Note, no known primary reliable sources were used to write this article, from Drive:

A report by CBS News states that Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers in New York heard a clear threat apparently directed at them via a radio frequency yesterday. A digitized voice stated the following: “We are flying a plane into the Capitol on Wednesday. Soleimani will be avenged.”

This is a clear reference to General Qassem Soleimani, the former head of Iran’s Quds Force, the external operations branch of the country’s Islamic Guard Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), who was killed by the U.S. military near Baghdad International Airport in Iraq a year ago. The anniversary of Soleimani’s death, along with a litany of other issues, is driving extreme tensions between Iran and the United States at this time. The situation has prompted the United States to carry out major military posture changes in the region.

It is not clear if the Moolas, Iran, are threatening the capital, as in the city or as in the Capital Building.  However, there would be a correct label for the Moolas to kill all five hundred thirty eight Members of Congress to wit Fratricide.  I doubt the threat is real.  However, at least for the next fourteen days, I would advise the Moolas not to try.

What Donny should do is once the strike is underway, read Slow Joey into the plan.  Offer him the opportunity share the podium at the press conference.  Offer him a change of nappies.  Release the video of the briefing.