Abraham Lincoln described the nature of our government as one of “By the People, of the People, and for the People.”  One John Hinderaker, of Power Line, has a much different take via Don Surber:

“At this point, it is blindingly obvious that Trump has no pathway to victory. To the extent that Democrats committed or enabled voter fraud, they have done so successfully. There never was a plausible way to challenge the certified results in any state in the 60+ days between the election and the inauguration. Whether fraud occurred, sufficient to reverse an apparent result in any state, is a complicated question of fact that would require months, if not years, to litigate fairly.”

The Hinderaker take is that we only have a government of the lawyers, by the lawyers and for the lawyers.  His advise is the old adage: If rape in inevitable, spread your legs on enjoy.  If give George Soros and the ‘rats the unchecked power to steal election, all we have the right to expect is stolen elections until the ‘Rats get tired of of staging them.

The ‘rats playbook is no secret.  The ‘rats used the same tactics to steal the general election for Slow Joe as did in Georgia to steal the Senate.  Laws are no good without the fortitude to enforce them.