With regards to the fires out in California, it should be noted that the fires started on state maintained land. The excuse being given is the amount of real estate that the federal government owns in California. The fact of the matter is the fires didn’t occur on those lands but on those which the […]

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Eric Florack on November 20th, 2018

Passing thought: Has anybody noticed that when Democrats win close elections it’s a mandate, but when Republicans win close elections, it’s not legitimate?

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davidl on November 18th, 2018

It has been said that continuing to do the same thing without achieving desired outcomes is a sign of insanity. As for California Governor Jerry Brown, a/k/a Governor Moonbeam, the cause of seemingly every problem is Anthropogenic Global Warming, from Watts Up with That, forward by Paul Driessen: Over 8,000 homes and businesses have been […]

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davidl on November 17th, 2018

Meet the new socialist in town, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a/k/a AOC, from CNN: Because of her national stardom derived from her stunning upset primary victory over Rep. Joe Crowley, D-New York, everything she does will be watched and scrutinized to death. (And apparently everything she wears too. On Thursday, a media reporter for the Washington Examiner […]

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Eric Florack on November 16th, 2018

Aristotle was the one that brought the concepts of virtue and thereby right and wrong to the fore. It was Alexander the Great, (who was probably Aristotle’s best-known student) who gave those concepts practical application. Now while those concepts as Aristotle laid out came very close to the truth, the trouble was, he never had […]

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davidl on November 16th, 2018

When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the media meme was that is was all President Bush(43)’s fault.   Yet, my question was, and is, who are the stupid fools who build New Orleans below sea level.   Now that much of California is engulfed in forest fires, California Governor Moonbeam, b/k/a Jerry Brown, is now […]

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davidl on November 15th, 2018

Good questions about the caravan invasion, via Mary Chastain, Legal Insurrection: “What we do know is this thing cost millions and millions of dollars. The mainstream media, and there are so many layers [of] onions to peel back, it’s hard to know where to begin. One of the lies the fake news if you will, […]

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Oh, now this is rich… Attorney Michael Avenatti was arrested Wednesday in Los Angeles on suspicion he committed felony domestic abuse, according to multiplemedia outlets. Avenatti, who has represented a variety of odd characters in disputes with prominent conservatives—including Stormy Daniels and Julie Swetnick—is divorced. He was reportedly involved in some kind of altercation with […]

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Eric Florack on November 14th, 2018

So now I see Germany’s Angela Merkel making noises similar to France’s Marcon just so that she can once insult Donald Trump. She wants to see a European Army as well, she says. Ponder this question seriously…Given the influx of Islam in both France and Germany to say nothing of England, one wonders how many […]

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Eric Florack on November 14th, 2018

So now the CNN cry babies are complaining that Jim Acosta’s career is over. Well, boo hoo. He deserved it.First of all you’re not the news, the news is. That’s step number one being a news person. His ego got in his way on that one. Then getting abusive to the White House staffer on […]

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Eric Florack on November 14th, 2018

A few more notes from the passing parade; # Reynolds: IMAGINE THAT: Surprise! “Man” Who Insulted Tucker Carlson’s Daughter as a “Whore” and a “C**t” Is… On the Board of Directors of the “Women’s Initiative.” Yeah, well, it’s been going on for some time now. I have always said that the overt going to the […]

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Eric Florack on November 13th, 2018

# I would give serious money to watch Maxine Waters compete on Jeopardy with Ocasio-Cortez, and a fifth grader. Even money, the fifth grader would win. # I’m not one to kick a man when he’s down. But then again, John Kerry isn’t a man… # Married to a hologram? I guess that’s kind of […]

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Eric Florack on November 11th, 2018

# Given what we have seen of vote corruption and the willingness of Democrats to break the law to get their way, I question the notion that Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote. # American Conservative says facism and socialism have always been kissing cousins. I tend to agree. So does history. # Scott […]

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Eric Florack on November 10th, 2018

So Jeff Flake is considering running against Donald Trump. As usual the opponents of Trump still haven’t figured out why he was elected. Flake, the establishment guy, going against the guy who got elected because of the rank-and-file anger with the establishment. Well, nobody ever said Jeff Flake was smart. Personally, I’m prepared for this […]

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Eric Florack on November 9th, 2018

With regard to Thousand Oaks, and the steady drumbeat coming from the idiots about “reasonable gun control”… Very few people will argue that California is not the most left-leaning state in the nation. Presumably the existing gun laws in California, which are the strictest anti-gun legislation in the entire country, are considered reasonable by the […]

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