Interesting point made on the five this evening. Basically this.

Remember when Democrats were telling us that the protests were mostly peaceful, something seven or eight percent of the people involved with the BLM etc were violent disruptive? It didn’t take 7% for that business to turn ugly in a hurry.

Time was, when the Democrats were trying to convince us that there was no voter fraud. That’s changed..Right now the Democrats are claiming that there is no evidence of mass voter fraud.

The thing is, that’s never really been the issue. The issue is the one or two percent in various areas like Philadelphia and Wisconsin and Georgia and New York City and Detroit.

It only takes a small percentage of fraud to tip the scales in an election, particularly when it’s this close. You’ll never hear any of the Democrats or for that matter the news media say that. But… That’s what’s going on here

And have you noticed that when vote fraud comes up it always seems to be favoring the Democrats? That’s not an inconsequential trend.