You keep telling us that Biden won. Well, how do you know that?

You see there’s the problem you face…. An election is not a court of law where you’re innocent until proven guilty.

You have got to know :

* who is voting

* how many times they’ve voted

* whether or not they are eligible to be voting.

And we simply don’t know the answer to those questions. I don’t know the answer to those questions and you certainly don’t either….none of those questions are answered definitively. On that basis alone you can’t tell us that Biden won.

What usually gets thrown in our faces is we don’t have proof that there is fraud.

I’ll throw it right back at you and say we have no proof there isn’t,

That information is something that should be readily available to every American. It is not.

As it stands right now because of that lack, about half the country believes that the election was stolen.

The fact is, there’s nothing proving that that idea is incorrect. Nothing whatsoever.

There’s only one way to answer this problem, and the Democrats won’t go for it because it doesn’t advantage them the way mail in voting, the Chinese printed absentee ballots, the areas of the country that have a much larger number of votes then they have registered voters, does.

And that’s leaving aside the software running the voting machines which is owned by the Chinese.

All of this has to be remedied and right now.

And that doesn’t even address the issue of the states that went outside the Constitution to alter voting methods.

The Constitution specifies that the state legislatures alone have the authority to do that. Not the state governors, not the secretary of state. The legislatures. The states that went outside the Constitution should have their votes nullified completely.

If we stick by the wording of the constitution, nullifying those votes and acting as if they never happened is the only correct course.

With all those things in play, there’s only one logical conclusion:

Joe Biden didn’t win the election. It’s that simple.

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