Do you have a room temperature, or better, IQ and count the Delaware Dimwit, a/k/a Slow Joe, b/k/a Mr. Joe Biden(Delaware)? If so, Sloe Joe just called you a moron, from Town Hall:

Throughout the scandals of the last few years, former Vice President Joe Biden has repeatedly heaped praise on his troubled son Hunter. In several interviews, including one this week, he has referred to Hunter as the “smartest guy” he knows. To make such a statement, it is clear that Joe Biden needs a much larger circle of acquaintances.

Is Joe Biden even qualified to identify a smart person?

Slow Joe has slandered you on nation.  Call a jurist doctor.  It is all well and good for Slow Joe to love his living son, even if he can’t remember his grandchildren.  However Joe should be seeking to heal Hunter and not conflate him some kind of role model.