Both Mrs. B.J. Clinton, a/k/a PIAPS, and Slow Joe, a/k/a Joseph Biden(Demented from Delaware) are vain, selfish and greedy. What’s the difference? Mrs. Clinton is smart. She used the Clinton Foundation to mask pay to play scheme. In contrast Slow Joe used his drug addict son Hunter as his bag man.

Some of the federal government is looking to Junior Biden’s business and tax affairs. For his part Pere Biden has denied, of the taxpayer’s dime, any knowledge or involvement with Junior’s affairs, from Red State:

According to Hunter in a statement released by the transition team and run on their website, the federal prosecutors were looking into him for his “tax affairs.” Joe Biden has denied that he was involved with his government position in any way with his son’s business. But here he was not realizing the basics conflict, that he was using tax payer dollars and transition resources to defend his son and his son was using those taxpayer dollars to not tell us the full story.

The Biden family problem is that either don’t recognize or respect legal boundaries. The Biden clan trades on Pere Biden name and position to enhance family wealth. Pere Biden uses government offices to defend both him and his son.

As for CNN they either did not care, or were not a aware they when they asked the Biden transition team to comment on Hunter Biden’s legal problems, they were asking the Biden team to violate the law, and did not seem aware of the fact the the Biden team did so. Maybe both CNN and the Biden team need some competent lawyers.

As to Pere Biden’s claim that the Biden clan was not in business together, Hunter Biden’s actions say otherwise, from NY Post:

emails showing that Hunter Biden referred to his father Joe Biden and a Chinese businessman “office mates” in a September 2017 missive.

The reference came when Hunter Biden made a request for keys to the general manager of a Washington, DC, office building.

“[P]lease have keys made available for new office mates,” Hunter Biden wrote in the email reviewed by The Caller which listed his father Joe, along with stepmother Jill Biden, uncle Jim Biden and Gongwen Dong, described as an “emissary” for the Chinese energy giant CEFC.

The Biden clan, Joe, Jim and Hunter, were in business together, and in business with the CCP.