So once again the GOP establishment moves to protect itself against the will of the GOP rank and file… you know, the voters.

As NPR points out only one is possible to primary out of office.

Ponder the value of somebody who claims to be a Republican and yet considers Joe Biden to be less of a threat than someone who actually does what he tells the voters he’s going to do.

This situation has shown us in rather stark relief, the disconnect between the GOP establishments and the GOP rank and file, the voters, which I’ve been writing about for several years now.

It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to see how this played out… The Democrats approached the swamp critters the call themselves GOP, in other words he establishment Republicans …. You know, the Mitt Romney Mitch McConnell John McCain type of Republican and tell them look, you lay off the investigations on the election fraud and the Russia gate scandal and all of that, and in the interest of unity and will be easier to deal with for the next couple of years.

And you know, the Rockefeller Republicans might just be stupid enough to go for it?

I tell you the truth here, if there’s anything that will guarantee an insuperable Democrat majority in 2 years, it is the total disregard of the wishes of the GOP voter by the GOP establishment.