To say the very least I’m not overly happy with Mike Pence.

There’s more then a small chance that this election was corrupted by people seeking to overthrow the current president… which is something that they’ve been trying to do since before he even took the oath of office.

Yet Mr Pence has decided to simply go through the motions in effect accepting these mistruths, this corruption… For, he says, the good of the country.

Is accepting corruption “for the good of the empire” a good or a bad thing?

Mike Pence is not an idiot, whatever else might be said about him. He knows full well that the election was corrupted and yet he’s willing to fall on his sword and accept that corruption. I’m sorry but I don’t find that acceptance a particularly noble act but rather an act of cowardice

On that Mr Pence is not alone by any stretch, I point to him as an example, to ask a question..

If men, widely considered to be honorable men, are willing to accept falsehoods as truth, supposedly to keep the country together, if accepting falsehoods is the only way to generate national unity, what hope is there for the nation?