But, Matt Margolis does; In 2018, Nancy Pelosi told reporters she didn’t know why there weren’t “uprisings” over the issue of family separations at the southern border. “I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be when people realize that this is a policy that they […]

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Ummmm… Once again what they’re trying to pass off his truth turns out to be anything but: The Rasmussen poll, one of the most accurate polls of the 2020 election, finds President Trump’s approval is actually rising after Wednesday‘s protests. As Democrats move to impeachment and some establishment Republicans call for the 25th Amendment to […]

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Eric Florack on January 9th, 2021

Between everything happening so rapidly of late and life events in my own existence, I’ve been neglecting my email, wherein I found this note this morning. I’ve removed the names. So I find it comical how sooo many people on FB are commenting about what they THINK happened or the narrative they are seeing on […]

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Eric Florack on January 8th, 2021

You keep telling us that Biden won. Well, how do you know that? You see there’s the problem you face…. An election is not a court of law where you’re innocent until proven guilty. You have got to know : * who is voting * how many times they’ve voted * whether or not they […]

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Eric Florack on January 8th, 2021

Found elsewhere… Does anyone else find it strange that as the momentum begin to grow with objecting Members increasing that antifa was suddenly let into the Capitol and allowed access to the House Chamber?? Then the Members were locked down for 4 hours and when they came back the momentum is broken and everything went […]

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I begin this with the words of Democrat party icon John F Kennedy whom it seems very few Democrats pay attention to anymore. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable. -President John f Kennedy Like it or not, the nomination and election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States […]

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Eric Florack on January 7th, 2021

To say the very least I’m not overly happy with Mike Pence. There’s more then a small chance that this election was corrupted by people seeking to overthrow the current president… which is something that they’ve been trying to do since before he even took the oath of office. Yet Mr Pence has decided to […]

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Eric Florack on January 7th, 2021

Steven Green this morning… And the violence could be worse: Trump could have (and probably actually did) win the election. As Glenn Reynolds asked earlier this morning, “Does anyone think there wouldn’t have been riots if Trump had been declared the winner?” Of course there would have been. The Left has put on a four-year-long […]

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davidl on January 7th, 2021

Abraham Lincoln described the nature of our government as one of “By the People, of the People, and for the People.”  One John Hinderaker, of Power Line, has a much different take via Don Surber: “At this point, it is blindingly obvious that Trump has no pathway to victory. To the extent that Democrats committed […]

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Eric Florack on January 7th, 2021

… from Michael Beck: Brace yourself, this is a long one and I can’t think of anyone who is going to like it: What is happening at the US Capital as I write this is alarming from many angles. In my mind, it is tragic that it had to come to this., but it’s not […]

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Andrea Widburg; If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that it’s a strong (very strong) indicator of fraud when votes suddenly vanish from a candidate’s tally. There’s currently unrefuted evidence that this happened to Trump in both Georgia and Pennsylvania. Now, there’s evidence (which still needs to be corroborated) that it happened to David […]

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Sarah Hoyt yesterday; The same government that scrutinizes all our actions on a daily basis and presumes we’re guilty until proven innocent, when questioned by the people about the obvious flaws and issues of the elections refused any examination and told us that everything was fine, or if not, we had no standing. We should […]

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On Wednesday afternoon, investigative reporter Paul Sperry claimed a former FBI agent on the ground in Washington D.C. saw a “bus load” of Antifa members pretending to be Trump supporters arrive at the Trump event in D.C. “BREAKING: Former FBI agent on the ground at U.S. Capitol just texted me and confirmed that at least […]

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Eric Florack on January 6th, 2021

History has shown repeatedly over the years that revolutions by and large are not very orderly. But I wouldn’t worry much about it. After all this is mostly peaceful, this protest.

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Eric Florack on January 6th, 2021

We will start this with a little history… You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children […]

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