Does anybody really care what Mark Cuban has to say about anything? Anything at all?

The guy is a billionaire investor, and a reality TV star… Which we were told when Donald Trump came on the scene, has a billionaire investor and a reality TV star gave him no credibility at all..

The rich, we are told incessantly, are evil, selfish beings to be overcome, or at least devoutly ignored, and yet the leftist “mainstream” press fawns all over Cuban when he presumes to speak for Joe and Jane average… People with whom he has no affinity and frankly no connection whatsoever.


reason for that is not all that hard to determine. When he makes that presumption he invariably comes down on the left side of the issue and loading Democrat party policy, socialist policy.

As an example of that presumption…

Mark Cuban accused Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ted Cruz of prioritizing their political parties over the needs of the American people as the two traded barbs over who’s to blame for a monthslong impasse on another coronavirus relief package.

Even Fox news came up with something on that line on air this morning.

What a crock.

And before you even start with me about him going after AOC, what is he after with this argument? Massive government spending.

Postulate a billionaire speaking out for conservative causes, or (gasp!), lowering spending. The media would immediately be slamming the guy, and we have all seen this happen before. As it is, Cuban has become one of their go-to voices… For the same reason that John McCain became the liberal media’s go-to guy.

All of this is eminently predictable of course, having happened so often with other people in the past.