There are smart people, stupid people and dangerous people.  One kind of dangerous person is the stupid person, who fancies himself as smart.  One such person, who fancies himself as smart and presidential, is Joey Biden, a/k/a Slow Joe, b/k/a Joseph Biden(moron – DE).  It is common to hear Joey referred as smart, but only by Slow Joe himself.  You don’t have to call a attention of smart person.  The quality is obvious.

Slow Joe’s problem, and potentially the nation’s problem, is Joey’s habit to rush solve problems he is incapable of understanding.  Joey proclaims that wants to heal the nation, despite being the inapt person to call for healing since maybe the chair of the Simpson murder jury.

Despite his claim to having been a professor of constitutional law, the Reverend-Elect Biden ignore the concept of Separation of Church and State to give a Sermon as Pastor-in-Chief elect, video:

Is Palmist what they call a pickpocket in Delaware?  The nation did not for Slow Joe to be President, and nobody voted for him to our state preacher.  Joey claims to a devote Catholic.  Yet when was the last millennium Biden was in a church, any Christian church?

Slow Joe is not capable of healing the nation.  If he were capable of healing anybody he should have healed his son Hunter.  What Slow Joes is capable of doing and what he did do was to demonstrate his habit of rushing in with no clue.  It should be as plain as the psalm of your hand.