I’m getting more than a little bit tired of seeing Democrats using science as a bludgeon when it’s convenient, but ignoring actual science.

The most recent example of this of course is covid-19 which Behind the Black explores rather thoroughly. Here’s but a bit of it:

From day one, nothing we have been told by government health officials has been reliable or trustworthy. First we were only to lock-down for two weeks in order to slow the spread of the virus slightly so that hospitals would not be overwhelmed. We were also told that we shouldn’t wear masks, because a century of research clearly showed them useless and possibly counter-productive if used improperly, and proper use was unlikely if used all the time.

Then we were told we needed to lockdown for months, because we wanted to stop the spread, a goal that was utterly impossible to meet. At that same time, suddenly health officials decided that the previous half century of research about masks was all wrong, and that we must wear them all the time.

These new rules were only going to be necessary until a vaccine was available.

Now, a year later, a vaccine is suddenly not enough to allow us to be free humans again. We must wear masks, with two masks being even better, and normal activities such as attending parties, sports events, shows, and concerts must still be forbidden.

Along the way, a lot of evidence raised legitimate questions about the way coronavirus deaths and cases were tracked, with much of it suggesting the numbers were being manipulated for political purposes.

The result today is that a very very large percentage of the population no longer trusts anything said by these health officials. And for good reason. They have lied, repeatedly, and liars should never be trusted, ever.

Yes indeed, numbers being altered for political purposes.

Like for example, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stuffing covid-19 positive patients into nursing homes, because he didn’t want to use the hospitals provided him by the federal government and president Donald Trump, and then covering up the literally thousands of deaths caused by that utterly idiotic move. How many people died simply because Andrew Cuomo didn’t like Donald Trump? But that’s okay, those elderly probably would have voted for Trump, anyway. Right, Fredo?

And by the way what about the elderly housed in nursing homes that have spent the last year unable to spend any reasonable time with family and friends? There’s a lot of ways to die Fredo, and one of them is loneliness. But then, you knew that, didn’t you?

That’s just one example of what we’ve seen over the last year.

Then of course there is global warming, or global cooling or…. oh, hell, just call it climate change and then we’re covered either way.

Because of the devotion to the global warming myth, we have been taken from a country that in 2019 was energy independent for the first time in our history, and that progress has been set back 60 years in the first 10 days of the Biden administration.

And the sad part is the science isn’t even there to support any of it

Indeed that’s the one consistent factor when the left tells us that we are supposed to support the science or follow the science or what have you…In each of these cases we are supposedly to follow the science, the problem is that just like Joe Biden’s brain power, the science isn’t there..

Next, we are supposed to follow the science in quotes that tells us there are 57 or 512 or whatever the number is this week, sexes, when there is no scientific fact to back this up. On that basis we are supposed to allow males to compete in female sports which effectively ends female sports Once again, if we don’t accept the fallacy as fact we are labeled unscientifics, neanderthals, bigots, or God help us, anti- intellectual.

I guess the question becomes, is it anti-intellectual, anti-scientific to recognize that the emperor is wandering through the streets of the village stark naked? On the other hand if intellectuals weren’t so gleefully doing stupid crap, that is so very obviously politically motivated, there wouldn’t be so many people they find worthy of the label of anti- intellectual.

When you’re being told to follow the science it’s almost a lock sure bet anymore, that what you’re dealing with is a leftist trying to enforce his political views on the rest of us, using science as a bludgeon.

But isn’t it interesting how the left over the last 50 years or so has transported themselves from being the party of social freedom to the party of social control?