma Gandhi, we find the following quote, prominently posted:

“It is doubtful that the efforts of the Mahatma would have succeeded except that he was appealing to the conscience of a Christianized people”

— Bertrand Russell

So here we have, posted in the home of a Buddhist, the words of a militant atheist, extolling the virtues of Christianity.

So much for the argument that the judeo-christian ethic is not Central to Western culture. The constant claim that the judeo-christian ethic is an evil to be overcome is similarly bombed out of existence.

At the bottom line culture exists, and it matters.

From Reality and Denial:

From the New York Post:

Derkach held a press conference earlier Wednesday in Kyiv where he claimed to have documents showing how Burisma Holdings paid Joe Biden the lobbying fees.

“Funds in the amount of $900,000 were transferred to the US-based company Rosemont Seneca Partners,” Derkach told reporters, referring to the investment company the younger Biden founded with Chris Heinz, the stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry.

R&D responds:

Woah – a Ukrainian politician is now accusing Joe Biden of receiving $900,000 for “lobbying activities” from Burisma , which Derkach is claiming were routed to him through Seneca.

Burisma Holdings is the very same company his son was working for (and getting paid $50,000 a month).

Now, hang on, Biden claimed he had no clue what his son was doing. He even said he NEVER discussed Hunter’s work.

But now he’s accused of taking payments from the same company as Hunter was.

Of course Nancy Pelosi was fighting against the path towards impeachment until such time as Trump started making moves toward investigation of the Ukraine and their dealing with the Democrats.

“Accuse Your Enemy Of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing It To Create Confusion”

–Karl Marx

Yeah, move along citizen. Nothing to see here.

davidl on October 22nd, 2019

Breaking news: Canada holds elections, Justin Trudeau still(apparently) Prime Minister.

Granted this is not the lead story from north of the border. However, for more Canadian reaction we need to wait for our double secret agent to extract herself from South Dakota.

Sobeit, I happened to address young a woman as Lady. She rather indigently informed me that she was not a lady, but rather a woman. I did not bother to explain the distinction. A woman is a biological female of a certain age. Whereas the word Lady refers a certain degree of cultural refinement. The former is merely a biological fact. whereas the latter is a compliment. I never extended that compliment to her again.

Meanwhile north of the border, from Dennis Prager, Townhall:

Air Canada announced last week that it will no longer use the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” on board its flights. The policy is part of a “commitment to respect sexual identity, diversity, and inclusion,” the company said in an internal memo.

Instead of the gender-specific “ladies and gentlemen” (and “mesdames et messieurs” — all announcements on Air Canada are in English and French), flight attendants are to address passengers as “everybody” and “tout le monde.”

LGBTQ groups are delighted.

Most other people are not.

May Canada become the first nation to be able to take a jet back to the stone age.  Air Canada makes a strange choose.  She rejects language which polite society uses and takes as a compliment.  Yet Air Canada does so in a European language.  The airline panders to the tiny minority which prides itself in rejecting biology.  However the same airline ignores the population with a primary language which is not European.

Amazing, that nobody in the Lamestream media has spent much time on this from Redstate and other sources….

You may have noticed in reports about illegal immigration that there’s been a precipitous drop in apprehensions at the border. That’s not because there are fewer being caught, that’s because there are fewer coming across.

That’s in large measure due to the cooperation deal that President Donald Trump struck with Mexico.

In fact, even CNN has had to admit Trump’s success, as Newsbusters observed.

In an astonishing case of pigs flying, CNN actually ran article on Sunday by Catherine Shoichet and Natalie Gallón, “Why some say Mexico already built Trump’s wall — and paid for it.”

In it they note that Mexico has effectively built the wall, that Mexico by marshaling thousands of their troops to prevent people from coming in and not going north to the U.S. is acting as the wall itself.

Perhaps not so amazing.

If it makes the left look like fools, ad particularly if it makes Trump…or anyone outside the big government establishment look good, they’ll never touch the story.

davidl on October 21st, 2019

I say no adult should be allow entry to our country unless they can demonstrate that they smart enough to understand the nature consequences of their actions and to understand legal right and wrong, from Breitbart

An illegal alien accused of murdering four Americans over the course of a week in Nevada is set to claim that he is “intellectually disabled” in order to avoid the death penalty.

Wilbur Ernesto Martinez-Guzman, a 20-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador, was charged with murdering 56-year-old Connie Koontz, 74-year-old Sophia Renken, 81-year-old Gerald David, and his 80-year-old wife, Sharon David, between January 10 and 15 after prosecutors said he was looking to steal money from his victims to buy more meth. The state of Nevada is seeking the death penalty.

To avoid the death penalty, though, Martinez-Guzman will seek to the deemed “intellectually disabled” which would make him ineligible for the death penalty, the Associated Press reports:

What say the Supreme court on cognitive intelligence from USA Today:

The court ruled that Florida must apply a margin of error to IQ tests administered to Freddie Lee Hall, 68, who killed a 21-year-old pregnant woman and a deputy sheriff in 1978. The state had argued that any test score above 70 made prisoners eligible for a death sentence, despite medical guidelines that permit scores to reach 75.

“Intellectual disability is a condition, not a number,” Justice Anthony Kennedy said in the 5-4 ruling, joined by the court’s four liberal justices.

If as the Supreme Court so boldy asserts, intellectual disability is a condition, hence not a trait subject to constitutional protection, which can be judges by mortal jurists; then this same condition can, and should, be judged by immigration officials.  Any aliens who can demonstrate his intellectual ability should be immediately deported.  Democrats relax.  This standard will not be applied to Kennedy Klan males.  After all, if any alien is to intellectually disabled to be held to account to obey our laws, he is too stupid to be allowed to legally stay in our country.

Eric Florack on October 21st, 2019

I keep seeing stories about this, this morning. Rick Moore:

The funniest story of the weekend is the news that Mitt Romney has a formerly secret Twitter account under the name of “Pierre Delecto” that he used to respond to critics and favorite and post anti-Trump tweets.

I’m now very sure that Romney would have been a complete disappointment as president. He’s as petty a man as Obama.

Yeah, well, it’s not like we haven’t been saying this all along.

Over at American Greatness Angelo Codevilla notes:

Retired Admiral William McRaven devoted the bulk of a New York Times op-ed to appropriating for himself the moral and hence political authority of generations of soldiers and sailors (pointedly, especially the female ones) who have sacrificed for America, for “the good and the right.” Then he gratuitously stated—citing no specifics, as if everyone already knows—that “President Trump seems to believe that all these qualities are unimportant or show weakness.”

McRaven concludes, “it is time for a new person in the Oval Office—Republican, Democrat or independent—the sooner, the better.” At the very least, McRaven called for impeachment ahead of an election, or perhaps for a coup, and pretended to do so on the military’s behalf. In fact, his was just one more voice from an establishment that has squandered the public’s trust, senses that it can no longer win elections honestly, and is pulling out all the stops.

It pretends to be trying to take down Donald Trump. In fact, it is trying to do something much bigger: Invalidate the votes of the “deplorables” who oppose them.

McRaven is basically arguing for the divine right of kings.

I have argued for the last 3 years that the reaction of the big government types, both Democrat and Republican, to the election of Ronald Reagan, as well as the election of Donald Trump, has nothing whatsoever to do with the individuals I name.

Proof? Postulate with me, a President Ted Cruz, who is certainly not a favorite of establishment Republicans, and certainly not a favorite of Democrats of any stripe. Does anybody truly suppose that the reaction of the establishment of either party would be any different with Ted Cruz in the oval office then it would be with Trump? Ironically the same question could be asked about Bernie Sanders.

This is not nor has it ever been about Trump. This is about the globalists seeing their power base diminished and reacting in fear to that movement.

And lest you think that’s just happening here in the states, think again. Remember my comments from just a couple of months ago…

Consider the Brexit movement. Consider the recent elections in Germany. Consider the rather startling unpopularity of Macron in France. Consider Viktor Orban over in Hungary. The umbrella movement in Taiwan.
Everywhere you look around the globe, we are seeing long empowered establishment politics being removed or at least resisted, and for the most part the people taking this action have not been heretofore involved with politics all that much.

The resistance to establishment politics is happening all around the world, and the establishment is reacting in fear.

By the way, given the original intent of the founders, as regards the role of government, I would call the comments of McRaven treasonous at the least.

Eric Florack on October 20th, 2019

Reynolds says:

UNEXPECTEDLY: “Germany’s attempt to create a multicultural society has ‘utterly failed,’ Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday, adding fuel to a debate over immigration and Islam.”

Okay, Angie, now that you’ve admitted the obvious, you want to apologize for calling the people who warned you that it would turn out this way racist xenophobe bigots?

Of course, that’ll never happen. If only this stuff was predictable.

(Do hit all those links. There’s a substantial amount at each one.)

It does however, all come down to one thing:

Multiculturalism is destruction.

Eric Florack on October 19th, 2019

From: Ed Chenel, A police officer in Australia

Hi Yanks, I thought you all would like to see the real
figures from Down Under.
It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to
surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by our own government, a program costing Australia taxpayers
more than $500 million dollars.
The first year results are now in:
Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 percent, Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 percent;
Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!
In the state of Victoria…..
lone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent.(Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not and criminals still possess their guns!)
While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady
decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past
12 months, since the criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed. There has
also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly, while the resident
is at home.
Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public
safety has decreased, after such monumental effort and expense was expended in ‘successfully ridding Australian society of guns….’ You won’t see this on the American evening news or hear your governor or members of the State Assembly disseminating this information.
The Australian experience speaks for itself. Guns in the
hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws affect only the
law-abiding citizens.
Take note Americans, before it’s too late!

Will you be one of the sheep to turn yours in?
WHY? You will need it.

davidl on October 18th, 2019

Not only does Mrs. B.J. Clinton still want to be president, she wants to be the first female president. Among other things Clinton called Tulsi Gabbard a Russian tool. For her part, Representative Gabbard did not refrain from returning fire, from Twitter:

Great! Thank you @HillaryClinton
. You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain. From the day I announced my candidacy, there has been a …

There is nothing like the shreek of a cat fight in the morning.