Never let it be said that I thought that Slow Joe, a/k/a Potemkin Joe, b/k/a Joseph Biden(moron – DE) was smart. Oh in is younger days, and his fleeting rational moments, he was glib.

The Angel of the Night, Sarah Hoyt, dug a great, but too long to excerpt analysis from Larry Correia, who asks experts in the field of fraud if they had ever seen case with so many red flags that was not fraud:

Former military intelligence professional here (yes, we did investigations without any evidentiary standards to get in the way). I’m insulted at how sloppy with was carried out.

Information operations depend on not being noticed. They have to be part of what looks like the background noise to nudge people toward a conclusion. If the hand is seen, the magic is lost and the mark spots the trick.

Team Biden engineered over the last four years a layered plan to still the election. One they inflated Slow Joe’s apparent popularity with rigged polls. Two, dug up, registered and voted dead voters. Three the used Chinese software to steal Trump votes for Slow Joe. to put him over their anticipated Trump totals. Then the scat hit the fan. Trump exceeded Team Biden’s projects. Team Joe had a panic attack, closed down the vote count, and dumped hundreds of thousands to blank ballots into democrat controlled polling centers.

Now Team Biden can deny the vote fraud, but it sure looks and smells
like vote fraud. What looks like a crime should be investigated as if it were a crime, steps:

  • Investigate the apparent crime. If the stats attorney general says that the vote count had to stopped because a pipe burst, make him show the broken pipe.
  • Insure that every valid ballot is counted and every invalid one rejected.
  • If possible remedy the vote count.
  • Award the electors only to the side which has the greater probability of being the winner. It is only necessary to identify the fact of vote fraud at this stage. The conviction can wait.
  • Find and prosecute the guilty parties. I’d start with who called the democrat tabulating centers and told them to stop the count. Somebody in charge of the centered issued an order to stop counting and somebody directed the stop.

Hold every, state and federal, democrat and republican, politician’s feet to the fire.  Remember President Donny, and team, was persecuted for four years over fictional case created and pushed at the behest of Mrs. Clinton