The last American duly elected President, Donald J. Trump, has but twelve days left in office. The feckless RINO’s have surrendered both Congress and the Presidency The Supreme Court remains mute and impotent. Yet Patriots are rallying while the liberals are in utter panic, from via Last Refuge:

Dear Friends,

First of all, this was not tens of thousands there was a minimum of 1.5 million and that is from my own observation and those of others I talked to and have been to previous

DC monster events I will try to send some videos I took and you will be amazed.

It was totally beautiful and the people were beautiful and totally peaceful, They were upset that this election was clearly stolen with massive provable fraud. Trump did an excellent job of laying that out.

Now, were there some people in that crowd that were really upset, yes but I just can’t imagine that any of them would be stupid enough to break into the building and be violent and totally destroy the positive impact of what was a truly peaceful protest.

For sure none of them would have gone in with a gun. As soon as I heard that there were gunshots I knew what was happening,

It was a clear form of a false flag operation.Deep state operators pretending to be Trump supporters making trouble so the anti-Trump media could portray the whole event as a violent radical group.

I am listening to the coverage now and this is sickening, there were no bombs or guns from any of our crowd. People have to understand that this battle is taking place in the media, the left totally control the media and they know exactly how to create this, If you have never seen

‘Wag the Dog” What we are hearing and seeing now on the radio is “Wag the Dog” level fake news.

We are sitting here in the car getting angrier and angrier listening to how they are spinning this.

During the rally I had tears in my eyes most of the time thinking about what my father went through as a WW 2 prisoner of war. He barely survived that. So many Americans have sacrificed their lives to create the freest and most prosperous nation in the history of this planet.

Half way through the event I called my ex son in law thanking him for what he went through as a Navy Seal and left him a very emotional message thanking him for what he did. This was a love fest with grandmas and Grandpas and lots of children, It was totally a love fest of patriotic people expressing their deep love for their country and their President but frustrated over the election fraud. That is it.

Please tell everyone and share this email with everyone. We saw people that were clearly Antifa and BLM that were there to cause trouble. There is no way our people started this and there is no way they could get into that building if they didn’t want them to get in. Clearly, they had this violence planned. They let the instigators in and those instigators may have been able to convince some Trump supporters to go in, that is possible.

It is my instinct, and those of us in our group, that this was a planned operation to destroy the positive impact of this event. These people in the deep state are evil and smart and they know exactly what they are doing. This does not surprise me at all.

I am so glad I went and can tell you and every American and the world that this was an epic event and totally peaceful and marred only by paid instigators with the help of the capital police because they could never have gotten in with out inside help. No Way

Please spread the truth please



Video from the rally:

By the way, have I told you recently that I love grandmother?

The Delaware Demented Dimwit may claim eighty million votes.  Whereas President Trump a mere seventy-four million.  However Donny’s supporters are real and alive Good luck Joey trying to rally your purported eighty million voters who largely are dead, or concocted.

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