davidl on June 12th, 2017

Toxic Masculinity illustrated, male who goes by the name of Lucy Elizabeth Smith, demonstrates how to a rude obnoxious jerk, a/k/a toxic male, from the gentle lady to the North with the snarky website, Small Dead Animals (vulgarity).

Mr. Smith may wear his hair in a ponytail, but he sure needs an anger management class, or two.

davidl on June 9th, 2017

As a United States Senator,  Bernie Sanders’ job is to protect  his constituents in this life, and leave the questions of the existence, or lack therefor, and the nature of any afterlife to the theologians, or so you would think, video:

United States Constitution, Article VI, Section 3.:

… but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

If Senator Sanders believes in what he professes, to be Jewish, and his beliefs are right, he, nor anybody else, any need to worry about any afterlife. Senator Sanders by both his questions to and assertions about fitness for office of Mr. Vought has applied an unconstitutional religious test for office. Sanders is not fit to hold public office, and should resign, or be expelled from the Senate.

davidl on June 9th, 2017

As Secretary of State, Mrs.  Clinton was a national security disaster.   Whether due to reasons of bone dumb ignorance or total apathy to security,  Mrs. Clinton was unable or unwilling to protect our national security.   Yet James Comey bent over backwards to deny that Mrs. Clinton was guilty of criminal behavior.

Aside,  the moonbats have lost Chris Matthews, from Washington Examiner:

Liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews said Thursday the accusation that President Trump directly colluded with Russia to interfere in the U.S. election “came apart” following former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony in front of Congress.

What was the only secret the professional bureaucracy was able or willing to protect?   The fact that the FBI never had a criminal investigation into Donald Trump.   So on one hand Comey tried to make a guilty Mrs. Clinton appear innocent and an innocent Donald Trump appear guilty.    What we have here is attempted coup to oust the lawfully elected President of the United States.

Eric Florack on June 7th, 2017

Well, I have.

?Terrorist: We want to kill you in the name of Allah because we’re good Muslims!

Liberal: No, you’re not. That’s not what you believe.

Terrorist: Yes, it is.

Liberal: No, no…you’re oppressed and probably upset about global warming.

The abject cluelessness of the left never ceases to amaze me.

Eric Florack on June 7th, 2017

I have often made reference to the fact that these United States could never have been assembled with Islam or any of them pantheistic religions, or for that matter atheism, as its philosophical foundation.

Let’s take a moment to examine this further.

“Another Christian concept, no less crazy, has passed even more deeply into the tissue of modernity: the concept of the ‘equality of souls before God.’ This concept furnishes the prototype of all theories of equal rights…”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

And, again…..

Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal.

First, this Echoes my point about where the idea of equality before God came from. Secondly we need to consider that Friedrich Nietzsche was both the son and the grandson of men of the cloth. Obviously, he never grew out of his rebellious phase.

These quotes and a good many others I didn’t bother putting in here,are the fruit of the purely scientific, purely humanist point of view. Can you imagine an America being founded with this as its philosophical Foundation? I can’t.

Where do these points resonate?, Well, this is the guy whose Works Adolf Hitler gave to both Mussolini and Stalin.

Frankly I don’t anticipate that any generalized statement isn’t going to be shot down on one point or another particularly where the concepts we are discussing are concerned.  Coming up with a unified theory of cultures religion and politics is I believe an impossible task.

Now let’s examine the words of somebody that lived with the direct result of that philosophy…

When we present man as an automaton of reflexes, as a mind-machine, as a bundle of instincts, as a pawn of drives and reactions, as a mere product of instinct, heredity and environment, we feed the nihilism to which modern man is, in any case, prone.
I became acquainted with the last stage of that corruption in my second concentration camp, Auschwitz. The gas chambers of Auschwitz were the ultimate consequence of the theory that man is nothing but the product of heredity and environment; or as the Nazi liked to say, ‘of Blood and Soil.’ I am absolutely convinced that the gas chambers of Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Maidanek were ultimately prepared not in some Ministry or other in Berlin, but rather at the desks and lecture halls of nihilistic scientists and philosophers.”
-Viktor Frankl

For me, the inescapable conclusion in looking at those quotes is that there are some things that science is not good for, having no answers….That humanism Lacks a certain Humanity and that intellectualism is in many ways like the believers in global warming… Forget about them knowing the answers, because they don’t even have the questions yet.

Within the bounds of pure logic and pure science, and pure reason, there is nothing whatsoever to say that one morality driven by culture or by an individual is superior to another.

Is that really the direction that we want to be going in?

davidl on June 5th, 2017

Just as the Sun came up this morning, and garbage stinks, Algore,  b/k/a former Vice President, Albert Gore, expressed, well feigned, shock that President Donald Trump  withdrew* from the United States from the Paris Accords, from Politico:

Former Vice President Al Gore on Sunday called President Donald Trump’s decision to exit the Paris climate agreement a “reckless” choice that “undermines America’s standing in the world,” but he said American business leaders and governors will move forward and reduce carbon emissions without Trump.


[ Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Scott Pruitt]”This is a decision that was right for this country from a jobs perspective, an economy perspective, and an environmental perspective,” Pruitt said, adding: “Paris represents a bad deal for this country.”

Gore, though, said the decision made little sense, given that the emission targets for each country are voluntary, and that he had thought it was possible that Trump would not go through with pulling out of the pact.

So to decipher Algore Speak, although the Paris targets were all voluntary, and the financial burden fell chiefly on the United States; the former Vice President of the United States stated that it made little sense to withdraw from Paris. We pay, the other signatories only promise, but Algore thinks that is a good deal Well maybe it is a good deal in Paris, but not in Pittsburgh.

Moreover, Paris imposed a massive economic burden on the United State but projected to produce no significant environmental results. The projected net reduction in global temperature is less than the United Nations deems worthy of tracking.

[*] Given that the Paris Accorded never received congressional approval, and the President lacks any constitutional authority to unilaterally enact binding international law, was the United States ever bound by the terms of Paris?

davidl on June 5th, 2017

Only the Lord knows what the Reverend Al Sharpton’s native language is, but is sure not English, as in the King’s English, from New York Post:

WASHINGTON – The Rev. Al Sharpton said Sunday there’s nothing funny about comedian Bill Maher using the N-word.


Maher used the N-word during an interview Friday with Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.).

“I’ve got to get to Nebraska more,” Maher told the politician.

“You are welcome,” Sasse said. “We’d love to have you work in the fields with us.”

“Work in the fields?! Senator, I’m a house, n—-r,” Maher said.

The comment sparked laughs and groans from the audience.

It is maybe a bad joke, a poor joke or lame joke. However it was a joke. The proof is that some people in audience laughed. People laughed. It was funny. Therefore it was a joke.  Heck is liberal political commentators, posing as comedians, such a Bill Mahar or Kathy Griffin didn’t tell bad jokes, they would not have any material.

davidl on June 3rd, 2017

Me and former Speaker Tablecloth, b/k/a Mrs. Pelosi, do share a common trait  To wit, neither one of us are Catholic. I have never been, and Mrs. Pelosi only pretends to be when it suits her political whims.  Mrs. Pelosi cites the Pope as an authority on global warming, when he is no more a scientist than Bill Nye, but ignores the head of the Roman Catholic Church when the Pope speaks out against abortion. video:

Reax and hat tip, Steve Hayward, Power Line:

By invoking Pope Francis on climate change, Nancy Pelosi unwittingly confirms that the climate mania is indeed a matter of religious fanaticism, especially since she exhibits medieval ignorance about the subject by confusing greenhouse gases with “the air we breathe.” Or maybe the sainted Ms. Pelosi doesn’t exhale poisonous carbon dioxide with every breath? However crude and boorish Trump may seem at times, it becomes clear why he won when you consider what he is up against:

Alas, poor Mrs. Pelosi, too stupid to even read the proper talking points.

davidl on May 31st, 2017

From the woman formerly known as “The Smartest Woman in the World” more drunken stupidity, via Fox News:

Hillary Clinton came out swinging Wednesday, ripping Russia for her November loss to President Trump and accusing the White House of colluding with Moscow in weaponizing technology to bring her campaign down.

Clinton linked Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections to Trump and said she hoped investigators would be able to unmask a plot to interfere in the U.S. elections.

I am sure, Vlad, Vladimir Putin, told Mrs. Clinton to keep our national secrets in a home brewed computer she set up in her bathroom.

Eric Florack on May 31st, 2017

Say what you will about Kathy Griffin.

 I find her actions exemplary. 

No, seriously, in the sense that this is precisely what we’ve come to expect from moonbats…. Constantly going off the deep end in support of a far leftist political agenda, and then feigning shock and amazement, when they get called on it.

It’s predictable consistently.
The reason it’s gotten to that point is very simple. They get called on it so seldom.
I’ve been arguing for years that going after this nonsense more aggressively is the path we should be taking as a culture.
But I don’t expect it anytime soon.

One more thing. Recently I cited Colin Kaepernick and his inability to get a job in the NFL to be an example of how the culture is more powerful than the government. 

I would cite this situation as another such example. 

As with Kaepernick,  the kind of blowback that she got on this outrage is precisely how it’s supposed to work. Freedom of speech in terms of governmental retribution is a given. Isolation from retribution from society is another matter however. There are consequences for speech. Regardless of whether the government is constitutionally enabled to react. As such, I consider the government governmental reaction to it to be over the top and probably counterproductive, to say nothing of questionable constitutionality.
As for Griffin herself, she just ended her career. And rightly so.

davidl on May 29th, 2017

Keep going girl,  Maxine Waters was out in public, yet again, running her mouth without engaging her brain, Via Breitbart:

[Maxine] WATERS: I don’t know what the reticent is but I know this, that the American public is getting weary of all of these actions without enough being done by the elected officials who they elected to represent them. I believe that this man has done enough for us to determine that we can connect the dots, that we can get the facts that will lead to impeachment. I believe there was collusion. I think we have enough information about the meetings, the about the lying about those meetings to help us to understand that something was going on. There was an interaction there. And certainly I believe it was collusion, but if they just do their work and do their job, they will find out it was collusion. And I believe this president should be impeached. I don’t care what others say about ‘it’s too soon, we don’t know, we think.’ I think that they’re letting the American public down by not delving deeper into what is going on with Jared Kushner and this back channeling, about the lies and his failure to disclose he had had these meetings, the same thing with sessions, failure to disclose about the meetings. What more do we need?

The problem Representative Waters is that collusion and attempted communication, i.e. back channels, is not a crime. So far all the the investigation and leaks into Trump campaign alleged collision with the Russians is the fact that the Obama regime was spying on the American public.

Eric Florack on May 27th, 2017

Eric Florack on May 26th, 2017

It seems to me that if nothing else,Greg Gianforte,is at the very least, an indication of the unpopularity of the lamestream media.

And that’s what has the left is filling their Depends over. 

Somehow I get the impression that we’re not talking about people that are named Jason and Nigel here.

Eric Florack on May 22nd, 2017

Yes I know, it’s been a while.

Been having application problems with the WordPress client on my phone and with Art Smith’s help we finally got it squared away.

And now, I am faced with the Monumental task of catching up. Perhaps this is the fastest way…

  I have long since come to the firm conclusion that there is absolutely nothing that anyone who is not a Democrat can do to stop the Democrats from going postal on us. Let’s face it, those people are losing their minds.
The thing is this hasn’t anything to do with Trump. Nothing whatsoever to do with a specific charges. Nobody, and I mean nobody is managed to come up with anything that even remotely resembles a crime much less one of impeachable levels. 

A brief thought experiment demonstrates this clearly.

Imagine, just for the moment with me, we got an actual conservative in the office… Ted Cruz. Can you imagine the Hysteria coming from the left would be anything less than they are right now?

And one thing more. The left knows full well who is running Congress and that any moves toward impeachment must get by Congress. It isn’t going to happen. They know this. So why pursue it? (And yes I know that cries for impeachment of started to die off already. But being what they are it’s going to take months before it changes altogether.)

Take an inventory of what they have gained. They have managed thus far to slow down if not outright stymie the overturning of Obama. They know that the policies that do that are going to be successful in the long-term if they’re ever given a chance. While they’re screaming about Donald Trump, there’s no serious investigation going on into the crimes of Hillary Clinton for which there is much more proof.

Have you ever seen a raccoon that was cornered? That’s what we have with today’s Democrats.

They’re attacking Trump because the Democrats are fighting for their political lives. Not because of Trump per se.